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Green hypocrisy

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Keith Duncan, Pimlico

What a conglomeration of idealistic nonsense and outright hypocrisy in these howls of outrage by Greens supporters over Labor ditching certain tax policies. Are they actually serious about removing this Morrison government? Because they know – with Labor in power their opportunities to whinge and organise counterproductive protests will be greatly reduced; like Bob Brown did with that ill-conceived ‘convoy to Clermont’ in the last week of the 2019 Federal election campaign.

Labor’s primary vote crashed five per cent overnight because there were no Greens candidates for the mining communities to take their anger out on, so they unloaded on Labor. But that wasn’t the only reason Labor lost, there was a combination of too many complex tax changes – the same ones the Greens are now whinging about Labor ditching – and the massive pork barrelling by the coalition in marginal seats.

The Greens can spin this Adani protest as much as they want, but it cost us seats we badly needed in Qld. If the Greens want to see real action on climate change, they need to have a really hard look at their behaviour, because they have so far achieved ZERO. Australia is out of time, this Morrison government has to be removed by any means possible, and only Labor can do that. But, sadly, anyone with friends like the Greens doesn’t need enemies.

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  1. Labors’ credibility has gone down the toilet along with their most important policies. Yes, it’s difficult to counter the Tories lies and spin and Palmer’s millions, but ditching quality policies and credibility is not the answer.

    Allowing tax cuts, franking credits and negative gearing for the most wealthy, while so many go without, and our once great education system, health, and aged care et al are deprived of funds, is shocking.

    Adani is only an issue as no party is willing or able to plan for, or communicate to people, the job and economic opportunities of a post fossil fuel era. People just want to know they (and their children) have a future.

    We need skilled political representatives with principles (as opposed to those with gigantic egos, ambition and sense of entitlement) who genuinely care about the future and able to plan for it so no one is left behind.

    Continually slagging off at the government or the opposition is not governing and is not achieving anything.

  2. Sorry Louise, you are still singing from the same old worn out discredited handbook, you have still not learnt anything from the last election. Everything you wrote is probably correct in principle and the Labor Party knows that, but is painfully obvious that you cannot go to an election telling people you are going to take something off them, they tend to not vote for you; what Labor has to do to make any sort of a difference is to get elected first, now how about some help from the Greens to actually do that instead of constantly slagging off at the Labor Party, because that is only helping the Morrison Govt win elections, and I’m absolutely sure that is not achieving anything, at least for a majority of Australians.

  3. Louise, you want achieve anything if you keep slagging off at the Labor Party a point well a truly made by Keith. We need to get rid of this appalling government first and then some of your criticisms might well be considered. While the Greens keep up a cacophony of nonsensical noise without any chance electoral success they continue to slag off at the Labor party. It is almost as if they are happy to have the Coalition remain in power so they can continue their futile protests about just about anything and everything with no agenda to help struggling working families. Maybe if a few of them had ever got their hands dirty they might come up with a few ideas that actually work instead of airy fairy crap.

    • Alan I rather think Louise is more than comfortable with scenarios of nil achievement. That is, if it is the same Louise who is happy to see our rail line rot further into the ground while surrounding councils get on with the business of providing their communities with a magnificent recreational facility and a green alternative transport corridor.

  4. It’s the ALP that’s singing from the old worn out handbook. You can’t expect to have any credibility with voters when you backflip on quality policies. Trying to be liberal light and competing with the LNP in the race to the bottom is not working. Australians deserve better.

    As a former member of the ALP, I, and many others, found out the hard way our ideas weren’t welcomed by the ALP machine. Our job was to keep quiet, do the the hard work, raise funds and work on booths. So all the good people got fed up and left.

    Some of the MPs elected on the ALP ticket are a disgrace and an insult to us all. Of all the hard working, decent people in this country you give us Eddie Obeid, Ian MacDonald and their motley crew. Mark Latham et al. No amount of slagging off can do more damage to the ALP than it does to itself.

    By the way, the hard working people of Byron Shire, who have battled for decades to protect this once beautiful paradise, our environment and wildlife and stop deplorable developments, are very grateful (NOT) to the NSW ALP for the 2009 Planning and Assessment Commission- known locally as the Pass Anything Commission- renamed the Joint Regional Planning Panel-which has seen deplorable developments imposed on us by the state government. The LNP love it and can’t get over their good luck while using it to the max. Brilliant!

    Then there’s our one and only train service stolen by the wonderful Michael Costa, good mate of Obeid’s. In one of the fastest growing areas in the country, and one of the busiest tourist regions, we now have the LNP destroying billions of $ of public infrastructure, (which the ALP voted for) ostensibly to build a bike track, which is just a smokescreen to sell off the valuable rail corridor land while our awful roads are gridlocked with traffic. We’re all very grateful.

    It might be more beneficial for us all if the ALP had a good look at itself, found some decent candidates, started actually listening to what communities want and then genuinely represent their needs, rather than telling people to remain silent so they can get elected.

  5. Keith you have it wrong on the Adani Carmichael Coalmine issue. Any person remotely concerned about climate, environment, indigenous rights knows that the anti-Adani protest led by Bob Brown Foundation was 100% correct action. It was the weak as urine A lternate L iberal P arty that tried to straddle both sides of Adani fence and in so doing scored a massive own goal, self inflicted electoral defeat. We got the ALP weasel words about Adani needing to stack up on the business case, stack up on environmental grounds and then at the very death before election day 2019, Chris Bowen waving Adani through citing “sovereign risk” as the defence for the ALP’s support of Adani. On environment, the water issue is a huge problem – Free water for Adani to spray around, who else gets that? The source of the Doongmabulla Springs ( a condition of Adani’s approval ), that magical inland oasis, has to my knowledge still not been proved by Adani as they merrily scrape away the earth and dig up their ‘little black wonder rock’. The black-throated finch, ornamental snake and yakka skink have all been given their move on orders…move on to where is anyone’s guess. Who will ever forget the desperate and comical presser where Premier Annastacia announced ( on the eve of the 2019 election ) that Adani had been granted environmental approval. The only thing that the ALP publicly opposed in relation to Adani was to say NO to any NAIF money being used to build the Adani rail line from pit to port. The ALP should have come clean form the get go and explained to the coal communities that the Coal era is closing and the ALP will help communities with a ‘just transition’. I’ll save my biggest serve against the ALP for their shameful act in dudding First Nations People by joining the Coalition in 2017 voting to amend Native Title Law Rights under Federal Law that extinguished any objection to Adani Carmichael Coalmine under Federal Law – this from the very party that publicly seemed to really care about First Nations People; the party that saw The Great Man give Vincent a handful of earth in the desert; the party that saw Paul deliver Mabo Legislation and his Redfern Speech; the party that saw Kevin deliver the Apology and institute Closing the Gap; the party that supported The Uluru Statement from the Heart.

    • Here is a prime example of the Greens achieving a resounding victory: A large group of Greens protesters chained themselves to the entrance gate of a coal mine, thus preventing any entry or exit. The police were called to remove the protesters; a police negotiator approached the head protester, Mr A Green with an offer from the mining company; His offer, and to minimise bad publicity, the company will close half of its coal mines in Australia if the protest ends peacefully. Mr Green then consulted with the rest of the protesters and upon gaining mutual agreement delivered the answer to the police negotiator in no uncertain terms: “”Do you think we’re stupid?”, was the reply, “We’re Greens- we’re not going to fall for a trick like that- we have principles- we don’t compromise- we want all the mines shut down”. Disappointed the police negotiator returned to the officer in charge and said, “They are fu***ng hopeless, they’ll never change, cut the chains and arrest them all”. As the Greens protesters were bundled into the paddy wagons and driven away, they sang victory songs and congratulated each other on a highly successful protest, in that they were able to hold up production at the mine for a whole four hours. Ridgy-didge. 

  6. My god, how nice to be lectured to by the Greens, a party that averages around 10% of the national vote; politics is not necessarily what’s right or wrong, it’s about getting over 50% of the national vote, and it usually means accepting a lot of compromises to get that majority; and if you don’t get elected you can’t do anything. This is exactly what the Greens just don’t get; again you have just spent a lot of writing time slagging of at the ALP. They spent a lot of time dissecting what went wrong at the last election and hopefully they are not going to make the same mistakes again. As for the Adani mine, I’ve followed all the arguments fore and against, and in a perfect world neither Adani or any other new coal mines should go ahead. But the political reality in the real world is, it came down to a choice between a Qld. Labor Govt. supporting the mine with very stringent environmental conditions or a LNP Govt. and Clive Palmer supporting that mine and how many others with undoubtedly less stringent environmental conditions; again, it’s all about percentages, something the Greens struggle to understand. So please Greens spare the ALP. the advice and lectures that didn’t work very well at the last election, until we can remove this present appalling excuse for a Govt. Australia just doesn’t have the time to wait for the 100% of nothing policies the Greens continually sing from their idealistic song book, we’ll all be dead and buried before they have the ability to put them into practice.

    • People demean themselves and ALP members/voters by making such rubbish arguments and blaming others for the inability of the ALP to gain traction over one of the most deplorable governments we have ever seen. Not only that, voting with them on some deplorable policies. The Greens forced them to do that did they? (I’ve never been a member and mostly vote for decent independents whenever possible as they usually (there are exceptions) do a much better job of representing the needs of their communities)

      Adani? We’ve all seen the massive donations from fossil fuel companies to both the LNP and ALP which dictate party policies and Australia’s future.

    • “…100% of nothing policies the Greens…”. Where have you been these last years. The Greens have been driving the agenda for change which your A lternate L iberal Party have only been too happy to claim credit for when the change is enacted – The ETS and associated package, Marriage Equality, Banking Royal Commission, Disability Royal Commission are examples of Greens 100% nothing policies that became reality and your ALP happy to bask in the glow of it all. On Climate the Greens are leading so far in front it is embarrassing whenever The A lternate L iberal P arty bangs on about climate action but that’s the price paid when a political party is bought by $’smillions in FF Industry bribes and donations and Adani support was just some of the ALP pay back to the FF Industry. And lets not forget that ALP are now dancing to the tunes of Big New Gas. Like I say, it is embarrassing whenever The ALP talk about climate action.

  7. The ALP policies taken to the last election were a quick fix tinkering that was not well thought through. This was evidenced by the backflip they had to do to make pensioners exempt from the removal of cash refunds for franking credits. Surely it had occurred to them that some pensioners would be affected. Meanwhile those with huge non SM super funds would continue to benefit from franking credits as would the mega rich.

    The policies were a lazy grab at low hanging savings so they could make some promises without looking fiscally irresponsible. Their justifications of them were not always honest and aimed at profiling. It was easy to convince people, who showed by their discourse that they had no understanding of the complexities of the concepts (including Bill Shorten), to mouth slogans.

    There is much to be reformed in the Australian taxation system including retirement taxation but a root and branch review that aims for a fairer redistribution of wealth. Labor should not be concerned about ditching these policies and undertaking such a review when in office.

  8. Keith is right – it’s a numbers game. There are two things that really stick in my mind from the 2019 election – the moving, vivid, striking comment Shorten made on QandA about franking credits ( I was giving a standing ovation from my lounge room), and Clive Palmer’s victory in QLD, thanks to the Greens. Despite best intentions, clearly the protect was not strategically planned at all, and it failed what it set out to achieve, and cost the election. Surely we can learn from that to ensure that the LNP does not win the next election. Can we more constructively campaign? Or perhaps I’m living in a fantasy world.

  9. The ALP has lost a number of overly idealistic members, who were trying to drag us too far to the left, because they couldn’t get their own way, that’s part of the reason we were struggling to gain traction against this deplorable Govt. They now seem to constantly demean themselves by engaging in nasty slanging matches with their old party over Labor’s “failures”, and trot out the tired old line of “political donations” that every political party in Australia accepts, including the Greens. As for the Greens “leading the way so far out in front it’s embarrassing”, the only time the Greens achieve anything is when Labor is in Govt. and supports it; seriously the only thing embarrassing is that statement from you. As for climate change policy we’re all still waiting to see any Greens success in that area, for heavens sake you’ve gone backwards, and the only way that will change will be when Labor gets rid of this Morrison/Joyce Govt. and we are certainly working on that. It appears the Greens are never going to come down from their idealistic high ground, but it would be very helpful if they refrained from actively trying to stop Labor winning the next election, because as of now that is looking quite possible.

  10. bowen, the author of many of those fiscal policies also said, “if you don’t like them, don’t vote for us…”, coupled with an arrogant shorten, lost what should have been a walk-over…

    • I only half agree, foolsparadise. I think Bill Shorten’s problem, like the vast majority of those so mindlessly chanting the mantras, was out of his depth on the intricacies of Bowen’s policies. It was Chris Bowen who was pretty much the architect of plucking defeat from the jaws of victory.

  11. What a great example of a successful Greens protest Allan, the mine owners must have been in stitches laughing; I don’t think I could have written that little story any better. If that was a success for the Greens, I seriously hope they don’t have any failures, although that disastrous “caravan to Clermont”, to protest the Adani coal mine, led by the “esteemed” Bob Brown does come to mind as the most counter-productive event of the decade.

    • So here we have it then, in a Climate Emergency protesting against the approval and opening of a new coalmine is somehow a disastrous and counter-productive. action. Much better for the Bob Brown Foundation to have led a pro-Adani convoy cheering and waving for Adani approval all the way up the east coast, yeah, The A lternate L iberal P arty could have joined in as well, yeah. Oh wait, The ALP WERE pro-Adani all the while, just didn’t have the balls to announce it publicly. But we have seen The ALP’s true colours on Fossil Fuels – ALP is all good with Adani approval whichinvolved amending Native Title Law Rights to wave through Adani, ALP is all good with Big New Gas, ALP is all good with CCS, ALP is all good with opening new Coal mines and exporting Coal – this is what happens when a political party is bought by $’sFossil Fuel Industry bribes and donations. So good luck with CoAlbo / ALP. The LibLabNat Coalition is a unity ticket on with continuing fossil fuels. There is only one party in Australia that is committed to getting out of Fossil Fuel and that is The Greens with their ‘Renew Australia 2030’ policy. You should try reading it. I’d love to read the CoAlbo / ALP policy on getting out of fossil fuel but there isn’t one and we all know why that is…Ka-ching, $s Fossil Fuel Industry.

  12. Joachim please don’t insult my intelligence, I haven’t done that to you, yet; so far I’ve only attacked the Greens idealistic stupidity. You can continue on with this insulting and counter-productive nonsense about Labor’s perceived failures if you like, and good luck to the Greens righting all the wrongs in the world that do provide jobs for Australian families; in the meantime Labor will put in the hard yards to appeal to enough Aussie voters to actually get elected to Govt. next year, so we can right those wrongs that you and your Greens mates are constantly banging on about. And yes that “caravan to Clermont” was so successful that Matt Canavan and the Qld. LNP. pleaded with the Greens to have a re-run on the eve of the Qld. election, thank God they didn’t. Allan Veacock wrote a little story about how the Greens view a victory, have another read, something might just take hold.

    • Keith, what I have been writing is factual and the truth of the matter. If I was in error in the facts I am sure you would have quickly corrected me. You only insult your own intelligence by your denial of the facts. The ALP is in hole of its own making and moaning that its somehow all the fault of the Greens is a standard fallback line for ALP failure, it does you no credit.

  13. Joachim, you and the Greens usually don’t have a problem with environmental “facts”, that’s why I have not insulted you, but you do have a serious problem with putting “facts into practice”; I will say it again for one last time, if you cannot get elected to Govt. all the facts in the world amount to nothing, this is exactly what we are experiencing now with the conservatives, and if they get re-elected again I don’t need to tell you what is going to happen. It would be a really good idea to stop continually slagging off at the only party that can actually do that.

  14. For sure, the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison regime has been a sorry chapter. The kindest description I can offer of the ALP is to call them Liberal-lite. There is little difference between the two majors on the big issues. For example; on Climate and Energy both camps are hopelessly inadequate and have ZERO plan to get out of fossil fuels but that’s what happens when political parties are bought by $’s Fossil Fuel Industry; on Refugee and Asylum Seekers both camps are the same with mandatory offshore detention; on negative gearing, capital gains and franking credits, again both camps are united in maintaining the status quo. Some more facts from when the ALP was in government; when the ALP was in government they had the chance to increase the inadequate level of Newstart (the then unemployment benefit now called JobSeeker ) payment that many people had called for over many years but the ALP did nothing. Instead it took PM Morrison, this year, to actually increase the JobSeeker payment as the ALP moaned that it was inadequate but who is the ALP to actually complain when they did nothing . And who will forget the action of the ALP forcing some 68,000 single parents off the single parenting payment and onto the lower Newstart payment. The ALP are just as cold hearted as the Coalition when they want to be. So you can chose The Coalition or you can chose The ALP, they’ll both deliver pretty much the same. If you want better there is an alternative from a Greens party that has shown the way all along.

  15. Joachim, you are still not getting it, and probably will never get it, this is where the Greens fall to pieces; you need 50+% of Australian voters to vote for you, to get into Govt. not 10%, constantly winging and endless protesting, and trying to pinch Labor held seats just will not do it. That abortive “convoy to Clermont” on the eve of the 1919 election, specifically in the last week of the campaign, was designed for one purpose and that was to enhance the Greens chances of taking certain metropolitan seats of Labor. That didn’t work out, all you achieved was to help the Qld. LNP. Enhance their vote in Qld. Thus, giving Morrison another three years of corrupt Govt. The Greens are acting as Labors political enemies, and we will treat them as such. One of Labors biggest recent problems is being regarded as being too close to the Greens. You really need to focus more on how to actually achieve the best possible environmental outcomes you can, instead of constantly banging on about ideological facts, and trying to lecture the Labor Party about political tactics; the LNP. back governing Qld. Is not going to help the Black throated Finch. We can get into Govt., but it’s going to be messy because this Govt. will use any means possible to hold office; and we don’t have the luxury of having the Murdoch empire and the Fossil-Fuel Industry backing us (contrary to what you may claim ).

    • I get it perfectly, it is “all the Greens fault”, yes. Nothing at all to do with the ALP who are happy to clone the Liberals and then wonder why no one changes vote from Liberals to the ALP. The ALP receiving bribes and donations from Fossil Fuel Industry is not a ‘claim’ as you write, it is fact. You can easily look it up but I get it, you prefer not to acknowledge facts of ALP actions and just wave me off as talking “ideological facts”. You need to look closer at ALP actions and and words. When the ALP finally decides to stand for something different to the Liberals then perhaps they might get extra votes. Even with a corrupt Morrison Government the ALP is still trailing in the polls. Why is that? It must be “all the Greens fault”, yes.

  16. Joachim, there is a massive difference between the Labor Party and the Coalition, you really need to stop bullshiting to yourself and your Greens supporters and exaggerating about the Greens achievements, because without Labor’s support anything you have achieved would not have happened. As you should know I have written probably more articles and letters to the editor about climate change, environmental issues, and argued the point with people with opposing views, as anybody around here; I really don’t need any lecturing on such matters. The only help and advice myself and the Labor Party needs at present, is how to effectively remove this conservative Govt. ASAP. If the Greens wish to continue with this crazy obsession of constantly attacking the Labor Party instead of the real enemy, they may eventually pinch a seat or two, after-all we probably do agree on 80% of issues. I find it quite revealing that since this so-called “debate” started, all of your criticisms have been about the “failings” of the Labor Party and not the Coalition Govt. whereas I constantly make the point that the removal of this appalling Federal Govt. is the top priority. This ongoing empty rhetoric wouldn’t have anything to do with trying to get Mandy Nolan elected would it? (good luck with that).

    • Oh dear, now Mandy Nolan has been thrown up as a distraction and diversion. I’ll leave Mandy Nolan to speak for herself as she makes a run for Member of Parliament. Keith, the answer of your wonderment about the criticism of Labor is not hard to understand. The LibNats are a shocker but Labor is not the solution if you want better on the big issues; The bastardry of Mandatory Offshore Detention for Refugees and Asylum Seekers arriving by sea – Labor and LibNats on a unity ticket to continue; Negative Gearing, Capital Gains, Franking Credits – Labor and LibNats on a unity ticket to continue; The Climate Emergency – Labor and LibNat on a unity ticket of NOT getting out of Fossil Fuel, quite the opposite in both are supporting more coal mining and exporting eg Adani and more Big New Gas eg Beetaloo Basin – because both the political majors are bought by $’s Fossil Fuel Industry bribes and donations and the record shows it. You talk about differenecs bewteen Labor and LibNats, I found one for you – How is it that Labor did not increase the payment of Newstart ( now JobKeeper payment ) in their time when last in Government? Labor didn’t care and then along comes PM Morrison who acted to increase the JobKeeper payment – that’s the big difference between Labor and LibNats, right there,.

      • You can’t be serious, Joachim. Scotty, the architect of robo debt, the champion of welfare recipients?

        It’s been eight years since Labor was in office – that’s a long time for unemployment benefits to stay stagnant.

        The increase you refer to was when jobseeker (not jobkeeper) was introduced and there was the small issue of a pandemic, an enforced national lockdown and really bad PR footage of street long queues lining up outside Centrelink. Queues in which the LNP recognised lots of middle Australia who astonishingly voted them back in last time.

        All the same, the radical changes to eligibility for and generosity of the unemployment benefit was largely after the coalition had no idea what to do and were led by the hand to these necessary measures by Labor and the ACTU.

        The same goes for jobkeeper, the scheme introduced to keep certain eligible employees attached to their jobs. Again the coalition, after initially totally ruling out the sorts of wage payments the UK rapidly announced, were guided by Labor and the ACTU to save the country’s bacon.

        Should we take the outrageous claims you make here here as your justification for being happy to keep the coalition in power?

      • Joachim, an addendum. The Greens not only joined with the coalition to vote down Labor’s CPRS. A few years later, when the coalition was in power they voted with the coalition to reduce the assets threshold for the single aged pension to around $400.000. Those most affected were older, single women with typically low levels of savings and superannuation.

        If you think this threshold sounds generous, try getting enough returns to live on from this amount in the sort of conservative investment portfolios necessitated by age. The alternative is to decimate any savings that might allow for health, aged care or other emergencies for a cohort that have a longer life expectancy. It seems older women, the fastest growing homeless cohort, are not entitled to a dignified retirement either.

        This support might have been mildly understandable if any concessions had been gained for other areas of equity, before waving through a budget that did nothing to preserve social services or fairer wealth distribution. More grandstanding!

  17. On Thursday the 26th August the ALP voted WITH the LNP to provide a $50 MILLION grant of public money to oil and gas corporations to frack the Beetaloo and McArthur Basins opening up the largest NEW fossil fuel basin in Australia! Against the wishes of the Traditional Owners and the majority of Australians who despair for their childrens’ future.

    Wonderful example of caring for the environment, First Australians and our future. Thanks a lot. That’ll help the ALP “effectively remove” the deplorable Morrison Govt whose terrible failings are writ large for all to see.

    It’s obvious to most informed voters that the awful Machiavellian behavior of Labor is keeping Morrison in government. They don’t need any help from the Greens.

  18. Just more rhetorical nonsense from the Greens, Louise, totally expected, You seem to continually conveniently forget that the Govt. has the numbers to pass anything they want in the House of Reps. that’s why their in Govt., it doesn’t really matter whether the Labor Party votes for it or not. A good idea would be for you to put your green glasses away for now and actually help to remove the real enemy standing in the way of serious action on climate change. At this stage Louise I don’t think “most informed voters do believe that the awful Machiavellian behaviour of Labor is keeping Morrison in Govt.”, put some clear glasses on and check the latest Newspoll,

  19. Joachim, in a previous “reply” you claimed that the ALP. is trailing in the polls, I would check the latest News Poll if I were you, but you finally did get something right (I’m impressed). Yes, it is definitely the Greens fault, for your inability to achieve any meaningful changes to Australia’s fossil-fuel dependent economy with futile Green protests, and relentless attacks on the Labor Party, the only party that can make a difference. But hay, you seem quite happy in the Greens camp amongst the idealistic non-achievers, and that is probably the best place for you, so good luck banging the same old drum with the endless winging and protests against anything that doesn’t fit your pure ideology and be happy with 100% of nothing. In the meantime, the ALP. will do whatever it takes to remove the likes of Scott Morrison, Barnaby Joyce, Matt Canavan and Angus Taylor at the next election, and if successful we will actually do something to drag this country out of the present time warp were stuck in and join the rest of the world in combating the climate emergency, preferably with Greens help, but please, no more counter-productive protests on the eve of another election.

  20. Yes, it best that the Greens and all the other environmental defenders put down their placards, put the marching shoes away for good and just ump on board the CoAlbo and ScoalMO Fossil Fuel Train. Whether it Morrison or your man Albanese in charge of affairs, it the same result, the embedding of Fossil Fuel usage and ‘gifting’ a climate catastrophe to coming generations.

  21. Joachim, if that’s the best you can come up with, you and the Greens had better hope Labor can remove this Morrison/Joyce Govt. at the next election, because the Greens have nothing better to offer, besides more protests, and I think we both know exactly what that’s going to achieve.

  22. It appears from the above discourse that the local Greens have reached that point apparent in American politics where the country is now bitterly divided with the two major parties virtually at war with each other often engaged in vindictive rhetoric and in the case of the Republican Party full of misleading statements never putting forward constructive ideas. Here we now have a party engaging in similar behaviour, the local Greens. Bereft of ideas they now engage in a slagging match with the only party capable of removing the present corrupt and incompetent government.

    There is and always has been room in the Australian political spectrum for a party of protest. One which draws the attention of the public to those policies that are perceived to harm the greater good. Hence the Green’s stance on climate change and the vexatious refugee problem. It would be much more constructive if the local Greens remember from where they came instead of engaging in attacking the ALP.


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