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October 16, 2021

Vaxing the community divide

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Vaxing the community divide

Okay, so this issue is dividing our community into: ‘vaxing is great for our community’ and ‘vaxing is bad’. One...

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Okay, so this issue is dividing our community into: ‘vaxing is great for our community’ and ‘vaxing is bad’.

One side is ‘ill-informed and reckless’ and the other is ‘wise and caring’.

But which of these sides is gravely and mistakenly wrong?

The answer? Sadly, it will soon be revealed as being the side suffering the more avoidable deaths and prolonged sickness.

But by then it will be too late to wise up.

John Millard, Mullumbimby

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  1. I wonder why some people are so entrenched re not having vaccinations. I’m told that the far north coast NSW has the highest anti-vaccers & that was before cover-19. Schools had, probably still have, lots of grief re that. Someone told me casually that she didn’t “feel like” getting vaccinated, as if it’s something like having an ice-cream or going to the cinema!
    My challenge to people against vaccinations + those condoning same: vaccinations are based on science – are you rejecting science? Without science we wouldn’t have cars, electricity, phones (OMG can you live without social media?), reticulated water, the internet, and much more . . Are you rejecting these?
    Come on people – it’s about living is society, safety and avoiding injury to others.

    • Dear Lavender, science is an open thought process not a closed dogma and those covid jabs are based on hierarchy and power structure… And all around the world and here in the green of Byron there lives a multitude who believe it is the covid narrative that is the greatest threat to the health of humanity.

      • A minority Rudra, it seems the vast majority are getting their vaccinations, especially once more supplies are available. There is no hierarchy and power structure just people with head in the sand or promoting false hopes like ivecterin. A recent review of this supposed saviour drug showed something like 25 out of roughly 30 studies showed no effect of this drug on Covid and the rest were falsifying the data.

    • Hi Lavender, isn’t wonderful that you are free to voice an opinion that may or may not differ from others!

      This whole thing is a challenge, but segregation and division based on fear and intolerance from both sides of this issue is very dangerous for any community.

      Re jabs being “based on science” – it appears that you may not be aware that there is no long-term scientific safety data on the jabs.
      Pfizer for example, will finish their current trials 31-Jan-2023. Expect some scientific results after that. Then there will be 5yr and 7yr long term safety data as is usually the case.

      So, long term safety risk of jab is scientifically unknown.
      I’m in awe of people, the vast majority now, participating in the trials. I respect their choice.

      The mortality rate is of very low risk to most individuals under age 70, and many will be asymptomatic. That is known thanks to science.
      Hence why many weigh the risks for themselves, and act accordingly.

      Re “avoiding injury to others”, you may not be aware that the latest science on the Delta strain shows that the jabbed or un-jabbed carry the same viral load and transmission risk to others. This fact isn’t reported a lot and is contrary to what some media and ministers have been touting (scaremongering really).
      Hence why many have unwarranted concerns, about transmission from a single control group as part of the trials. It’s very hard to blame people when they have been constantly fed fear for over a year. But that’s how the media have always operated.

      USA Centres of Disease Control and Prevention said in a media release July 30, 2021.
      “Today, some of those data were published in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), demonstrating that Delta infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people. High viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission and raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus.”

      The Director of the CDC Rochelle Walensky said August 5, 2021 on the Delta strain and vaccines
      “…what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.”

      There is a further UK Study suggesting same – Public Health England, SARS-Cov2 variants of concern…. Technical Briefing 20 Aug, 2021.

      Thanks Lavender. Society is full of interesting characters, they ALL come with a little risk and what a reward for a diverse community.
      Will sign off with a timely quote from the first female (a Scientist) to win a Nobel prize for contributions to physics, she won another for chemistry.

      Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. ― Marie Curie (1867 – 1934)

      • Steve, you don’t seem like you lack intelligence, you don’t seem to totally deny the science as part of gigantic conspiracy. I respect your decision to forgo vaccination . However you write the same selective material post after post and obviously don’t care that you are not presenting the whole picture.

        For example you say: ‘ Re “avoiding injury to others”, you may not be aware that the latest science on the Delta strain shows that the jabbed or un-jabbed carry the same viral load and transmission risk to others.’ It does seem that vaccines that were developed against earlier strains are not as effective against Delta. From what I have read increased viral loads of break through infection are an observed phenomenon. HOWEVER the jury is still out on to what extent this affects transmission potential with a lathe UK study suggesting that transmission reduction is good.

        Using the viral load data as an argument to suggest that there is nothing to fear from the unvaccinated, also ignores the data that suggests that the vaccines, while not 100% effective, also offer good protection against infection. If you are not infected/positive you can’t pass the virus to others. Why do you refuse to include this bit? The same UK study also had good news on the better than first estimated level of protection from INFECTION.

        There are conflicting opinions and data on all this but I think it’s well worth looking at what has happened in our own country in the last couple of months:

        In NSW there was one case of Delta in Sydney carried in international air crew. After inaction for ten days, cases were growing exponentially and some time last month peaked at around 1,600 in 24 hours. In mid July, Melbourne was visited by two positive removalists and now, despite strict lockdown almost immediately and since, Victoria has experienced just under 2000 new cases in 24 hours. It is still daily well above 1000 cases. The vast majority of all these cases have been in the unvaccinated with the fastest growing infection rates being in the 20-29 age group.

        What has brought NSW cases down to between 300-400 a day if not the high rates of vaccination since achieved? What looks to be finally stabilising Victoria’s numbers other than their improving vaccination rates?

        The original virus had an estimated reproduction rate of 2.4- 2.6, Delta’s is estimated at 5-8. This means that what was always a potential for exponential growth has become, without anything to curb it, exponential growth on steroids. What would our infection levels be now without the months of debilitating lockdown and growing high vaccination levels?

        What does it matter if numbers explode if most under 70 will survive whether vaccinated or not?

        It’s probably 50+ where the outcome gets riskier and there are plenty of 50,60,70,80 even year-olds enjoying life, a well earned retirement, grandchildren etc who would rather enjoy their remaining decades. They don’t count?

        Then there are other groups who will be in danger – pregnant women and their unborn babies, people with compromised immunity (including cancer patients of all ages), people with respiratory conditions including asthma, and mysteriously some young people with no underlying conditions etc.

        Then there is long Covid, thought to affect up to 30% of positive cases

        Then there’s the effect on health services. Amongst the positive cases there will be a percentage hospitalised and a percentage of those will require IC. When someone with Covid requires IC it tends to be for a much longer and staff intensive stay than average. When ICUs are full of Covid patients, surgeries are postponed and serious accident victims have to compete. 000 calls for ambulances have already been adversely delayed in Melbourne from the demands caused by Covid patients. With vaccination offering good protection against serious disease these affect has been greatly ameliorated between our second and third waves.

        Lockdown, lingering illness, deaths and decisions about who gets medical care I would have thought, are plenty of reasons against suggesting that it’s all fine and rosy to let Covid 19 just rip in an unvaccinated population (if everyone takes your advice).

        You have taken much refuge in the effect that Delta has had on the effectiveness of the vaccines. But what were the perfect conditions for the emergence of Delta and for future variants of greater infectivity, greater virulence and resistance to both naturally acquired and vaccine immunity – millions of cases and rampant reproduction of the virus.

        It’s indisputable that there is no data on the long term effects of the vaccine – you’d have to be thick or living under a rock to think otherwise, given the time frame. But i think its unacceptable to peddle the idea that vaccination will make no difference to the spread of the disease and that there is little to worry about in ignoring thousands of daily cases spreading across the country. Even if you are under 70 and, I assume, super healthy.

    • Seems we’d all be better off without anti- social media Lavender. Couldn’t survive without clean water though. If some so-called ‘hierarchy and power structure’ wanted to control or destroy us all they could just poison the water, or turn off the electricity. Much quicker and easier than creating a virus or a vaccine to do the job.

      It would be interesting to know how many of the anti-vaxxers were immunised as babies and are alive and well today as a consequence. If they had a life of privilege growing up in Australia they have no idea what diphtheria, or polio etc is or how many people died or were maimed for life by diseases that were eliminated decades ago.

      Yes the vast majority, not only in Australia, but around the world, are doing the right thing and have been getting vaccinated for almost a year and there’s been few deaths or serious consequences. Unlike the millions who died, and are still dying, from covid. In England the hospitals are now filling up with people suffering long covid.


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