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What’s your opinion on the COVID vax?

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Pro rail trail association urges Council to award construction tender

Representatives from the Northern Rivers Rail Trail Association are urging Tweed Shire Council to award the construction tender for the Murwillumbah to Crabbes Creek section of the corridor at this week’s Council meeting.

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The housing crisis in regional Australia

As someone who rents a home, I’m frustrated with the lack of action on affordable housing. The debate has raged for years, yet the government buries its head in the sand.

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Three stabbed, man arrested – Lismore

Three men remain in hospital and a man’s been arrested following a stabbing in Lismore this afternoon.

Cartoon of the week – 8 June, 2021

We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors.


Kate Coxall, BSC Green candidate, Wilsons Creek In response to the silencing tactics of unaware and privileged men in last week’s Echo,...

Even though the Federal government refuses to take responsibility for the slow rollout of COIVID vaccines across the country you can still have your say on its rollout locally.

Healthy North Coast, who delivers the North Coast Primary Health Network (PHN) program, has partnered with 89 Degrees East to develop a short survey that allows you to share your thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccines.

‘We want to support our communities to have access to the best available advice and guidance about COVID-19 vaccines,’ said Healthy North Coast CEO, Julie Sturgess.

‘This consultation is an important step in ensuring everyone living in Northern NSW and on the mid-north coast can share their thoughts and help us understand local needs.

‘Access to the right information is crucial.’

$2,000 prize

If you participate you can nominate a registered local community group, sports club or not-for-profit to receive a $2,000 prize.

‘We are excited to support registered local community groups, sports clubs and not-for-profits by making them eligible for the prize attached to the survey,’ Ms Sturgess said.

To register, participants can complete the survey and then answer a simple question in 25 words or less: ‘what are you most looking forward to when the world gets back to closer to normal?’ People also have the option of uploading a one-minute video as an answer.

The survey takes less than ten minutes to complete, and all answers are anonymous. It is open until Friday, May 14.

The survey can be found at https://covid19vaccinesurvey.questionpro.com/.

For more information about COVID-19 vaccines should speak to their GP or call the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080.

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    • I think it does offer this alternative – though not in those exact words. It’s gauging attitudes and needs a handle on the full spectrum.

  1. I looked at the survey, its not about your opinion or thoughts about the vaccine its a marketing survey to see what vax add is the most effective. Does any government department really care what we think about being vaxed. We are not even getting informed consent when we go to get the gab at the doctors. And doctors are being threatened if they say anything against gov policy they will loose their licence. HMMMM sounds fare.

    • Call those who disagree whatever you like Nick, but anyone who thinks the experimental bio-agent (that is incorrectly called vaccine) is a vaccine, has had their “thinking” adjusted by Govt and media, led by very clever and very powerful pharmaceutical companies.

      The world’s largest human health experiment (the jab) is underway. The concoctions are experimental, that is why some people are dying from blood clotting Nick. It’s an experiment.

      The jab does not stop you from getting Covid Nick. It does not stop you from transmitting covid-19 if you get it. The proteins injected only help to lessen the symptoms.

      The fact remains that many who have contracted Covid are asymptomatic. Yet you expect anyone who has concerns with the jab to ignore them, trust big pharma and go hey, it’s for the greater good, too bad if the side effects kill some people?

      That would be very foolish indeed!

      I do not wish to participate is this experiment.

      2 friends of mine who have had Covid both had flu like symptoms & are alive and well and not lining up for a jab.

      Do you re$earch Nick, unless your just another big pharma plant ensuring the cash flow doesn’t stop!

  2. Can we be clear, please. It is not a vaxine. It is an experimental gene therapy. Look it up. And as such no health insurance will cover you for any harm done by them. Again, if you don’t believe me. Look it up.

    • If it’s an experimental gene therapy is there any chance we can get better DNA than the collection our parents gave us? I’ve got many requests for amendments.

  3. Oh dear I did the survey and instantly felt vulnerable like I’m now going to get into trouble for my honest answers. And now I’ve read these comments and feel even more worried. It’s a minefield. But at the same time you do feel concerned about those who are the most vulnerable. Is this survey going to help? I’m not sure.

  4. Between Nick and Joanne’s responses there’s a sensible informed decision to be made where neither side should be pilloried – that’s not helpful. Every new vaccine is experimental as there’s no way of knowing the results of mass rollout until it actually happens. Life isn’t perfect – we are faced with a situation where the usual trial phases were carried out simultaneously to expedite defences against the tragedies we are seeing unfolding across the globe. Science has done what it can to balance risk and expediency.

    Nothing in medical treatment is risk free but neither is taking your chances (and the chances of others) with an increasingly contagious and virulent mutating virus. I look at India and have decided to throw the dice with the vaccine.

    Organ transplants were also once a much greater unknown but if facing imminent organ failure it no doubt presented a different perspective to those affected.

  5. The appearance of fair reasoning lacks value when premised on manufactured fear. Fear abounds and fear is real, it is the product of mono-media bent and folded.

    There is no Pandemic and what viruses might be about do not justify performing experimental shit on healthy people.

    Science has NOT done what it can to ‘balance risk and expediency’ – it has been paid to perform……to follow the drum beat.

  6. I know you think the pandemic is all a ruse and totally manufactured, Richard. Being firmly in the camp that holds that “ nothing is certain except that nothing is certain” I can certainly understand questioning and scepticism. What I find a little inconsistent though is the absolute certainty with which these narratives of a gigantic hoax are accepted. Do you never question the sources on which you base your position?

  7. We all have innate filtering systems learn to use them, junk the corporate filters.

    I read the news today oh boy…..very hot in India, no electricity, rural poor destitute….heavy air.

    For sources there are many (including medical doctors/medical scientists), a noteworthy trove can be found among the hundreds of articles that have appeared at…… https://off-guardian.org/

    The longer the Covid-Show runs the greater the certainty that it is theatre.

  8. No, no, no Richard – filters are designed to let the crap run through and retain the good stuff – or block the crap and let the good stuff run through, depending on the medium. However way you look at it your filter is telling you what to reject and what to accept. That little dig was just a poor attempt at sophistry.

    I just marvel in the absolute confidence you have in your supposed “innate filter” to discern which “medical doctors/ medical scientists” are part of an evil hoax and which ones are interested in genuine science and helping humanity stay healthy. How are you so confident that the ones you have chosen aren’t part of some malevolent plot? You once quoted a theory that justified the validity of conspiracy theories with the observation that psychopathy is a comment human trait so we shouldn’t discount the possibilities of planned evil. Fair enough but surely we are in the same potential danger from purveyors of conspiracy?

    And I didn’t ask you to name your sources. I’m sure if you go to websites with a particular “filter” you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. What I asked was what gave you such unquestioning faith in these sources?

    Btw, you might find “Teaching as a Subversive Activity” by Postman and Weingartner an interesting read. I believe they might have been the first to coin the phrase “inbuilt crap detector”, suggesting that the business of education was about equipping people with one. There is a bit more involved in developing and honing one however than just channeling into some innate or intuitive feeling.

  9. Richard – the only bu!!sh!t being spread around here is yours, and the Echo should be ashamed of itself giving you a platform to spout your manifest untruths. How can any thinking adult possibly believe there is no pandemic? I imagine that you have no insight into your own privilege and arrogance when you can believe such a thing but not have to live or die on the consequences of such a foolish belief.

    • Melissa, the echo does not censor alternative thinking unlike most media.

      Do your own research on what it actually means to qualify as a pandemic. While your at it, do the same for vaccines. Hint, the mRNA shots are treatments (like zinc & Vitamin D) not vaccines.

      Both terms have been thrown around incorrectly so there is very good reason this can alter the clear thinking of adults such as yourself.

      I get that and I get Richard’s thinking and neither of your should be censored or name called.

      Big pharma are very keen, frothing in fact, to ensure their revenue doesn’t stop for a virus that doesn’t kill 99.7% of us!

      1 shot or 2 shots will fix you…no wait, you should still be really, really scared. Would be great if you could remain freaked out out and criticize those who don’t get the jab and come get our $hots every year!

      • I have never heard any guarantees made (from most expert sources) about the final percentage, nor long-term efficacy, of the various vaccines. Nor have I heard suggestions that, like any medical intervention, they can be guaranteed 100% safe. I have heard perfectly reasonable statements about how it is way too early to tell and that trials (necessarily numerically limited) will provide certain indications but not the same as what can be gleaned after mass take-up and long-term observation.

        It could be, Steve, that “big pharma” are manipulating all the research to maximise their profits. It also could just be that there’s some validity in Darwin’s theories of evolution and natural selection and science is not only dealing with short-term data but a moving target.

        Unless we totally discount everything we learnt about science we know that random mutations constantly occur. The higher the infection rates the more virus there is circulating and the more opportunity there is for some of these random mutations to give us more infectious and more deadly variants. Thus the variants that are dominating (because stronger) seem to have emerged from high infection areas: north and South America, the UK, South Africa and now India.

        For this reason it seems quite a good idea to contain spread as well as things like long covid. It’s true that mortality to infection rates give an unalarming picture but they are extremely variable according to preconditions (including age). Also when you start to get nearly all the population infected, even a small percentage can create carnage. Would you like to be in India right now?

        I’m not really impressed by semantics surrounding what a “vaccine” is. In a sense, anything that doesn’t inject cowpox could be considered not a vaccine – the term came from the Latin word for cow and the discovery that injecting cowpox gave protection from smallpox. It has been used generically to describe the injection of agents that trick the body into producing a fighting response to a target pathogen.

        The current Covid 19 vaccines use a variety of techniques to do this which I would never pretend to have the knowledge of microbiology, immunology and genetics to fully understand. What I’m interested in is whether they work! I don’t believe however that you’d call them treatments (except perhaps against long covid)

        Lastly I don’t think abuse of the various camps is useful either but I do note there is quite a lot of self-satisfied talk from the scamdemic camp about the rest of us being blind, sheep-like fools who don’t have the superior capacity to “just know” the truth.

        Censorship of opinion is one thing. “Informative” reporting that gives equal column space and credibility across the spectrum – from any relevance seeking individual calling themselves “doctor” to those with years of learning at the forefront of research – is another matter. I don’t see this as balance.

        🧐 Peer reviewed science or 🧐 some bloke from Main Arm? 🤷🏻🤷‍♀️

  10. A few too many words but reads like an agreement……… filter out not filter in.

    Retaining the good stuff, sure is innate………..is not fed by the ABC or re-education departments.

    Melissa demands censorship.

  11. I don’t think so, Richard – if you only filter out you are left with believing nothing and that is truly not your situation. With the barrage we confront every day in this “Information Age” the question still remains: how can you know the stuff you have been left with is quality? You still have to make a value judgement. I still don’t understand the level of certitude.

    Sorry about the words but I’m not into a few throw-away catch phrases.

  12. Just to be clear (and to avoid the likes of Richard and Steve putting words in my mouth or distorting the words I have used):
    1. I am not criticising those who do not want to get the shots – Each to their own . At no time did I say or suggest such a thing. However I am Highly critical, and will remain critical, of those who deny there is a pandemic in effect, given what has been taking place around the world. It think such beliefs are indulgent and irresponsibly selfish and self centred. Privilege 101 right there!
    2. I am not and do not “demand censorship” in my comment – I was pointing out that as a news publisher, The Echo should be ashamed of letting itself repeatedly be a platform for such irresponsible assertions and untruths such as those made by pandemic denialists, as it has throughout this global health crisis. Any reasonable interpretation of my comment (albeit such an interpretation being beyond denialists of all kinds) would have discerned that I was passing a view on the integrity of The Echo as publisher, not demanding censorship,. There is a difference.


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