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May 25, 2024

Alon protests against losing his unvaxxed teacher

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Surfing on the spectrum – free fun for everyone at Lennox and Byron this Sunday

Ocean Heroes will be giving children who are on the autism spectrum the chance to experience what it is like to be in the ocean on a surfboard this Saturday at Lennox Head and Sunday in Byron Bay.

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St Helena Tunnel, Ewingsdale – changed overnight traffic conditions 

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Surfing on the spectrum – free fun for everyone at Lennox and Byron this Sunday

Ocean Heroes will be giving children who are on the autism spectrum the chance to experience what it is like to be in the ocean on a surfboard this Saturday at Lennox Head and Sunday in Byron Bay.

Bimbo Jimbo

For Treasurer Jim Chalmers to say that it was ‘simpler’ to just give everyone the energy rebate of $75...

Alon outside of his school on Monday morning. Photo Alon’s dad Yuval.

With the November 8 deadline for double vaccination for all school staff passing on Monday, the Department of Education says that there are about 3,100 teachers who have ‘still not attested their vaccination status’. Many of the teachers involved believe the figures are possibly closer to 18,000, including all schools staff. These people are no longer allowed on school property.

While we are shocked at the numbers, for one 11-year-old from Oceans Shores, it’s only one teacher he cares about.

Alon Refaeli is in year 5 at Brunswick Heads Public School and on Monday morning he also didn’t make it inside the school gate. Alon stood outside with a handwritten sign demanding his teacher be allowed to come to work. ‘I want to show people that I want my teacher back, that I’m serious and I really, really want my teacher back. I wanted to do something about it.

‘The Department of Education said that basically, you need to get vaccinated if you work at school to keep your job, even a pregnant woman like my teacher. My teacher didn’t want to put herself and her baby in danger, so she lost her job and we all lost a great teacher.’

Student understands the mandate

Ofek in support of his brother Alon Rafaeli. Photo Jeff Dawson.

Alon says that he understands the mandate but he doesn’t think it’s fair. ‘I understand their point of view and their logic but it doesn’t mean I agree with it. I heard that this virus can be contained once everyone is either sick with it or vaccinated but I think everyone has the right to make their own decision about their own body and not be forced or threatened to do it. What is my teacher supposed to do? Start a new career or put herself and her baby at risk?’

Alon’s father Yuval says he can’t describe how proud he is to see his son acting on what he sees as wrong. ‘I have never seen him so determined, so focused. I honestly thought that after sitting outside of school for one or two hours he would give up and prefer comfort. Around noontime, the principal checked to ensure that he was all right and warned him it was about to rain. Alon said “It’s not a problem, we brought umbrellas”.’

‘I’ve never heard him speaking so clearly and passionately about anything. Today I was excited to see in this kid the beautiful individual person he is.’

Nervous about responses from parents, staff and community

Yuval said he was extremely nervous about the possible responses from parents, staff and random people. ‘I was also very concerned about the possible impact that his actions might have on him at school later on. I was amazed to see how much support he received, and how emotional it was.’

Alon said that people came over and encouraged him. ‘were positive and supportive, they are glad I am doing it. There was one person that came at the end of the day and ripped off my sign and said we shouldn’t hang signs on the school fence. We put the sign back together with some tape.’

Another parent at the school said she was moved to tears by Alon’s action. ’I thought he was going to erect the sign at the front of the school for the day, when I returned in the afternoon I was saddened to not see the sign up. But instead, this brave young boy was standing at the front gate at school holding the sign up. He told me he had stood there all day!’

‘Un-decree’ the rule

Alon wants the Department to ‘un-decree’ the rule. ‘It affects all of us and it is unfair. I would like them to check my teacher’s case as a person. I want them to respect my teacher’s reasons not to get vaccinated and to allow her to keep on teaching.’

Alon says he can’t put into words how much he misses his teacher. ‘She means so much to me, I’m proud of her because she stood up against the government for her baby and I also want her to know how much I and my classmates miss her.’

Yuval says that the fact that the teacher wants to teach but is not allowed is what has triggered his son to act. ‘He feels that she was taken from him and from his class by force. Alon’s sense of justice is very dominant. When he understood how unjust it is, he had to do something. He has never done anything like this before.

An amazing teacher

Alon says he will stay away from his classroom until his teacher’s job is reinstated. Photo Yuval Refaeli.

‘For Alon school is challenging. His amazing teacher, with her own special way, found a way to get to him, to keep him motivated, confident, and happy. I didn’t even realise how much until now. This is something that takes a lot of time, commitment, love and caring to build with a child. Now for a few more weeks until the end of the year, he is forced to start a new journey with a new teacher for no good reason. ‘

Alon says he will stand outside the school until his teacher can come back. ‘I want to say to everyone who feels the same to help us in any way you can, whether it’s a little bit of help or sitting with us throughout the day, any type of help is what I am asking you to do. It will definitely make a difference if everyone has their voices heard. You may not realise it but each voice is very powerful. Every single voice that joins our side will be a powerful help. And it will help me a lot.’

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    • What a brave, amazing boy!

      To be commended for defending the right of choice in this mad world where politicians and media are egging the crowd on and encouraging a divided society, over a virus that has a ridiculously low risk for the vast majority of healthy people,

      Bureaucrats, politicians or their staff are NOT subject to any mandates. Mandates for you, not for me, is how they roll.

      If that is not telling enough for you, a history lesson in dictatorships is required.

      Time for ALL of us (jabbed or otherwise who are not clouded by fear) to call this out!

      You might be next if you don’t get your 4th shot by a deadline… or else!

      • Low risk? 2% mortality rate globally and 5.1 million deaths means little to you, clearly. What an absurd position.

        Low risk should be the 9 vaccine mortalities out of 34 million doses this country has taken. Weirdly you guys Trump that up whilst downplaying the morbidity and mortality rates. Strange and predictable inconsistencies from the anti vaxxers as per usual.

    • I’d be extremely proud of that young man if he was my son. To his parents, I want to congratulate you both on raising a very fine young man.
      You have clearly done your job well!

  1. What a beautiful brave boy. As a teacher who was forced to get the vaccination or lose my job, this is so heartwarming to see. The department of education have not considered the impact and disturbance this mandate has caused for our children and students. Keep up the hard work Alon!

    • Especially if you got infected and went to school, imagine? I like how unvaccinated teachers are exaggerating their level of support. Just get vaxxed, as duty of care is on you.

      • Rod, vaccinated teachers can also get infected and take it to school. This is the very reason so many schools have already closed over the past few weeks for deep cleaning. A person’s Covid vaccination is there to protect the ‘individual’ so has nothing to do with duty of care over the students. Vaccinated or unvaccinated a person can contract, spread and carries the same viral load. Have some compassion for people who have worked hard for their careers please. That’s what we need more of.

        • Breakthrough infections do not negate the protection vaccination is offering the community at large. Read something other than uninformed right wing sources.

          • Ridule. The weapon of choice for pro-pharma, pro-mainstream media supporters and shareholders.

            Weather they’re from the left or right, they have a one wing approach for all and that doesn’t fly in a diverse community within a democratic society.

            There has been no national or even local debate on this extremely important issue, aside from I’m the comments section of this electronic medium.

            Thank you echo!

            There’s a thought for an organised town hall debate?

            Maybe Red Devil park to keep it out in the open or at the very least online.
            Something has to happen.

        • Its a shame your rhetoric doesn’t actually have factual basis Lana. You are far less likely to contract covid if you are vaccinated. There is an absolute swathe of data to support this.

          Your argument is akin to suggesting we shouldn’t wear seat belts because they’re restrictive and don’t stop car crashes, let alone the mortality from them. Elementary and uninformed.

        • 100% ! it’s amazing how many don’t realise this or bother to research. The protection is only temporary and to the individual, rather than the community, since it has been proven to be what’s defined as a ‘leaky vaccine’. Yet some amazingly compare this experimental and provisionally approved medical treatment to the well established safety and efficiency of seat belts or traffic lights… Sadly they just have blind faith in the media and pollies, then push their warped ideology on others and amazingly believe themselves to be superior and self-righteous. Even resorting to name-calling and bullying. They are sadly proud and happy to divide the community and support tyranny. That mindset fits in perfectly with communism and genocide ideology. Young Alon sees more than many of our adult population. Amazing young man with an awesome supportive family and community. Good on the teacher also for protecting herself and her baby. She well knows that pfizer only started doing trials on pregnant women in July 2021 and that the trial won’t be completed until early 2024. She knows that ATAGI doesn’t reccomend astra for those under 60. When there is risk, there must be choice.

          • Um… is saying others ” have blind faith, warped ideology, are superior and self righteous, sadly proud, resort to name calling and bullying, happy to divide the community, support tyranny, mindset of genocide ideology” perhaps a little name calling itself?

      • Hey Rod,

        You do know jabbed or not, both carry the same viral load – duty of care you say.

        The duty of care should lay squarely on the shoulders of Health officials who have been carpet bombing us with their “advice”.

        Which comes from Big Pharma.

        Which then comes from Vanguard and Black rock.

        It’s all in front of you, this will be their undoing.

        • But if the jab stops you getting infected Steve, you can’t pass it on. There are also mixed thoughts on the implications of Delta’s high viral loads in break through infections.

          All vaccination programs work on the principle of high uptake to reduce the amount of disease circulating and get the disease under control. You’ve had this pointed out to you every time you repeat this social media mantra.

          All vaccines mean profits for pharmaceutical companies but they have all but eliminated polio, saved the lives of millions of babies from diseases like diphtheria and whooping cough and we are on the way to eliminating cervical cancer. Just to name a few.

          • Oh Liz, how wrong you are I you think these vaccines prevent you contracting and transmitting Covid-19. Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca… they all state quite clearly that it does not prevent this. Also note, the Pfizer product insert discusses how the safety for use on pregnant and breastfeeding women has not been ascertained and thus is not recommended. This is the one our local GP told me I have to get.
            It’s this naivety and blinkered faith in the politicians that have caused this social and democratic disaster we are now seeing in our once free and lucky

          • Angel I have never suggested that the Covid19 vaccines are 100% effective in preventing infection and transmission. This does not mean that it doesn’t offer a level of protection that, while less than perfect – NO vaccine is – reduces infection and transmission, hence, the amount of disease circulating.

            This is a playing with semantics that is repeated ad nauseum. I cant work out if it’s deliberate obfuscation or a failure to reading comprehension.

            Taking anything in pregnancy has some risk. While it’s a question of balancing the risks to mother and baby, no one is being held down and forcibly injected.

            I certainly don’t have a blinkered faith in anyone – especially politicians. What I have some faith in though is the expertise of those who are qualified through years of work and study in these highly technical areas. I’m willing to concede they may know more than me attempting to interpret selective social media gurus.

        • No, Steve. I’m not sure why the echo constantly publishes this utter big pharma conspiracy nonsense from anti vaxxers who are unable to distinguish facts from the cherry picked conspiracies they hold so dearly.

      • But you still get it and pass it on if you’re gene jabbed…so where is your point? Oh that’s right, you probably watch Karl Stefanovic every morning…

        • You do know you have 16 times more chance of ending in icu if unvaxxed, but to you people it’s a conspiracy and Covid does not exist. Good luck with that one. To Shane, Steve and Lana it’s called risk minimisation, but the I suppose you believe zinc and vitamin c with a dose of ivermectin will protect you.

  2. This is amazing! What a fantastic human, standing up for his beautiful teacher, her job and her baby’s future! A very brave and kind child and I wish there were more people like him in the world!

    • Yeah there’s nothing like standing up for a baby’s future like defying the medical advice aimed to keep it, and it’s mother healthy.

  3. If a free and just society is to have any future, it is going to need fine and courageous young men just like this one.
    Alon – I salute your courage, kindness, and integrity.
    The world needs a LOT more like you in it. Good onya, matey!

  4. This is really sad to see. He’ll stay away from school because his teacher won’t do what’s right for the vunerable people in the community and get vaxxed? Over 90% of NSW’s eligible population is now vaxxed.

    What’s next? Letting your kid protest that 5g is killing everyone and that the earth is flat?

    Parents using kids to push their own agendas is absolutely sickening.

    Imagine not getting vaccinated for polio when there were massive polio outbreaks back in the days? I can’t believe how naive and brainwashed some people are.

    • As a vaxed person we can still catch and spread Covid.
      Why does the person next to me have to get vaxed so my vaccination works?
      Why did we get vaxed when the recovery rate is 99.8%?

      • 250 million cases. 5 1 million deaths, globally.

        How do you ascertain a recovery rate of 99.8% from that? The mortality rate is >2%. An estimated ~10% suffer long term side effects from it.

        Is love to know your definition of
        “recovery” but given I’ve heard that 99.8% figure before, in conspiracy circles, I think you just heard that number and believed itt. Free thinking epitomised.

    • Josh, how has her decision got anything to do with the ‘vulnerable community’ when the vaccination is there to protect ‘the individual?’
      Polio is a completely different issue and type of vaccination. Us vaccinated with the current covid vaccines can still contract and spread it and carry the same viral load as those unvaxxed. I am a teacher and this has nothing to do with pushing a parent agenda. I have seen first hand how our students need stability and their teachers in front of them now more than ever. We as teachers teach our students not to succumb to coercion, to be critical thinkers and that their bodies AND choices to do with their bodies belong to them. Have some compassion and understand that the vaccination is there to protect the INDIVIDUAL.

      • Sonia, Lana and Shane, it doesn’t matter how popular this is as the go to argument against vaccine mandates it is not relevant.

        No vaccines are 100% effective but all vaccination programs work on the principle of high uptake to reduce the amount of disease circulating to get the disease under control. This is precisely what is happening if you think about it.

        It has everything to do with the vulnerable community and the vulnerable community is potentially all of us.

        All vaccination programs work on the principle of high uptake to reduce the amount of disease circulating and get the disease under control. You’ve had this pointed out to you every time you repeat this social media mantra.

        • Don’t waste your time with this lot. They’re more concerned with statistics they made up than they are with minimising local and global mortalities particularly upon the vulnerable.

          Anyone who trumps up a .00003% mortality rate from vaccines but downplays a 2.1% mortality rate from covid is a special kind of human.

    • Really, Josh…polio???

      The first polio vaccine was given in 1955 to a cohort of 200,000 children.
      It CAUSED 40,000 cases of polio, paralyzed 200, and killed 10.
      (It was called “The Cutter Incident” if you wish to do your own research.)

      There is no question that later versions of the polio vaccine ultimately saved an incredible number of lives.
      But let’s not pretend that we always get it right the first time. We don’t.

      We have ZERO longitudinal (long-term) data on mRNA vaccine safety.
      The efficacy has already turned out to be FAR below expectations – per the data. (Which is why we are already talking 3rd jabs and endless boosters…or perhaps you’ve heard the ‘great news’ about Merck’s DAILY COVID pill…coming soon!)

      Please stop talking about COVID and polio as if they were the same thing. It’s an absurd argument, at best.

      • So I take it you will forgo any vaccination 6and1 because of an incident in 1955? Because of course you can’t ever be sure.

        The Covid vaccines had better efficacy against the original and earlier variants. It all goes to demonstrate the need to get the disease under control because rampant infection rates means more opportunities for more dangerous variants to develop. There are a number of vaccines that require three doses and boosters. It is also not unusual for dosage protocols to be adjusted in light of ongoing monitoring of efficacy.

        Given that science is working with a new and moving target we are indeed fortunate that we have a tool against this scourge that works as well as it does. You don’t think that Sydney’s infection numbers going from close to 2000 daily to around 200 daily had anything to do with the vaccination blitz?

        There is nothing absurd about comparing the polio and Covid19 vaccines. One may have greater efficacy but both are life saving. Somehow though I don’t think reluctance is about the dosage, or the boosters or the efficacy.

        As for the Merck pill, if it’s the one I’ve read about it’s a treatment not a preventative taken daily. But how ironic it is that some who have railed against having an “experimental” vaccine pushed – when all could be well if only we had access to ivermectin – are now scornful of new treatments that stand up in trials.

        • “So I take it you will forgo any vaccination 6and1 because of an incident in 1955? Because of course you can’t ever be sure.”
          That’s a rather large assumption on your part, Liz. For the record, I have been vaccinated for a very large number of things in my lifetime – vaccines that have been well tested and for the prevention of diseases that have a far higher mortality risk than COVID. It’s called “nuanced thiking.” I do not deal in absolutes of “all vaccines are good / bad.” I took all of those vaccines BY CHOICE, having evaluated the risks and rewards. I had the freedom to make those choices.
          Do we still have such freedom – when our very livelihoods are threatened if we choose not to take them?

          “There is nothing absurd about comparing the polio and Covid19 vaccines. One may have greater efficacy but both are life saving. Somehow though I don’t think reluctance is about the dosage, or the boosters or the efficacy.”
          Strawman argument. I did not call out the absurdity of comparing COVD and polio vaccines based upon their efficacy. I simply illustrated the fact that there is a tremendous amount of longitudinal data for the polio vaccine which does not yet exist for the COVID vaccines.
          I also pointed out the fact that the original version of the polio vaccine was actually quite damaging – and even lethal in some cases – to illustrate the folly in using it as an argument is support of the extremely rapid and widespread adoption of a new vaccine with very limited data. I additionally acknowledged that the later versions of the polio vaccines were tremendously beneficial.
          You continue to attempt to reframe my arguments in ways which put me into a ‘cognitive box’ which matches your particular psychological schema regarding anyone who has a different opinion on this issue.
          I’m not going to expend any more energy on this issue, so this will be my last post.

          I am sure you are a decent person and mean well, and are doing what you believe to be the right thing.

          So am I.
          So is Alon.
          So is his beloved teacher.

          I stand with them, and will dedicate my energies to doing so rather than typing away endlessly.

          I wish you well.
          Over and out! 🙂

          • To borrow your own high-handed turn of phrase, I care little for what vaccines you’ve had, Mohandas. What I care about is an inference that because mistakes occurred in 1955 the new Covid 19 vaccines are likely to be dangerous. The thing is, everything has to be new at sometime. The major distinguishing feature of today’s vaccinology is the accumulation of knowledge and ever more stringent protocols (including batch testing) than existed when our pioneering immunologists first experimented with implanting live target virus (contained in the pustules of the stricken) under the skin of those they hoped would benefit.

            Very little data – work that started some years ago on mRNA technology and Coronavirus immunology, millions thrown at the trial by governments and private capital and over 7 billion doses administered?

            Who would know what you were meaning to call out in your comparison? Surely not that everyone should have waited until there was widespread long-term uptake of the polio vaccine. We’d still be waiting for it’s hugely beneficial outcomes.

            Mortality rates are also surely not the only consideration with vaccine uptake. A probably hugely underestimated 5.1 million in two years not enough? Infectiousness is a huge consideration making the issue a numbers game. If, as experts predict with Delta, we will all get vaccinated or get Covid (and certainly sometimes both) the inevitable maths apply. A certain percentage will be hospitalised, a percentage of those will end up in IC, a certain number will die and a certain percentage (10-30%) will have ongoing health issues.

            Good luck with getting treatment for anything else!

            Who’s talking about reframing arguments when you leap to the conclusion that because I suggest governments have a role in public safety I’m totally abrogating personal responsibility?

            I don’t have time to type endlessly either, Mohandas but I do type fairly fast and can’t resist replying to provocations that suggest that those who take exception to your views are incapable of nuanced thinking. There, I’ve done it again – an assumption!

      • Please don’t try and quote data you have just amended to suit you. Your stats are so wrong, your “do your own research” is predictably, driven by a conspiracy theory, and your general understanding of mRNA vaccine technology is astounding. If you don’t want mRNA, get AZ. mRNA technology has been around since the late 80s. Since messenger RNA doesn’t penetrate the cell where the DNA / nucleus exists, what exactly do you think are the long term implications of it?

        Do you know the long term effects of potassium bromate, butylated hydroxyanisole, azodicarbonamide, etc? If you consume bread, you consume these every day, so I’d assume you personally would have a decent repertoire of knowledge from your own research (don’t trust those pesky scientists either).

        I guess “big bakery” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “big pharma

  5. Unvaxxed, that is rediculous, the teacher is healthy and un-poisoned, Free and un-coherst as all teachers should be, reinstate this teacher, Healthy, Free people don’t need the Toxins.

    • Really , I suppose taking all those expensive vitamins etc are real. Anyway poisons? You do know Panadol has a poison rating, as do all medications including vitamins. Being healthy does not prevent you getting sick you know, maybe a bit more study would help you.

      • I feel for the people criticising this boy and what he stands for.

        If they only understood that there is NO long term safey data on this global experiment, they might understand that a mother may not want to take the unknown risks on a child she has to provide care for, for at least the next 18 YEARS. But alas, that simple fact holds no significance to these people.

        Their argument goes along the lines of “oh, what have you got to worry about, the technology for these jabs has been around for 20 yrs and millions have already taken it” BUT they give no credence to the fact that these injections have NEVER been tested on humans ever before.

        Heart conditions that are emerging as one example of an adverse effect, were not known before the jabbing started. They are now, thanks to this experiment most are happy to participate in.

        Some aren’t and they want to crush your life for taking that choice.

        They call you selfish and tout your risk to others, yet if any of them had the time to watch and listen to the recent FDA’s vax advisory committee of experts who approved the emergency use authorisation for 5-11yr olds (I did, over 7 hrs long) they would hear first hand (direct from the experts mouths) that they have very little and conflicting data on transmission and they have nil data or idea on longterm risks of the jab.

        Hence why the jabs were only fast tracked under “emergency use authorisation”, not full and proper authorisation as a result of YEARS of research.
        Yet they (not the experts, but the Govt, pharma, media) want ALL to take it, as if it has been fully researched and approved.

        Try as you might, but these people can not see that Governments are only listening to only one side of the debate (the side with serious money).

        They (Govt and willful followers) are creating a “my way, or no way” regime.
        A no way out approach.

        Making the powerful more powerful and fast taking the wealth devide, further crushing us peasants and our ability to provide for our families, let alone own one home, not 10.

        If Govts were serious about public health, they would seek investigations as to why most who die from Covid have very low levels of Vitamin D for one example. They might also look into obesity further and the promotion of FAsT-food, but that would dent media profits, and medical treatment profits. The average person has no idea of how the very influential clandestine industry of lobbyist operates.

        Govt contracts with Pfizer do not allow Govt to even slightly promote ANY alternatives.

        Soon they will be chanting for our blood. The media rang a story this week promoting segregation of non-pricked even further to exclude from free healthcare.

        This madness will not end well for either side, until wriggle room, empathy, transparency and debate is applied.

        But that may be a long way off. Bill Gates has openly stated, he wants a needle in EVERY arm on the planet.

        When will you be happy and feel safe? When jabs hit 100%? when you can scan someone’s personal QR tattoo to see if their boosters are up to date? When the threat of the unvaccinated are eliminated?

        Until the jabbed stand up for their fellow humans and demand that choice MUST remain sacrosanct, which at the moment is quite the opposite, ALL of us (the middle and lower class, jabbed or othwrwise) are doomed to a life of fear, control and wealth destruction for us, like we have never seen before in the history of mankind. And it isn’t kind.

        • Well said Steve! (Though I fear you may be preaching to the deaf…)

          This isn’t about COVID. This is about a much deeper dichotomy of liberty vs. authoritarianism.
          It’s certainly not a new struggle…our grandfathers died in the sands of far away lands and the trenches of foreign fields over this very thing.
          We cannot let their sacrifices be in vain.

        • Steve you know that no one is criticising this boy just like you know that the heart condition, myocarditis, is not new to to the advent of Covid 19 vaccines. You also know that this is more likely to occur after Covid19 infection than because of the preventative vaccine.

          You quite rightly point out that we do not have long term data on the vaccines. We also have no long term data on the effects of Covid19 infection on these young people you are happy to see infected in large numbers. We have no long term data on the effects from infection on the multiple organs potentially affected in the young by Covid19 infection. It’s the reason many parents and grandparents like me are not totally convinced by cavalier assurances that it doesn’t matter how many of the under 12s get infected.

          Frankly I’m more interested in this than some far removed concern about why Bill Gates would be remotely interested in my personal QR code. Surely for the peace and love , anti-fear cohort, it is not inconceivable that genuine philanthropists exist who want to use their immense wealth to bring life saving vaccinations – for a whole range of diseases – to the third world. I doubt that Bill and his ilk have as much concern for the entitled, hyper libertarian “crusaders” from the west who have access to the best medical expertise and care but choose to believe they know better.

        • I think what you’re actually doomed for is being a victim of your own agenda. Self victimisation is a quintessential component of the alt right and the contrarians. Seems that’s what you’re trying to do here – misconstrue data and misquote evidence to support a debunked theory, sensationalise information like “it doesnt stop you getting it” (notwithstanding that it decreases your likelihood – let me know if you’d like some literature to view on this) and espouse some hysterical and selfish nonsense about not needing it.

          Honestly, how selfish can you be? Do you carry the same self victimisation and strange certainty with all chemicals you consume on a daily basis? If not, why not?

          I’m a microbiologist MSc. The information you guys put here on a regular basis is utter nonsense, widely discredited by the scientific community who you profess to agree with on things you ideologically back (such as climate change) but not regarding vaccines, for some reason.

          The weight of evidence remains. The scientific theory remains. Falsifiability, transparency, etc. are every bit as present in the literature surrounding vaccine technology as it is about climate change, and even evolution and gravity. Naysayers that you opt to believe, for whatever reason, are almost routinely highly discredited.

          Is what you’re suggesting that all the world’s scientists within the massive field of biology and medical sciences are somewhat corrupt? That we don’t care about our families and friends, and are promulgating a dangerous vaccine because we want to make money for a handful of foreign owned pharmaceutical companies and research institutes?

          And that sounds plausible to you?

          Ok then.

          • “Is what you’re suggesting that all the world’s scientists within the massive field of biology and medical sciences are somewhat corrupt?” Walter, this question has been posed on many occasions. The answer it appears is “yes”.

          • Oh Walter, the selfish card again, really.

            Let’s keep name calling out of the debate please. It doesn’t help.

            Never suggested for one minute anything about all the world’s scientists. There is many however who have different options on this topic. To think they are unified in thought, with nil concern for long-term effects (where there is no data) would be a grave assumption in my view.

            And there is no question of your love of family and friends, especially if you believe the vaccine is not dangerous. That is your right of thought and choice. I respect that, I won’t call you names. I simply have more concerns of long-term issues than you as I obviously rely more heavily on long-term data, that doesn’t make me you enemy. I remain your friend.

            And yes, please cite any literature you think may assist.

            All the best,

  6. Much support for this courageous child. This country needs more brave souls like him to fight back the government tyranny – and the media madness that supports it. Interestingly…not a word from the ECHO about the biggest news of the week. The many thousands of peaceful “reclaim the line” protesters on Sunday demonstrating at Tweed Heads against the forced resignation of tens of thousands of workers. I asked your photographer who was documenting the protest if we should expect the ECHO to do its usual – ie either not report on it accurately, or indeed at all, or dismiss the protest. His tentative answer confirmed all of the above. The ECHO needs to stop spouting the main stream media line around forcing vaccines on people, and support the community that supports it – calling out this dangerous government tyranny for what it is.

  7. Very cute – I’m sure he’s a lovely kid. It’s a bit of a stretch though to think that an 11 year old can have a proper grasp of the intricacies of the issues. I wonder if the adults in his life have made any attempt to discuss the full picture with him. It would be an excellent early lesson in ethics.

    It’s very easy to demonise decisions of an administration that is doing exactly what it should in terms of duty of care for him and his fellow students, and the OH&S of staff. The parents who decide that the risk/benefit balance falls against vaccinating under 12s should be especially aware that theses measures need to be in place in schools.

    A once in a hundred year pandemic throws up some huge issues and it doesn’t help anyone to attempt to oversimplify them.

  8. Maybe the teacher should do the right thing and get vaccinated like the over 90% of NSW eligible population has done? Selfish.

    • The latest CDC data from the US, through the week ending October 16, 2021, shows children aged 5 to 11 who ‘died from COVID’ represent 0.00012% of all COVID deaths (a total of 66 deaths). And >95% of them had significant underlying health problems.

      COVID deaths in that age group represented fewer deaths than from accidents (969 deaths); malignant neoplasms (525); Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities (274); assault/homicide (207); heart disease (115); chronic lower respiratory diseases (107); influenza and pneumonia (84); intentional self-harm/suicide (also 66 deaths).

      Human beings have an extremely poor capacity to contextualize and appropriately perceive risk. (In fact, anyone healthy and under 50 years old is more likely to die from a car accident or an injury than from Covid-19 – statistically speaking.)

      Our kids have a better chance of dying in a car accident ON THEIR WAY TO school than they do of COVID.

      Facts. But don’t let that get in the way of your ideological bias…

      • The problem is they may contract Covid and spread it to their family and even grandparents, so it is risk minimisation for teachers to be vaccinated. What does 6hand 1 mean anyway, weird like your argument above.

        • We do not live in a world where ‘risk minimization’ is priotitized over the preservation of inalienable human rights.
          Nor should we.

          • Fine sounding rhetoric but what if I reckon I have an inalienable right to expect my government to minimise my health risks?

          • Liz, if you are reliant upon government to minimize your health risks for you…well, I am nearly speechless.
            I view that as a COLOSSAL abdication of personal reponsibility. From a psychological standpoint, it represents a failure to enter adulthood; the State now serving as surrogate parents.
            If you wish to afford that sort of childlike, naive trust to governing bodies that – time and time again – have been found guilty of atrocity, corruption, and the squander of life and fortune – that is your business.
            You get one vote, and so do I. That’s how a democracy is supposed to work.
            Unfortunately, NONE of us voted for what we are currently being served up…but I do think ‘a change is gonna come…’
            History does not judge well those who stood idly by during times such as these.
            Alon and his parents – and his teacher – will be able to look themselves in the mirror in 10 years, having stood by their convictions.
            I will 100% stand with them.

          • 6hand1, there are many ways in which we expect the government to protect our health outcomes.
            Do you disapprove of the smoking in indoor settings ban? The imposition of food safety standards in hospitality? The safety standards around the handling and disposal of toxic substances eg asbestos? A whole range of OH&S regulation?

            I really could go on. and on. There are personal responsibilities and – in a society – things we expect of our governments.

            Good on you for all the fine sounding rhetoric about freedom and human rights fighting – some of us have been interested in these issues and fighting for them for years.

          • Liz,

            “6hand1, there are many ways in which we expect the government to protect our health outcomes.”

            No, we democratically elect governments and expect those governments to faithfully represent the wishes of the voting public. If that includes “protecting our health outcomes” – then that is what the government should do. However, none of us voted for what has been put in place in this country surrounding the response to COVID, nor is there much in the way of agreement about whether or not the actions of the givernment are actually “protecting health outcomes.” You are making some hugely flawed assumptions.

            Re: smoking, food safety, etc. That’s a lovely collection of ‘red herrings’ you’ve got there. Not even worthy of comment.

            You’ve completely ignored my point about your apparent abdication of personal responsibility. The government does not determine whether or not I put a cigarette into my mouth, drink alcohol, eat at Maccas, or play around with aesbestos. I do. I make my own informed decisions based upon the best information available. I do not outsource my thinking to the people in Canberra. Nor should anyone.

            “Good on you for all the fine sounding rhetoric about freedom and human rights fighting – some of us have been interested in these issues and fighting for them for years.”
            Thanks for your sarcasm and arrogance. For the record, I have served in the military during time of war, and literally put my life on the line for what you call ‘fine sounding rhetoric.’
            Decades ago.
            So kindly do not assume you’re the only one who has “been interested in these issues and fighting for them for years.”
            You have no knowledge whatsoever about the human being on the other side of this conversaion.
            I’ll leave it at that.

          • 6hand1, they are certainly not red herrings – the examples you couldn’t be bothered commenting on are about protecting us from situations in which we don’t have agency eg people had to work in smoke filled staff rooms, bars and restaurants. We don’t know what’s going on in the kitchens or food processing plants we buy from so we expect some legislated standards. We don’t know always where we might be exposed to asbestos. I thought all this would be pretty obvious really.

            Elections are held every 3 or 4 years and we expect governments them to work for fair and positive outcomes. We expect decisive and expedient action in the face of state or national emergencies. We don’t tend to have plebiscites on every issue.

            As for the public not supporting the measures in response to the pandemic, the Qld and WA elections would suggest otherwise. While some of the 95% of the vaccinated population have been influenced by mandates, it’s still a very healthy majority who have opted to have vaccines and mandates in their workplaces.

            I’m very big on personal responsibility including the responsibility to keep myself out of an ICU and not being a source of infection to others. I thought this might be apparent in: “ There are personal responsibilities and – in a society – things we expect of our governments”. But go ahead assume that I’m an unquestioning dupe, naive and lacking maturity. Then rail with outrage about MY arrogance and MY assumptions about you. Perhaps if you used your name I’d have a better idea of your history and afford you your due respect.

            The rhetoric I was referring to was the bit about “our grandfathers died in the sands of far away lands and the trenches of foreign fields over this very thing. We cannot let their sacrifices be in vain.” I think it’s a bit dodgy to assume whose side our fathers and grandfathers would have been on in these questions and where they’d see the authoritarianism v liberty dichotomy falling ( even our mothers and grandmothers who served in the same sands and lands). Don’t presume to speak for them. It’s a bit like both sides of a war believing God is on their side. Best probably to judge on the issues and evidence at hand without calling in the cavalry.

            I don’t know that anyone who places themselves above the all too common herd with statements like, “ Human beings have an extremely poor capacity to contextualize and appropriately perceive risk”, should talk too much about arrogance.

    • If the vaccine works, how is she being selfish?does it not protect the 90% that have taken it? If 90% of people are ‘safe’ why should a pregnant woman take it? Why should anyone who is unsure about it take it? The unvaccinated are not diseased or incubators for the disease, I don’t follow your logic.
      How is she being selfish for protecting her unborn child from a rushed, experimental, still under emergency authorisation, medication that has no long term safety data?

      • Because vaccinated people if they catch covid carry far less viral load to pass on to others. How do you not get or understand that?

        • UCDAVIS, October 4 2021: “Viral Loads Similar Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated People”
          “A new study from the University of California, Davis, Genome Center, UC San Francisco and the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub shows NO SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE IN VIRAL LOAD between vaccinated and unvaccinated people who tested positive for the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2. It also found no significant difference between infected people with or without symptoms.”

          Sorry, you were saying…?

          • An extensive UK study found different results. The jury on transmission from breakthrough infection is still out – on a number of fronts.

    • Kaz, this is a really hurtful and misinformed comment. Did you read the article and see that the teacher was making the choice for herself and her unborn child? You have no right to judge that choice.
      Just because over 90% of the population has been vaccinated (majority through threat, coercion, fear, mandates and guilt) does not protect our students at school.
      Remember that this vaccination does NOT stop the transmission therefore it is there to protect the individual. Use some common sense and critical thinking and turn off the mainstream television.

  9. According to the father these mandates have been put in place for. “no good reason ” . I wonder what would constitute a good reason . Obviously 5 million deaths worldwide does not make the cut .the loss of critical thinking by teachers and other supposedly community minded workers who think they know better than 98 % of the medical experts is a terrible worry . As for setting up a Facebook whatever , interesting how you place such faith in mainstream social media monopolies . Brainwashed are ye who get your information from such sources .

  10. Will Alon protest to get her back to school when she takes time off to give birth and to raise her child? Maybe too young to fully grasp the consequences of peoples choices?

  11. Yet another Echo article worthy of Steve Bannon or Alan Jones.
    The Australian gubberment advice “is that is safer for pregnant women to receive the vaccine than contact COVID-19. ” should read “is that it is safer for pregnant women to receive the vaccine than to contract COVID-19.”
    So this kid and his dad are smarter than the experts?

    • Are you a pregnant woman?? If not than you have NO RIGHT to judge. Pregnant women are being asked to put a ‘provisionally approved’, new type of vaccination with mRNA into their bodies to not lose a CAREER. They were working with no issues during the pandemic BEFORE a vaccine but suddenly aren’t allowed on school grounds now?! A vaccination that has no long-term information, does not stop transmission and has TGA recorded incidences of miscarriage… and you are going to judge them for their personal choice over their body? What kind of human are you? Show some compassion please.

      • Lana, could you please tell us where you read about any TGA pronouncements on a link between Covid 19 vaccination and miscarriage.

        • Hi Liz,
          I am no longer publishing links to streams and streams of information. Happy for people to name websites, but some people JUST comment with links.
          We love hearing what YOU have to say, but posts full of links will not be published.

  12. I believe the overreach hear is ridiculous- look what they are doing to society all because of a virus that has a CFR of point zero zero something – this little boy is so brave and should be a lesson to us all to stand up to bullies.

    • Shane, this child is not ‘misinformed’, he misses his teacher and is showing compassion and courage which is MORE than the sheep of our society. An unvaccinated teacher poses no more risk than a vaccinated teacher as they can BOTH contract, spread and carry the same viral load, CDC studies have shown this multiple times. Why do you think hundreds of schools have already shut down in the past few weeks and have positive teachers in isolation or getting tested? All vaccinated.
      If you don’t see these mandates in ANY profession a complete invasion of our human rights, then you are the reason we will lose our democratic ways as a society.
      Just remember that these vaccinations do not eradicate the virus.

      • Perhaps you need to talk with people who have had polio Lana. Vaccinations did a good job on smallpox, or haven’t you researched that one? Actually viral load has shown to be down for vaxxed . Medical professions like nursing do have mandatory vaccinations for many diseases before they can work or would you rather go hospital and be treated by a nurse unvaccinated say for hepatitis.

    • I definitely agree, it’s sad to use children as pawns to push an agenda, especially during a worldwide pandemic that is still unfolding.

      It’s such a small percentage of people who don’t want to get vaxxed now, so it’s really a simple thing, get vaccinated. I’ve had to be vaxxed for years to work in ages care (flu vax was mandatory to keep my job)..

  13. Wow, very proud of this young man. He clearly understands that this situation is very wrong. Maybe more kids should stand up to this insanity and express their point of view. Children have been through so much with this horrible COVID and we need to hear their voices too.

  14. Good on you Alon. We had a young girl at our freedom rally on the NSW Central Coast and she told us about how hard it is to be her age with everything that is happening in Australia and around, particularly in schools. You are a brave young man. History will remember you for you brave stand against the unjust and criminal Education Department. They will be held accountable.

  15. Good on you Alon! You’ve told the world how you feel. Standing up is important. It’s so clear how loved your teacher is and that in itself is an amazing outcome. Go well kids and I’m sorry you’ve been harshly effected by these mandates. You’re not alone!

  16. How beautiful to see some humanity again in this divisive and discriminatory culture we call Covid. How did we come to a place in this so called free country where basic bodily autonomy was considered a bargaining tool against income? How did we get to a point where we allowed all our freedoms to be taken or given based on the whim of political zeslots?

  17. What a lovely story! I totally stand with teachers on this one. I recieved a vaccine in July and ended up in hospital with heart palpatations and chest pain. Ive now learnt how very new and experimental all covid19 vaccines are with zero long term safety data! God bless our beautiful nation, we are going through very dark and sad times and losing so many people to deaths and adverse reactions to them.

  18. What an amazingly brave and courageous boy. You are going to go far young man. The whole government system is corrupt. It’s not about health anymore. These vaccines don’t stop the spread or contacting the virus so why on earth have they been made mandated for any job, let alone teaching? The kids are not vulnerable and have nearly 100% survival rate unless there are underlying issues and then the flu would be dangerous for them as well …. Oh btw, what happened to the flu? It doesn’t seem to exist anymore???? Mmmmm

  19. Alon, you are all the good things in the world. Please ignore these negative snd unsupportive comments. You are fighting for what you believe is right and that alone is an important life lesson we should all learn. Living in area with still not a single case of community transmission of covid it seems so absurd that your teacher is not allowed to be there to support you for the final weeks of term. Thank you for sharing your voice; it is being heard loud and clear! Keep fighting and keep being you!

  20. If you vaxed you can still spread covid fact. Did you all know you would be getting boosters in a few months? What else don’t you know. Brave kid standing up against those 90 percent of sheep who gave our freedoms over medical consent away.

  21. This young man has bigger balls than most politicians in Australia right now. He has just become a National hero because the majority of the free-thinking world knows that none of what is going on in Australia is OK. Removing all free will in a situation is not OK!!! You say ‘She had a choice’ … Coercion is not a choice!
    Give this kid back his teacher!!!

  22. What a brave, mature and level headed young man this is. Every child has the right to be taught by a quality teacher. As a teacher myself, we have always taught students to say “NO” if something doesn’t feel right to them and that they have every right to protect their body. To those saying that this boy is too young to have a real grasp of things I would venture to say that he has a better grasp than most adults out there. To his parents, congratulations on bringing up such a free thinker and to his teacher, hats off to you for a great job in teaching this young man to be an independent thinker and to stand up for his beliefs!!

  23. awesome work mate! We need the intelligent teachers , nurses and doctors, back to work doing what they love. Never stop standing up for what is right, what is just! You’ve got so much support behind you, dont listen to the negativity.

    peace bro!

  24. Great job Alon! Stand up for what you believe in! Never let anyone question your moral compass, as apparently it’s working perfectly!
    All the support from The Netherlands (yes, your news reached here too)!

  25. I am so proud you have made a stance in what you believe in! Your parents and teacher must be so proud of you! Im proud of you 🌟 BRILLIANT 🌟🌟

  26. This young boy should be proud for standing up for what he believes is right. Everyone has a choice my body my choice… no one should be force when it is clear this will not stop you from getting it or passing it to others and you will continue to get booster shots… well done for standing up!

  27. I’m sorry this boy has lost his teacher. Another disruption to the last couple of years he probably didn’t need. But the teacher made a choice – she went against medical and public health advice and chose not to be vaccinated. She wasnt forced to be vaccinated, she choice not to be over her job. Her decision to resign may have saved her life. As an unvaccinated pregnant person amongst a demographic of unvaccinated children who make up a significant population of covid infected cases atm she would be much more likely to get COVID herself which could pose a greater risk to herself and her unborn child.
    Teachers who have been in long term unemployment/ lost their jobs because of COVID19 will be grateful for the new job opportunities because of teachers like these. So thank you unvaccinated teachers for creating these opportunities.

  28. Did I read that right, Greta?
    “Teachers who have been in long term unemployment/ lost their jobs because of COVID19 will be grateful for the new job opportunities because of teachers like these. So thank you unvaccinated teachers for creating these opportunities.”

    You are literally celebrating people being forced to leave jobs they loved and were dedicated to because it “creates opportunities” for others ?
    Seriously…listen to yourself – right now.
    What have you become?
    I have to say you’ve expressed one of the most grotesque sentiments I think I have seen to date.

    This is what it looks like when we lose our humanity, folks, 1939-style.
    Utterly terrifying…

    • Greta’s comments also include the important information that being away from a high risk school environment is probably the wisest health decision for someone pregnant who chooses not to be vaccinated. That to me shows a highly compassionate and informed attitude. I’d imagine that some sort of leave would be available as well. It’s a distressing situation but compromise calm and reason will serve better than confected cult like outrage.

      • You left out the fact that the teacher in question did not actually want to leave her class; she did this under duress. If a woman has a right to literally terminate a pregnancy, I should think it logical that she should have the right to make the risk/reward calculations regarding her own safety and the safety of her unborn child. No one else should be able to impose that upon her under threat of losing her livelihood.

        I also know that the age group of the teacher involved is at an EXTRAORDINARILY low risk of serious COVID illness.

        No, some sort of paid leave was NOT available. Unvaccinated teachers were offered the only option of leave without pay, with eventual termination. (I am directly related to a teacher who was in this situation.)

        • Yes she has the right to assess the risks for herself – no question – but maybe she does not have the right to set the terms of her employment in the health emergency of a pandemic.

          This situation is likely to be temporary as public health policy attempts to gain control of the disease – without which control many freedoms, including face-to-face learning, seem barely possible. There will be a time no doubt, when those who decide against vaccination will be sufficiently protected by the numbers who opt in. Leave without pay seems a reasonable compromise in the interim.

    • I do not think 6 hand1 or whatever that it can be related to the holocaust, no gestapo knocking at your door. Again right wing conspiracy nutters downplaying the significance of the holocaust and nazism. Such lack of empathy from these people to compare it to what happened in Europe in world war 2.

      • I care little for what you think, Rod.
        As far as ‘Gestapo knocking at your door’ – you appear not to have been watching the news over the last year and a half. Police officers have been knocking on people’s doors in the middle of the night to question them about posts they’ve made on social media. (There are numerous recorded instances of this.) Pregnant mothers have been hauled off by police for Facebook posts about protest demonstrations. You cannot cross a border between states in your own coutry.
        The whole world has been watching these things happening right here in Australia – and in absolute horror.
        Using a phrase like “right wing conspiracy nutters” in an attempt to rationalise away inconvenient truths reveals much about you.
        This has nothing to do with Left vs. Right political factionalism.
        This has everything to do with witnessing our democracy and civil liberties being systematically eroded.
        I have studied history – including ‘what happened in Europe in world war 2’ – and there are some striking similarities between what happened then (in its early phases) to what we are witnessing right now.
        Do not accuse me of ‘downplaying the significance of the holocaust and nazism.’ Some of my relatives were buried in ditches in eastern Europe because so few rose up to put a stop to the madness before the Nazis were marching across the continent.
        I am not particualrly keen to see anything like that ever happen again, and a huge part of that comes from speaking out when I witness the same sort of patterns playing out.
        You can bury your head in the sand as long as you like.
        I, and many others (like Alon), will not.

        “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Socialist.
        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.
        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” — Martin Niemöller

  29. What we have here in Australia and elsewhere is a handful of specially selected “experts” who fly in the face of the majority of doctors, epidemiologists and professors who disagree with vaccine mandates.

    If any professional health expert dares to question the government line, they are “cancelled” from social media, many have lost their jobs, and despite the current hysteria about hate speech, it seems perfectly ok to revile these people as selfish and uninformed – “covidiots” etc. Nobody is an expert on these gene therapies. They are not vaccines – they are unlike any other vaccine in that the mRNA vaccine makes your body produce it’s own covid spike protein. This has never been done before and nobody knows what the long term outcome will be. It may be perfectly safe – and it may not. I personally know of two people who have had micro clots following the vaccination.

    Perhaps those of you who accuse people of not following science and who seem so sure of yourselves in your uninformed prejudice should look a little further into the actual science. It seems that most people pushing the guilt and shame are just mouthing the brainwash that most people have unfortunately succumbed to, and probably have no medical knowledge whatsoever.

    God bless you Alon – a brave boy who has disclosed that the king has no clothes.

  30. Well done Alon
    Even though you are a young man you show true leadership & bravery beyond your years.
    Stay true to yourself & your beliefs.
    I’m sure it is breaking your teachers heart to be away from you & the rest of her class.
    I am so proud of you. 🙂❤️

    • No doubt this kid has brains and empathy HK, or at least thinks that what he is showing is empathy. The idealistic young and inexperienced can be so easily drawn to simplistic views of nobility. Is he showing empathy for the rest of the students in his school, and the families they may take home infection to, and the other teachers in the school who think they are entitled to a safe work place? I doubt that anyone has bothered to open his mind to these issues because this would be encourage some independent thinking which is anathema to a cult like following. Is he simply being encouraged to think solely of his personal loss of a teacher he is comfortable with? Is this just a reflection of the Covid denial cult that says this pandemic thing is causing me personal inconvenience so I’ll deny its existence. Too bad if the experts are right.

      I’m sure he thinks he’s doing the noble think but could very well look back in embarrassment when he grows past that impressionable age when those he loves and admires can speak no wrong. A bit like my embarrassment about once, in my distant youth, handing out DLP how-to-vote cards ‼️‼️ 😱

      It’s so easy to sentimentalise. A cute kid but a Malala Yousafzai? I doubt it.

    • Alon has lost “a great teacher”, HK. I feel for him. It must be a very confusing world for the young right now. Would he though, be out with placards if his teacher was a dragon and his whole grade 5 class would be happy to see the back oh her? Now that, I’m sure you’d agree would be a real test of analytical brain power, empathy – indeed nobility

  31. I’m proud of you Alon. Every person has the right to “informed consent without coercion”, this literally written in the Australian immunisation handbook, and being threatened with no jab no job is 100% coercion. Everyone has the right to examine their own health and risk of infection, and weigh this against the risk of the vaccine for their age group. My 17 year old nephew was in hospital for 4 days post Pfizer injection injury with myocarditis- his heart is now permanently damaged because he wanted to join in society and now he cannot live a normal life. The hospitals are currently experiencing intakes of many vaccine injured patients. Any injection that can cause such serious adverse reactions should not be mandated to participate in society or maintain your livelihood. Why doesn’t the dept of Education allow the option of rapid antigen testing to teachers? – Then both vaccinated and unvaccinated teachers could be assured they don’t have covid. Let’s also put covid into perspective in terms of the Australian context and deaths this year- Australian deaths from the virus ‘covid 19’ are fundamentally low compared to other causes of death. ABS.gov.au reports that from Jan 2021 to June 2021 alone (just 6 months) there were 24137 deaths from cancer, 7519 deaths from dementia including Alzheimer’s disease, 6703 deaths from ischaemic heart disease, 4393 deaths from cerebrovascular diseases including strokes, 6257 deaths from respiratory diseases not including covid, and 2326 deaths from diabetes, and in 2020, there were 3139 deaths due to suicide (could not find reference for 2021 total suicide statistics, but figures have been comparable from 2015-2020, all numbering an average of 3000 suicides per year. ) ABS.gov.au reports that in 2021 to June 30th, a total of 71503 deaths occurred (6 month total) of which only 1405 deaths were deaths with covid 19 (and these were total deaths WITH covid (not FROM covid) over an 18 month period, not 6 months). The deaths in Australia from covid are comparative to annual deaths here from the flu, and have been predominantly in those aged over 70, and the immunocompromised, just like the flu every year. Yes, these deaths are sad and I feel for their loved ones, but the toll the lockdowns and other restrictions have taken on the physical, mental and financial health of all Australians is staggering in comparison. My fully vaccinated uncle died last week from undiagnosed cancer as he did not attend his regular gp appointments due to covid lockdown, and I’m certain his is not a lone case. I pray the mandates will be revoked soon and your teacher can return to school soon Alon.

  32. “Informed consent without coercion” I’d suggest also involves being allowed to make up your mind about the risks/benefits without being bombarded but the scaremongering crap peddled by the same cult that at first denied that the virus existed, but has now pivoted its attention to the vaccines and other pharmacological treatments. All this while suggesting that the world’s scientists and medicos are in league to lie to us and kill us with poisons.

    All this was being peddled long before vaccination mandates were considered so don’t carry on about just leaving people to make their own decisions.

    It’s tragic that your uncle did not attend his GP appointment and I can understand his misgivings but medical appointments were always exempted from the lockdown provisions. There is no doubt though that any surge of Covid19 patients has a deleterious effect on the entire health system with elective surgeries cancelled because ICUs are full of Covid19 patients and hospitals and ambulance services stretched to the limit.

    That’s why I can’t understand the downplaying of the pandemic’s significance. It is not comparable to the flu death rate with over 1,800 deaths in Australia this year since June with months of lockdown in place. This is just another oft repeated myth that people repeat without bothering to check the ABS. And yes lockdowns do have enormous repercussions. All of this is why those in public health, some of whom see avoidable Covid deaths daily, beg us to get vaccinated. To keep ourselves out of hospital and to get sufficient control of community transmission to get back to normality.

    This control includes doing what’s necessary to stop schools, particularly primary (predominantly under 12 schools) being major sources of new clusters. There is certainly a level of coercion in making vaccination a condition of employment but conditions of employment are a fact of life in many fields. It’s a huge contradiction to cite your uncle’s situation and the evils of lockdown at the same time as downplaying the need to for quite decisive measures to get the pandemic under control.

    Unfortunately though it’s rather typical of the prevailing sense of entitlement. I don’t want to wear a mask, I don’t want to stay home, I don’t want to get vaccinated but I expect to have an ambulance at hand when I call it and I expect immediate medical attention when I need it and I want my elderly rellies to be safe from Covid patients when they seek their necessary medical services.

    I think it is a huge community disservice to imply that those healthy and under 70 should have no concerns. The median age for hospitalisations and deaths has moved down a decade since early 2020. That’s without even considering Long Covid.


    New Scientist has the following information on myocarditis – which is also an effect of Covid19 infection: “ Now a study in the US has analysed how often myocarditis occurs following infection with the coronavirus. Researchers analysed the records of healthcare organisations that cover a fifth of the US population. They found that, during the first 12 months of the pandemic, males aged 12 to 17 were most likely to develop myocarditis within three months of catching covid-19, at a rate of about 450 cases per million infections.

    “ This compares with 67 cases of myocarditis per million males of the same age following their second dose of a Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccine, according to figures from the US Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Researchers added together cases after first and second doses to reach a total rate of 77 cases per million in this male age group triggered by vaccination, a sixth that seen after infection.

    “ ‘If you’re focused on heart inflammation, the safer bet is to take the vaccine,’ says Mendel Singer at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, who helped carry out the study.”

  33. Scott Morrison delivered the announcement that vaccines will not be mandatory in Australia.

    Since then, we have been coerced, shamed, insulted, guilted, threatened and blackmailed into the gene therapy with mandates appearing everywhere threatening loss of jobs and creating a society divided against itself.

    Is it any wonder that any thinking person would question this?

    Then we have to endure the virtue signalling of people who, with absolutely no medical knowledge whatsoever, declare that everyone should get vaccinated no matter what – clearly ignoring the facts that this is not a vaccine – it is experimental gene therapy. This gene therapy does not prevent you catching or passing on the disease. It does not give you the freedom to walk around without a mask. You still have to quarantine and test to travel. It does not stop anyone dying from Covid.

    Is there not something wrong with this picture? Don’t you suspect that the “vaccine” might not work?

    I haven’t noticed people who are unvaccinated insulting and reviling the vaccinated – why do the vaccinated think it is their right to trample on the bodily autonomy of others? Is it really any of your business? And please don’t re-hash the old chestnut that the unvaccinated are a danger to the vaccinated – if you really believe that then you don’t believe in the vaccination.

    We have a nation of people who have been frightened into a state of non thinking panic. If the vaccine can cause myocarditis in young people who would 99.9% recover from Covid without a vaccine, then it is dangerous. I’m appalled that this country is considering vaccinating children as young as five. This is still experimental and hasn’t been around nearly long enough to consider endangering our children.

    Who was it who said “Those who give up their freedom for security will get neither” We are in danger of losing all pretence of democracy in Australia – if we haven’t lost it already.

    Alon had a good teacher who clearly made a positive difference to his life – of course he wouldn’t be doing this if the teacher had been a tyrant. What sort of argument is that?

  34. I think very few of the people posting in response to the Covid denial quotes, including me, have ever told people what to do or claim to speak from their own medical expertise. If you are going to deny the consensus expert view then I think the onus is on you to establish your credentials to do so.

    I simply find it difficult to leave unchallenged and unbalanced the deluge of misinformation that a cult like following have thrown at people to dissuade them from first, taking any precautions against a “fictitious” virus and “scamdemic”, then to dissuade them from getting vaccinated. In taking advantage of a vaccine that may very well save their life. I’m sorry but there is so much data to suggest this is the case.

    You haven’t seen any evidence of insulting and reviling of those who disagree with Covid denialism? There is more self righteousness, pontification and arrogance from that quarter than from any I’ve heard from those calmly trying to suggest that’s not the consensus scientific view.

    No, because the vaccine isn’t 100% effective doesn’t make me consider that “it doesn’t work”. I won’t bother to explain why because I’m sure you have read better explanation than I can give but the litany of statements here, so clearly straight from the Qanon or whatever catechism make it clear you refuse to believe anything that’s not from this narrow field of disinformation. It sounds like you’re even prepared to believe our PM!!

    I don’t know who said that stuff about security and freedom but I’m sure whoever it was wouldn’t suggest that misinformation and a cult like adherence is freedom. I’ll offer you my own quote from just this morning’s Age from the well known lawyer/journalist John Fain “ Much as we do need to guard against any permanent reduction in liberty and freedom, finding a balance between human rights and rampant disease requires re-thinking some of what we have until now taken for granted”.

    You clearly didn’t read the material from New Scientist about myocarditis.

    And really Stella, you can’t see what difference it makes if the teacher wasn’t popular? It would be perfectly OK to exclude someone you don’t like?

  35. Oh Liz, you make me chuckle.
    I think you are into conspiracy theories!
    The Great Cult of the unvaccinated – Oh shock and horror! I’m sure all those rabid anti vaxxers must have vile and evil intent!

    We must agree to disagree don’t you think?

    And give Alon our support – hope you get your teacher back brave boy.

    • Before we do that, Stella I’ll have to point out that I mentioned nowhere a “Great Cult of the unvaccinated”. I described a thinking and rhetoric that is certainly cult like but it has many iterations, though there is also much commonality, and goes beyond views about vaccination. I certainly don’t think that, in the majority of cases, there is “vile and evil intent” – that, by contrast, is how the “cult” views most of the world’s leaders, media, universities, medical practitioners, scientists etc. I see it confined to a few sad souls who can’t get off social media and are at the mercy of its algorithms

      I look on in dismay at anybody drawn in to abandon their critical, questioning faculties, to believe they are part of a chosen few who “see the light” no matter how nonsensical that light may be. But that’s fine too if it floats your boat – just stop spreading contradictory, unsubstantiated crap in an attempt to gain converts because most of us just want people to make up their own minds based on the available evidence.

  36. Looks like you’re talking about yourself Liz. I have no interest in discussing anything further with you. You claim not to be insulting the unvaccinated while you revile them constantly – look into the real science instead of bleating your brainwashed version of misinformed crap.

    Clearly you have nothing else to do – I do. Ciao!

    • No I don’t revile you or anyone choosing not to be vaccinated. There’s no doubt it involves some risk (all medication does) it’s new and it’s YOUR CHOICE. It seems to some of us though that there is a choice between taking that risk or staying haunted in our everyday lives by a virus that is evolving to be even more concerning so there are consequences of the choice.

      It’s not just you either, Stella but the hypersensitivity evident in wording like “ coerced, shamed, insulted, guilted, threatened and blackmailed” is frequent but as far as I’m concerned gross hyperbole. It’s almost as though the feelings of victimisation come from nagging doubts that crave the vindication of everybody’s agreement. Saying “ I don’t agree” or “that isn’t borne out by the prevailing science” is not victimisation or “guilting out”. Me thinks ye doth protest too much.

  37. There are those in the medical professions un-jabbed. The only answer they have is that its
    their ‘right’ to choose. Okay. My answer… ‘then stop expecting to be paid for not believing
    in your profession & common sense’ thus eventually creating more souls in hospital’
    seeing as how you were paid to put them there.’


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