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September 20, 2021

Two Mullumbimby businesses receive fines for not wearing masks

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COVID update – sewage detection in East and South Lismore and Byron Bay

Northern NSW Local Health District is urging people in the Lismore City and Byron Bay areas to get tested for COVID-19, after fragments of the virus were detected in samples from the East Lismore, South Lismore and Byron Bay sewage treatment plants.

Two Mullumbimby businesses received penalty infringement notices (PINs) on Tuesday, 10 August for staff not wearing masks.

‘On Tuesday 10 August 2021, officers from Tweed/Byron Police District were conducting proactive COVID-19 compliance patrols in the Mullumbimby area when they attended two shops on Stuart and Dalley Streets,’ a NSW Police spokesperson told The Echo.

‘Upon attending a food store on Stuart Street, police observed no written register of customers as required by the Public Health Order. Police also observed staff members not wearing fitted face coverings, which is also a requirement as outlined in the Public Health Order. A fitted face covering must be worn at all retail premises indoors, or business premises that provides goods/services to members of the public who attend the premises.

‘Police then attended a café on Dalley Street, where they spoke with the owner of the store, who was not wearing a fitted face covering. Police also observed patrons sitting and gathering immediately outside the store which is a breach of the current Public Health Order, as food and drink premises must not open to the public except for selling food or beverages for people to consume off-site (take-away).

‘Both the man and woman at each premises were issued with $1000 PINs for fail to comply with noticed direction in relation to section 7/8/9 – COVID-19 – individual,’ said the spokesperson.

It is understood that the food store was Edens Landing and the café was Lulu’s Café.

Police said they will continue to enforce the Public Health Order within the Tweed/Byron and Richmond Police Districts, as four Local Government Areas in the region remain under Stay at Home orders until 12.01am Tuesday 17 August 2021.

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  1. Good to see that the Plague Rats of Mullumbimby are finally being brought to book.

    I hope the cops will be checking on them and fining them if necessary every single day until these disease spreaders either get tired of losing money or finally grow a conscience and some ethics.

    • It’s a slippery slope when one starts to use dehumanizing and generalized language like “plague rats of mullumbimby” you leave no room to meet a common ground
      I quote Brene Brown
      “Once we see people on “the other side” of a conflict as morally inferior and even dangerous, the conflict starts being framed as good versus evil. Maiese writes, “Once the parties have framed the conflict in this way, their positions become more rigid. In some cases, zero-sum thinking develops as parties come to believe that they must either secure their own victory or face defeat. New goals to punish or destroy the opponent arise, and in some cases more militant leadership comes into power.” Dehumanization has fueled innumerable acts of violence, human rights violations, war crimes, and genocides. It makes slavery, torture, and human trafficking possible. Dehumanizing others is the process by which we become accepting of violations against human nature, the human spirit, and, for many of us, violations against the central tenets of our faith.”

    • What a dispicable person you are calling your community non-ethical disease spreaders. Do you understand the deeper levels of the dynamics of this incredible community you live in? I would say that people who are either complying or not are all ethical but believe in different approaches. Heard of Ivermectin? Now being toted as a better treatment and preventative than vaccines and hospitals. I have friends overseas in France and UK who say Delta is not stopped at all by vaccines. Nor is death less likely. 50,000 plus cases per day in France, mostly vaccinated people wearing masks. do some research before you go writing off your community. You never know when you may need them.

      • *** misinformation alert *** vaccines are the best protection against the virus, and if you are looking for an ethical vaccine, astrazeneca is the ethical choice…

      • Ivermetcin is an anti parasitic agent not an anti viral .. studies have shown it has no effect what so ever on covid 19 .. I can link them to you of ypu would like to research it.

    • Jeff Poole, i always wondered how the German people never saw the rise of facisim coming, now i understand, it’s people like you, the mindless that promote it, look in the mirror and see a fool ,a dangerous fool

    • What’s the next step you would like to see? marking these “plague rats” with a visible marker, like the yellow star of David in Nazi Germany? maybe public stoning in the town centre? Shame on you , fear must have scrambled your common sense and humanity. Or maybe it’s lack of oxygen to the brain from wearing your mask too tightly and at all times!!!

  2. If these businesses persist in flouting the health orders, as seems quite likely, they should be closed until they firmly undertake to abide by the rules.

    • Agree, but how about three counts and you are out? Double the fine each time and then close them down if they still persist. People will persist in breaching the regulations and health orders unless there are strong consequences for doing so.

  3. Thanks for calling out the people who are increasing the danger to our lives.. This is rightly a criminal offence

  4. Peace and light to the co-owner of Eden’s Landing who told me he ‘might’ have a good reason for not wearing a mask. Appears the police did not agree.

  5. Might be a good idea to triple the fine every time…and give them community service. Irregardless of their beliefs about the pandemic and what particular conspiracy theory floats their boat… it is not their right to flout the law and make people unsafe.

  6. What is interesting is some of these people in mullum who are against vaccines etc have a high probability of being vaccinated themselves when children..
    This has protected them from childhood diseases that would have killed or maimed them for the rest of their natural life.
    Just goes to show you..
    How little they forget.

    • No , people until recently moved here to live a clean life away from the pollution of the city, it’s mostly the new city refugees that bought there baggage and poisonous ideas with them, but are happy to ride of the Byron clean green scene, the new greens are happy to pollute there bodies with toxic substances, but then there minds have already been poisoned with properganda.

  7. Again, supposedly intelligent commentators turning into a rabid lynch mob.
    Staying at home if feeling slightly unwell is the proper, scientific course of action. Face masks have been proven to make no difference whatsover.

  8. As an added fact to my comment above – masks have been designed to assist in preventing bacterial transmission. Bacteria are generally 100 times the size of a virus.
    Wearing masks has no substantiated efficacy in preventing viral transmission.
    If anything, mask wearing can have the opposite effect as it gives people a false sense of security .
    As previously stated, staying at home and loading up with Viamins D and C ir feeling even slightly unwell is the most sure way of preventing transmission.

    • Totally ignorant and misleading premise. The virus travels in respiratory droplets, thousands of times larger than single bacteria. Masks make a big difference, wear one mate.

    • Where is your evidence that masks have been proven not to work? Here is a link to a story offering detail of 49 studies showing that masks do work. I was going to find a few of the studies myself, but this is quicker! However I have personally read the NEJM study and seen the videos made of it.

    • as someone who has allegedly spent years in both india and brazil, and seeing the devastation and heartbreak caused by the virus in both countries, you have a very cavalier attitude to the virus…

  9. Good Job
    I went to the Soccer at the Mullum fields. Signs every where saying masks must be worn. NOT a single mask in site. Even the canteen workers weren’t wearing them.
    When asked about it, they said “who’s going to be game to enforce it” SO big thank you to the police. Please check the soccer fields on a Saturday morning when you are doing your rounds.

    • This fear variant is getting really contagious now, would you dob in your Grand mother? or call 000 next time you see kids playing soccer with such parents on the sidelines acting so radically outdoors?

      The driven coming from media is arguably a level of child abuse. Kids are worried now, should they live in fear as well?

      At what point is it ok to scare kids? Maybe if the virus was going to wipe out say 5% of the population? 10% maybe? When?

      The fear & division caused by the constant narrative is a disgrace, it doesn’t match the numbers.

  10. Hmmm.
    And yet up in the Sunshine State we had a “plague-rat” taxi driver getting around in Cairns for 4 days with the “highly contagious” Delta variant (very close quarters in a taxi) at airports, sea-ports, pubs, clubs and all the rest…WITH NO TRANSMISSIONS.

    Before that the Brisbane sheila in Townsville and Magnetic Island also with Delta, At Brisbane and T’ville airports (twice apiece), the Ferry terminals each side (twice apiece), days of visiting pubs and THE PACKED T’Ville MARKETS and bars and clubs etc etc; (Qld health says 900 confirmed contacts) BUT STILL NO TRANSMISSIONS.

    Fair enough that many have been very frightened by Gladys and her dopes, but even you should be a little sceptical about just HOW contagious this deadly contagious virus actually is. maybe? Any suggestions as to why no one up north caught it/

      • First step…there were no restrictions in Nth Qld whatsoever before the lock-down. From the ABC report 8th August…
        “Masks will now also be required to be worn in Cairns.”

        So, no masks were stopping anything…..
        Your attempt to run cover for the fools in NSW Govt and health who are claiming Delta is “highly contagious” immediately falls flat. Also…from the ABC…..
        “a Kanimbla taxi driver, who was infectious in the Far North Queensland region FOR 10 DAYS.” not the 3-4 I originally posted…..AND STILL NO INFECTIONS.

        Dr Young said “But that is relatively controlled because we can then work with the taxi agency to work out who was in his taxi cab” she said….AND STILL NO INFECTIONS

        OK, so why the wild assertions that masks saved the day when the answer is this clear-cut: Delta is NOT highly infectious at all. Obvious fraudulent scare-mongering by Govt…but TO WHAT END?

      • Good imagination since there were NO “orders” prior to the “highly contagious and dangerous” delta strain being “detected”.

        Now that that furphy is destroyed, why not try imagining what the real answer might be.

        Think a financial advisor, or horseracing system spruiker, or shonky real estate salesman telling you you’ll be so9on making a fortune on his highly valuable and quickly appreciating land…and then NO increase appears. How long before YOU stop believing it?

    • Perhaps these people were following covid protocols like wearing masks, social distancing & sanitising their hands everywhere they went? It’s not hard to do…

  11. I would like to be a very large financial supporter of the Echo, especially as you align almost perfectly with my anti-militarism, pro-environment views. However, the total clamp-down exposing govt mendacity regarding the pandemic is just too much. Why not loosen up a little?

    The question you refused to publish an hour ago one more time: The Delta variant virus was on the loose in Townsville/Magnetic Island, and againr in Cairns, for several days WITH NO TRANSMISSION. The first example had 900+ Contacts, and NO Transmissions. How does any of this gel with the Delta being highly contagious? Since it doesn’t then why not INVESTIGATE further?

  12. Sorry about last comment as I was unaware there was a serious time lag between submitting commentary, and being posted.

    Anyhow: Andrew’s comment 7.57am about no-one wearing masks at the soccer is a beauty…..

    There is no danger whatsoever for people at a football match (of any kind) which means the 100% of rational people YOU saw….understand this.

    The taxis in north Qld did not spread it. The packed markets did not spread it. The pubs and clubs and restaurants did not spread it. the breathing in airplanes and taxis with recycled air from the “highly contagious Delta strain” did not spread it.

    And here you are, still insisting that it really truly is highly contagious? Get a grip Andrew!. When reality crushes the hype, why not return to reality….even if only for ten seconds?

  13. I think its big Pharma piggy backing on the genuine ‘health through a healthy immune system’ crew, the anti maskers, and the freedom marchers genuine concerns about govt control, to incite further virus outbreaks, because thats where they make their money from vaccines and testing kits, a bit like how they drove up the sales of opioid drugs to create an addiction pandemic – its a successful business model for them

    • John, Moderna and BioNTech (the German partner of Pfizer) have NEVER produced any product whatsoever before this. They are complete novices in the pharma game, both formed to cash in on this scare (Moderna = Mode RNA..Get it?).

      Meanwhile Pfizer and AstraZeneca both have a very long history of paying huge damages for pharma disasters AND scientific/medical fraud, E,Example : in 2009 Pfizer paid $3 Billion to settle a fraud case run by the US DoJ. In 2020 they paid multiple billions for damage and deaths caused by a testosterone drug. AZ: many many payouts over false claims and paying bribes to doctors to prescribe their failed drugs.

      And THEN we are supposed to trust that these unapproved, no-liability gene-therapies by known fraudsters are THE REAK DEAL? What?

  14. Wow I wonder where all these people do their research-Facebook, Twitter etc. from Kylie’s promotion of ivermectin ( as good as Donald trumps bleach therapy), 50000 vaccinated people wearing masks getting infected but ignoring the fact around 99% of people in hospital in intensive care are unvaccinated or have ied. Then the comment on masks and virus size ignoring the fact it’s comes out as an aerosol and caught by mask, vitamin c and d no good just very expensive pee. A big pharma conspiracy one could hope but not the real world qanon right wing garbage. Is it just my imagination most of the comments are from people living in fantasy land- no virus spreading, government control- mask wearing is not that onerous people, you only have to look at what’s happening in the Deep South of the USA and the high death rates and overloaded hospitals to get an idea. Oh for reality check by people like the ones fined.

    • it is clear to any rational person that the same cherry-picked, play-book of misinformation, they are spreading is wrong or disingenuous, the question is why, they certainly aren’t interested in public health. thankfully, the rest of the world realises that vaccination is the best course of action to beat the virus, and there have been 4.4 billion people who have already, and gratefully had the vaccination… mullum-madness was initially based on our infamous locally-grown produce, but it now seems to have morphed into misinformation.

  15. No-one really supports big Pharma’s mates or Morrison’s muck ups. Still – try telling India
    the death toll there doesn’t exist.

  16. On Saturday morning 14 Augsust, in Stuart St… Eden’s Landing and Mullum Herbal staff wore no masks. Perhaps they all have proper exemptions. Eden’s Landing still had that sign in the window…no mask no ask. I got my essentilals elsewhere rather than enter either of those shops. In another shop, it was the patrons not wearing masks. It should be up to the owners of these shops to ensure masks are worn or no entry. Leaving it up to staff to enforce mask wearing or refuse entry… is an ordeal they surely didn’t sign on for..
    Perhaps in addition to fines which should double or triple with each non compliance…businesses that don’t comply should be closed with all workers and owners in 14 days isolation til they can provide evidence of a negatjve Covid test.
    I’m guessing that people who don’t believe in masks, or pandemics surely wouldn’t bother to get tested if they had symptoms.
    So sad to have this division in our community. If only all this energy of the antivax/consipiracy mob were directed against the destructive developments going on around us and towards the development of a more equitable society.


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