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September 26, 2021

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Entitled to COVID

Latest News

New venues of concern in Ballina

The Northern NSW Local Health District has been notified of a number of new venues of concern associated with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Other News

Lismore LGA to re-enter Queensland border bubble

Now that Lismore LGA is out of lockdown, the number of acceptable reasons for residents to cross the border into Queensland has increased.

NSW Farmers want to plant foods to get their hands off ‘meat’

NSW Farmers are calling for clarification of the vocabulary for alternative proteins and they have submitted a motion to the Senate Standing Committee to review the use of meat vocabulary on plant-based products.

BREAKING: Byron and Tweed shires go into week-long lockdown

Stay-at-home orders will be introduced for the Byron Shire, Tweed and Kempsey Local Government Areas (LGAs) from 5pm today for seven days due to an increased COVID-19 public health risk.

New cases of COVID-19 below 1,000 for the first time in 25 days

In what is now a general press conference, the Premier spoke to media at 11am this morning about the pandemic and other business.

A new COVID-19 case flies into the Far North Coast

The Northern NSW Local Health District has confirmed that there is a new case of COVID-19 in Northern NSW today, and they will be included in NSW Health’s official reporting tomorrow.

Controversial Iron Gates development open for comment on 24 September

The community has 30 days to comment on the latest amended DA for the controversial Iron Gates development at Evans Head before it goes before the Northern Rivers Planning Panel once again.

Entitled to COVID

How did a Sydney man with COVID-19 end up in Byron Bay?

Sydney is in lockdown. Greater Sydney and surrounds have been in lockdown now for seven weeks. There are rules in place. Only one person per household is supposed to leave home. You are supposed to work at home. You are not supposed to travel more than 10km from your home. Only one person from a household can go shopping. This is not a time for a holiday. This isn’t even time to travel for work. This isn’t a time to go looking at real estate. You need to stay at home. You have been asked nicely. Unless of course you are from a non-English speaking background, in Western Sydney. We send the army in there. 

I have lots of friends in Sydney who are sticking to the rules. It’s based on trust. There is no ring of steel protecting us from those who might decide Public Health Orders don’t apply to them. So, when they don’t comply – our entire community suffers. Trust is an inadequate form of protection when you’re living in what must appear to those under house arrest as the land of the free. Who wouldn’t want to be here?

As of this morning we have found out that a man has tested positive to COVID-19. He was taken to Lismore Hospital by the police. He was active in the community, as were his two teenage sons, for five days. He went to places in Ballina, Byron, Lismore and Casino. 

So how in F’s sake did a bloke manage to travel here, from Sydney, at the end of July with his two teenage sons? Did he say ‘I’m off to get smokes’ and then just never returned? Was he auditioning for The Block? Was he driving up the next load of Pfizer? Or meth? Did he get lost on the way to Aldi? 

I don’t know the answer, but I have heard there are a lot of people who have come here from Sydney while the city is in lockdown. While we appreciate it’s not much fun, we would really rather you stayed put, and didn’t subject our small communities to a possible outbreak. You see, we have many among us who don’t ‘believe’ in covid. Who won’t wear masks. Who won’t distance. Who won’t test when they get symptoms, because they either believe in their super turmeric-powered immune system to protect them, or that covid doesn’t exist. This puts all of us here at risk of being ravaged by this new Delta variant. Even the turmeric-powered people. 

At the time of writing this Gladys said she wasn’t going to put us in lockdown. WTF?

We have a shitload of medically mask-exempted people here. It seems that in Sydney they also have some people who are lockdown exempt. Rules don’t apply. Special special people.

This dickhead had symptoms for days and didn’t get a test. Not only didn’t he test, he went everywhere imaginable in our area. He was like Typhoid Mary. That level of selfishness in the middle of a frigging pandemic is hard to fathom. Did he QR in? I hope so. But as someone who has come to a region while he’s supposed to be in lockdown, I guess he may not have. We’re yet to find out. I don’t know what to say. Except that I’m feeling furious about the entitlement of a man who brought covid here when he was asked to remain within 10km of his house in Sydney. Perhaps his odometer was broken.

So Gladys, please lock us down. We don’t want this to get away on us.  It’s clear that when you are dealing with entitlement, trust doesn’t work. We need to protect our community. Tests are better than trust. And when a virus like this is at play, caution is better than regret.

And remember, covid doesn’t care if you believe in it or not. 

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  1. I have said before that we have been sitting ducks in the regions. Fair enough a serious Delta outbreak is an unfair comparison with the outbreak Victoria dealt with last year but Victoria has runaway infection and virus reproduction rates but still managed much better to keep the regions protected with their notorious ring of steel around Melbourne.

    I was in regional Victoria in June this year when the whole state went into lock down for a week after which restrictions in the regions were eased. There was a clear sense that the government were taking reducing mobility more seriously. The police force suggested that plate recognition software and road patrols would be a more efficient use of resources than the road blocks of the year before. However, I can attest to the very visible police presence on the Hume freeway doing these patrols. I also became accustomed to being asked to show my home address and ID in shops because that was required of business.

    But with rules that include the following – “ move to a new place of residence, or between your different places of residence” – as reasons to leave home, I can understand why the police would be reluctant to enforce metaphorical rings of steel in NSW. Imagine the stories “I have an appointment with a real estate agent in Coff’s Harbour” or “I’m just off to my holiday house in Byron Bay”. Really!

    Surely too, the 10 kilometre or within your LGA was designed for Sydney. It gives way too much latitude for our Covid sceptic friends to move far and wide amongst us.

  2. Well said. It is a stark reminder how close we are to more outbreaks and lockdowns when – living in Mullum – it’s so easy to forget. The virus has killed over 4 million globally (and counting) and whether you think it is just a flu, a 5G signal, or a lump of coal, the damage is very real. Mask up, stay home xx

  3. Naturally Covid couldn’t give a damn if we believe in it or not. All too silly for words.
    It’s not a movie on turmeric tasters or ivermectin horse-medicine either. I can’t say
    ‘to each their own’ because if a child’s parent thinks everything’s a hoax – nah! It’s just
    a yearly cold. One thing I can question is – if the son or daughter dies – who takes
    the responsibility for that death?

    • Never mind my brother and his wife died soon after the two “jabs” and another brother is facing a major blood clot operation after his “shots”. But nobody took responsibility for that either. I’ve been trying to foster love, peace as well as scienctific and spiritual understanding in my comments in the Echo, but about half my posts never seem to get past the moderator. I do my best not to believe that fear porn gets more echoes, but I am facing an uphill battle.

      COVID-19 targets a shallow world … emptiness of soul. Humanity must shift its focus from shallow gratifications. These are lessons for humanity: we are all equal, we need each other, support each other. It is also about the shift of the old paradigm of the material to the spiritual. Imagine a table covered with debris. The virus comes along with a sweeping arm and clears the table completely, now it has nothing on it. It is like this. Humans are being asked what do you want to put back on the table and what do you want to leave behind? Work together, it gets done more quickly. Working together is already taking off worldwide even if it is still invisible in the mainstream media. Love and Peace to you all.

  4. Get him out of the hospital, lock him up and give the bed to someone who actually gives a dam about other people. If my immune compromised child catches this strain he should be charged with attempted manslaughter.

  5. I had a property for rent last week and had an enquiry from a Bondi couple who were “ happy to come to Byron anytime ” to view the property. I was gobsmacked. Apparently, they are planning to move to Byron at the end of the month anyway.

  6. Up here in the Uki area, people are silently falling into two groups: those who believe in Covid and get vaccinated, and those who for a big range of reasons, aren’t planning to get vaccinated. I’m vaccinated, and bought a badge to wear, mostly so that people can see I was vaccinated and am still alive and well. Though of course there are people who think I might be shedding all over them!
    I bought my badges online at zazzle: https://www.zazzle.com.au/vaccine+badges
    I bought 20 so there are some to give away.
    My hope is that a lot of the ‘hesitant’ people will see the light and get vaccinated eventually. So we can reach the 70% mark asap.
    Obviously the ‘limited-supply situation’ is the worst problem. There should have been loads of Pfizer and Modena a year ago, with big vaccine hubs all over the country. The ad campaign should be fun, exciting, sexy, instead of that terrible “Arm yourself” campaign. Massive blunders by the government have put us here, now. The worst failure of administration in living history, to paraphrase Malcolm Turnbull.

  7. The north coast is filling up with people who can afford to push up real estate prices at the expense of people who have grown up here. We don’t need any more entitled tree-changers who want to escape the world that made them rich.

  8. A bit over the judgemental language. Why judge people who take preventative measures to look after their health?
    We don’t have to live in fear. Better than putting poison in your body thanks for the confession Mandy it makes sense now.
    Propaganda is toxic and mainstream is rubbish.
    Hopefully the Echo will keep an open mind also.
    There is some fantastic work going on behind the scenes, to help save people’s mental health and the economy.
    Lifeline recorded its highest calls ever last Monday.
    Lockdowns aren’t working
    Stay healthy
    As my Doctor said, look after your immune system vitamins etc. have a healthy diet and exercise to avoid any risks of catching anything!!!
    Lots of love Byron Shire ❤️

    • Thanks Nadia,
      You are a kindred soul. Meanwhile:
      Their biggest mistake. They knew that the human collective was reaching a very high vibration. But they were not aware of the number of awakened souls. They realized the error in judgment. And they were afraid. Now they are no longer hiding. They are now in a hurry to officially launch a “new world order”. Now their attacks are direct and frontal. And the attacks will increase. They will try everything they can to keep people from waking up. They will try in every way that “awake” people cannot communicate so as not to wake up others. They will try by all means to ensure that the awakened are considered mad or criminals. It doesn’t matter what they do. The quantum leap has already taken place. It is unstoppable. Humanity already considers plants and animals to have the souls that animate them. Humanity already respects mother earth. Humanity already understands that there is no separation. The souls who now incarnate are already arriving as teachers. It is no longer about experimenting. They only incarnate to teach how to love.
      We may or may not witness this total change. The transition can take a week or 300 years. But it is unstoppable. Whatever happens during the transition, remember one thing: you are the one who stepped forward. To be here and now. Whatever happens. Everything you see. You are the engines of change. Only one thing is required of you. Just one.
      Don’t be food.
      This is the only thing you need to do. Simple thing. Don’t be food. Human beings are the most powerful of generators. We are vortices. Depending on which polarity you align yourself with, you create high or low frequencies. These dark entities feed on low frequencies, we have been feeding them for millennia. The awakening of humanity has shifted the collective vortex towards high frequencies. That’s why they attack with such ferocity. They are hungry.
      Connect with your soul. And watch yourself.
      If your soul resonates with these words, don’t give another second of your existence to be food. Eliminate basic passions from your life. Hatred, resentment, envy, fear, vices, junk food, lies, ambition. Selfishness, sadness, mistrust. All of this generates dense energy. Food for the dark. Be aware of your emotions. Listen to yourself. To you.
      And if on any occasion you feel yourself in one of these low vibrations, ipso facto change your energy. Put on music that uplifts you. Sing for her. Dance. Breathe. Light an incense. Kiss your cats. Kiss your friend. Kiss your dog. Kiss your mother. Embrace your animal family. Take a nature walk. Meditate. Exercise. Do what you need to do. But change this energy immediately. Because you are serving food.
      Always be aware. And the only thing required of you is not to feed the dark hordes. Nourish your soul with anything that helps you lift yourself up. If you get used to living in the frequency of love, your reality will shift to your will effortlessly. You are a powerful being. You are unstoppable. Fear nothing. Free your mind from the matrix. Focus your attention on what you desire. But above all, have fun, be happy, smile, sing, dance. Make love. We are alive by loving the whole. And you are part of it. With the stars and the sun. And all the galaxies in the universe. You are love.

  9. This is more “us and them” ( polarised) mentality from those supposed to be enlightened . What is more “spiritual ‘ is the fact that we are all one and we are all connected . That is the lesson of covid. Less self righteous and hierarchical so called spiritual theorising and more actual – real compassion and understanding would be way more helpful.

  10. Theo; who are ‘they’ exactly?! I salute your tenacity and passionate call for light, laughter, dance and happiness but in that you demonstrate both separation and judgement. Humanity cant be divided into us and them and by rejecting darkness you’re disillusion yourself. Light and darkness is are inseparable, only your mind makes the separation and discrimination possible. There are no they, no big conspiracy, just human nature demonstrating light and shadow.

  11. No living in fear, thank you. Them & us? Whose got the goods on Google!

    EARTH SPIRIT [Stefanie Bennett]

    In Shadow-land
    dawn’s crossing
    the page


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