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October 22, 2021

Woman charged over alleged Public Health Order Breaches – Tweed/Byron

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A woman who worked for a production company filming I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! has been charged over multiple alleged breaches of the Public Health Orders in the Tweed and Byron shires.

Officers from Tweed/Byron Police District commenced inquiries yesterday (Tuesday, 21 September, 2021), after receiving information a woman from Greater Sydney had travelled to the area and since tested positive for COVID-19.

Inquiries revealed the 31-year-old woman had been granted an exemption to travel to the area for work-related purposes only. In a statement made on Tuesday, the production company ITV Studios Australia said it had been filming I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! in northern NSW ‘in accordance with Public Health Orders and restrictions’.

‘We take our COVIDSafe plan extremely seriously. The health, safety and welfare of the community, as well as our cast and crew, is our number one priority,’ the company’s statement said.

She allegedly attended several businesses and venues in Byron Bay and Kingscliff over the weekend, which was in breach of the conditions of her exemption.

Further, she failed to check-in at those locations using the QR codes.

The Rushcutters Bay woman was issued with a Court Attendance notice today (Wednesday 22 September 2021), for five counts of fail to comply with electronic registration directive.

She is due to appear before Tweed Heads Local Court on Monday 8 November 2021.

Inquiries continue.

Anyone with information in relation to breaches if the Public Health Orders is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: https://nsw.crimestoppers.com.au. Information is treated in strict confidence. The public is reminded not to report information via NSW Police social media pages.

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  1. Whilst I have supported many of the government measures taken in response to Covid 19 nonetheless NSW government responses have been very hit and miss and in some instances incomprehensible.
    That a film crew, hardly a vitally important industry in the currant climate have been allowed to travel from Sydney, a hot spot, and then proceed to travel throughout the Tweed/ Byron/ Lismore region is beyond comprehension. Having just come out of a long lock down, struggling local businesses, particularly restaurants are not only impacted by loss of business, but also significant losses due to perishable food stocks etc which must be thrown out, not to mention loss of employment for many who are already struggling.
    How tv / film production can be considered an essential activity eludes me, the fact that it has been allowed and has now become a vector for the possible spread of Covid 19, is unsurprising and predictable when many crew are Sydney based. The decision to allow this smacks of incompetence and a lack of foresight, dare I say stupidity that is gobsmacking. The economic damage done far exceeds any benefit the production concerned has brought to our struggling economy.
    As a 40 year veteran of the film and television industry I have been a fierce defender in the face of growing local opposition to production in the region, however this lock down will be the last straw for many. Production companies are going to find it much harder to obtain social license in the future.

  2. Whatever she has to pay will be pitiful compared with the NSW Government’s over reaction in locking down the LGA’s at %pm last night!
    Weddings abandoned, restaurant throwing food away, shops shut (again) and the border (of course) closed to all.
    Where is the risk analysis, where is the common sense behind such a quick lockdown? She was doubly vaccinated which is supposed to limit transmission. When we all get to 70% vaccination level, will this still occur?
    The public’s patience is running very thin.

  3. ” ‘We take our COVIDSafe plan extremely seriously. The health, safety and welfare of the community, as well as our cast and crew, is our number one priority,’ the company’s statement said.”

    This appears to be an excellent example of Corporate ‘spin’.

  4. Jimie: Those are the standard weasel words trotted out by every business when found to be in breach of health and safety. They are hollow and meaningless.

    Meanwhile, let’s hope that when she gets to court, the film-crew woman who caused our latest snap lockdown has the book thrown at her – hard! I note that she’s also from Sydney’s wealthy east, where that other fool and his two kids came from some weeks ago and threw us into lockdown.

    These selfish jerks on NON-essential errands ought to be not just fined by the criminal system but also subjected to class action suits by all those businesses that have lost revenue as a consequence.

    Why is it that ‘celebrities’ and sports teams seem allowed to travel for their NON-essential business when we locals can’t even leave home. Screw them!

    • Agreed , between State Government ‘regulations’ and big business doing ‘ essential work .. we have buckleys !

      You missed out that she allegedly didn’t use QR check-ins .

      If so ,I see a pattern emerging ,

    • This is bullshit.

      Its obvious this company’s shows are not their number one priority because absolute garbage.

      But what of their number one priority as stated above?

      It is curious to learn how their number one priority was and is communicated to their cast and crew.

      What communications were sent to staff prior and during this trip to protect OUR community?
      Do they explain in detail what staff can and cannot do?
      Do they explain where staff can and cannot go?
      Do they explain when and wear staff have to wear masks?
      Do they have supplies to give to everyone? Masks? Sanitiser?
      Do they reinforce the PHO?
      Do they meet their responsibilities as officers and a PCBU under the WHS Act?

      And, as you stated, what are they going to do for the impact of this company in our welfare and how the fuck the community will be compensated!!!

      Me thinks the eastern suburbs ilk should be under lock and key by the army… evidence proves its warranted. But white and rich.

      Meanwhile people are homeless, and cannot work, cannot cross the border, cannot see loved ones, cannot find safetg. Business barely scraping by.

  5. BUT did she choose wisely, between what has now become the Hobson’s choice of either choosing to be injected with a codon optimized (with leaky stop-codons) lab-derived and transfected S protein, or alternatively, breathing in a codon de-optimized but de-attenuating lab-derived serially-passaged S protein? Which neurotropic autoimmune mimicry should she have chosen? Which auto-antibodies to type 1 interferon are better? Which version of Anti-Heparin PF4 gives you better blood clots? Did she make the right choice? If she was infected, then was she really vaccinated? Coronavirus dual-use biotechnology, that is just so 2010. That is so old-school technology now. That is like an old iPhone 3. My friends in China, they can genetically print two million base-pairs in less than one hour now. They can devise and then create whole new artificially engineered bacterial life forms in less than a day. Think of the chaos that you could cause with that! Now, put me in a Celebrity PC4 Zoonosis Suite, AND GET ME OUT OF HERE!

    • There are many sides to the biotechnology revolution (some very dark indeed). There are also many ways to achieve a desired outcome. Look very carefully at the Government behavior, Gordon. Don’t blame this normie woman who only cares for her Instagram. She is clueless as to how the world really works. Start crunching some voting demographic numbers (e.g. Banora Point) and you will quickly see what the politicians and corporate leaders (globally) are so desperate to prevent. If you are a baby-boomer Gordon, keep your lymphatic system and dendritic cells in perfect functional condition – because you will need them – as an essential precondition to your survival – and do not drink alcohol. Maintaining you perfect health will be your new and inescapable biological passport, required to be kept simply to justify your continued existence on this current overcrowded and soon to be under-resourced planet. Your immune passport will not be electronic, it will be biological and inescapable. There will be no exceptions, no matter how much money or power or influence you might have. For the record Gordon, I do not take meds. Health preconditions are now deadly Gordon – and are to be avoided at all costs.

        • Thanks John. I have spent many years arguing with ethics committees. The first thing that you quickly learn in that crazy industry, is that there are no ethics. Ethics is only the glossy wallpaper, required in order to get the grant money. Grant money comes from Defence. Defence is the money-pot.

          See, the politicians have been quite clever in keeping the mass public looking and focusing upon everywhere else but where the mass public should be looking and should be focusing. They have been very very clever in making the mass public angry, simply arguing amongst each other or angry because of the government mitigation measures (too harsh or not harsh enough) or arguing amongst each other as to whether there was a lab-leak or not. You have all of the western so called “rules-based-world-order” nations, all acting in concert and the Army involved from the response organization perspective. The public have been quite cleverly fooled into just accepting that the Virus simply exists and then arguing about everything else. Remember, the Army is involved.

          Warfare is not like it was before. Next-Generation warfare no longer requires fighter jets, ships, drones, bombs, satellites and submarines – and no longer involves countries or nations in the traditional sense. Next-Generation warfare involves science and biotechnology and non-nation groups. This is not about China, or the USA or any other national group. This is about a group of genetic scientists (somewhere and not supported by a nation) devising an effective methodology to permanently remove the class of individuals that currently hold political and corporate power, whilst also rendering uneconomic the highly leveraged assets based rentier system that currently supports this class to the detriment of every other class in society. People who hold political or economic power do not simply give it up, they have to be removed and sometimes in the most ugliest of ways.

          Unfortunately for the system, living with the Virus means that there must be a new and alternative system of low density, natural and healthy living – not one that involves our current twisted and deviant unhealthy lifestyle and all of the current unethical high density apartment development, medical profiteering from self-inflicted chronic illness, alcohol industry profiting and the associated gambling industry and food industry and fast food corporate profiteering. This is the essence of warfare. You first determine the weaknesses of your enemy, and then you simply exploit all of these cumulative weaknesses to your desired outcome. The system weakness is obesity, very very bad diet, age, chronic disease, corrupt politicians, corporate greed, massive highly leveraged debt rehypothecation that can never be repaid and a medical system that is stretched to its absolute limits even at the best of times.

          The mass public will eventually come to realise the inevitable results of viral quasi-species swarm biology, when combined with a high-fidelity RNA polymerase built specifically for selective mutation, when they experience the inevitable results of being enclosed all together in an air-conditioned space with central air-handling units, packed-in like battery chickens with all of the other unhealthy pre-diabetic alcohol drinkers, all participating in their collective viral sharing and recombination. Think of all of the unrepayable debt attached to all of the high density apartment industry, office buildings, shopping centers, poker machines, fast food industry and the list goes on and on. Look at the voting rolls of all of these western nations, that keeps these baby-boomer politicians in power.

          The question that you need to ask is: what are these corporate injections really designed to protect? The people being injected, or the system that profits from these injected people keeping their current unhealthy lifestyle and not being forced to change their ways? Anyway, basic biology will tell you how this show will all turn out. Eventually, in a couple of years, I might be able to simply pay for my petrol by tapping my card at the pump, rather than being forced to go inside, walk past all of the junk food and then stand in front of a massive pile of chocolate bars simply to pay for my petrol.

          So at the end, I come back to the concept of Ethics. What is now done is done and cannot be undone. Those that did this epic deed had their subjective ethical reasons. I hope that this allows you to better understand why the politicians and their corporate mates are doing what they are doing. What other choice does McFast Food or Mr REIT Shopping Centre or Mr Corporate now have, but to require the people that they profit from to be forever injected in order to continue their current lifestyle. That is the System, but the people now have been given a very important and life changing choice. You either opt-in or opt-out. This cannot be done in parts. It has now become an all-in or all-out choice. I choose all-out – and for this I am quite happy to never attend a hospital, ever. This injunction and conditions I believe the NSW Supreme Court will give me. I am happy to live like the Amish from this point forward. I will likely live longer and healthier anyway.


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