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Comment: What was, and what will (hopefully) never be

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Sunday May 2022, 0900 hours: Cleaning up after an election party can be either a lark or a chore, depending on who won.

This clean-up is just disgusting. Every lipsticked bottle and ashtray and discarded packet fills me with bile – a symbol of another term with Scott Morrison at the helm.

I vacuum, with hatred and resentment sweating out of me, only to be replaced by more sickening gut-wrenching hatred and resentment.

I sit to watch the morning post-mortem news TV, hiding childishly and churlishly under the blanket peeking at the smirking right-wing commentators, and unblocking my ears to listen to the bloodshot-eyed lefties.

Recently retired magistrate David Heilpern opens up about his career. Image Jeff ‘not guilty your honour’ Dawson

The rout is complete – Greens vote halved, swing from ALP, and the sole beneficiary is the conglomerate Clive Palmer/United Australia/Reignite Australia/Craig Kelly extravaganza.

Clive’s mob have 11 senators, and their preferences easily supported enough on the right to return the Liberal National coalition.

It is clear what has happened.

A whole mob of people who previously voted Green or left or green/left independent voted for ‘Freedom’, which means that for them, the mandates and vaccination had become the determinative issue at the ballot box.

Almost every commentator grossly underestimated this, assuming that it was only the unvaxed by choice that were affected.

In fact, there were hordes of voters who had not wanted to be vaccinated, but did, to save their jobs and their nightlife and cafe lattes.

They were resentful, and voted with their feet (and arms).

And of course, there were the thousands who actually lost their jobs over mandates, many in the ‘waiting for Novavax’ camp. It also appeared that thousands who had not voted for years had enrolled just for this purpose.

Previously Green voters in particular had abandoned the party owing to its support of the mainstream medical advice.

The federal election was always going to be decided on less than five per cent of the vote, and they clearly swung to Clive.

Maybe it was his $100 million spend, or maybe he just got his messaging right to the pendulous ‘wellness’ voters.

Federal Liberal ‘pro-choice’ voters stuck to their guns.

They knew from the dog-whistle state-premier-bashing that Scotty was secretly nudge-nudge wink-wink on their side. ‘I understand your frustration blah blah’.

An ALP luminary comes on TV saying that they should have realised that a proportion of their base was angry at them for supporting mandates and vaccinations, and that they could have listened more clearly to their polling.

The leader of the Greens is crestfallen and disappointed.

He says that the party ought to have messaged that whatever your view on vaccination, climate change is the most important issue.

He could not believe his eyes that there had been leakage from the Greens to United Australia.

Did they not realise that a vote for Clive was a vote for coal? What did his slogan of ‘Freedom Freedom Freedom’ mean – the right to pollute?

Clive Palmer is jowl-shakingly crowing that he read the electorate better than all the press and pollsters, and that people wanted their ‘freedom’ more than anything, that this is what veterans had fought wars for, had died with real Aussie red blood for and that now he would be able to build many more coal mines than before.

His balance of power in the Senate would be used to quash any non-mining-friendly legislation. He didn’t even blush.

Lucy from Byron Bay is interviewed: ‘I have been a Greens voter all my life, but I could not vote for them this time’.

‘Our whole way of life is at stake with these mandates, and I had to vote for someone who was going to stand up for my rights; my body, my choice’.

I vomit into an empty nachos bowl.

And I curse myself too.

Who did I think the tens of thousands of protesters were going to vote for – Adam ‘get vaccinated’ Bandt?

Why did I conveniently ignore the fact that Trump actually increased his vote?

Why didn’t I spend more time talking to my lovely unvaccinated friends about the big picture?

I should have argued that Clive Palmer really didn’t care about mandates and vaccines one tit, he was just riding on the coat tails of anger and trauma.

For him, it was only ever about ego and mining.

Maybe I could have changed some minds with my widely syndicated viral Echo column.

Why didn’t I write that article on ‘ugly freedom’ theory, about the meaninglessness of the concept/word in the context of climate change.

That idiot who called me a sheep at the IGA for wearing a mask (incidentally the day before I tested positive to covid) – I knew him from the blockades way back.

I should have taken the time to sit with him, listen to his story, and reinforce that no matter what, he should not vote for minerology.

But here we are. I smash the bottles into the recycling bin, partly so they can all fit, but mostly as a release of anger. I wonder if that powder on the table is ecstasy, cocaine or talc and whether it would ease my pain? Damn the Murdoch press!

A curse on you Craig Kelly!

I’m not watching the news any more, and I’m hiding from Facebook. Isolation and insulation might not save the planet, but it could just save my sanity.

I’m not having any more election parties either.

The clean-up is just too painful.

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  1. Too late… the Greens are lost and will not be forgiven. This long-time-left-green-person has sadly realised that the left/green given the chance would have be even more totalitarian mental.
    And the next manufactured medical crisis is just over the horizon.

    • It would be an interesting proposition if no vaccine had been found and like the Spanish Flu 80 million people died. “Your body your choice” is a pander to selfish ego’s

      • As soon as you say selfish or put the word rights in quotation marks, we “bah” at you for repeating what you are told and refusing to listen to what we have tried to explain.
        We are listening to the whistle blowers that are being censored from television and social media.
        They are not the nutters they leave up on Facebook and Youtube to fool into believing there is no credible scientists in the opposition to them.
        You have never seen the Independent media.
        The more people go and listen, the more of us “nutters” you will find around you.

  2. You can hope all you like, but when the options are;

    A. Wind farms and mandated jabs in arms versus,

    B. Coal fired power and freedom from medical apartheid

    What do expect will happen?

    Sadly, it shouldn’t have to be one the other.

    There is a massive void and lack of representation of a large swathe of the electorate that I suspect will favour personal health choices over global ones.

    Not fond of Clive and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that his party will win votes on this very simple premise.

    Govt, opposition and Greens will reap what they so, their differences are now perceived to be paper thin by many and I dare say David’s article will prove to be somewhat of a prophecy for better or worse, right or wrong.

  3. Pretty sure that swing is going to One Nation and Australia One.
    When people intimidate, silence and censor their opposition, they generally under-estimate their growing numbers.

  4. David this is how I feel too…the “right” to not vaccinate overrides the right of our planet to stay viable. So vote for a mining magnate. It is as if every conspiracy theory from “anti vax” to ” climate change is a hoax” has been put in a blender along with their brains and swallowed like a vanilla milkshake.

    • You don’t believe “My body, my choice” ?
      What rights can you possibly have if the govt can tell what you can and can’t do with your own body?

  5. Perhaps the Greens should have acted with more insight and integrity – and respected peoples right to choose, rather than being one of the loudest voices behind mandates. As a once long time Greens/Leftish voter who believes in care and protection of the environment, I will not be voting Greens. Particularly while Mandy pushes her divisive anti-anti-vax nonsense. The Greens could well have said no to mandates, rejected dictator style over-reach from State Premiers, continued on with protecting the environment, and basically be in line to do extremely well in the next election. But no – they chose division, hysteria and the pursuit of fascist ideals. We need a political party that cares for the environment and also individual rights. That ain’t gonna be Clive – but it also certainly isn’t the Greens.

    • Oh yeh! Look at US of A! With Trump supporters/hangers on/in for a fight mob & their anarchic charging of the Capitol. Copied here by the torching of the old Parliament House. Sigh. It’s all too depressing for those of us who put a lot of thought into who to vote for…we are overrun by the bovine herd of “stupid people in large groups”.

    • Or entire countries. Have a think about history. Then think about your current position. Go listen to some more Carlin. And have a hard think.

  6. Remember last time his party dissolved and the man himself either slept or wasn’t present in parliament. Rudra will find out what totalitarianism is if these people are elected, with their fascist ideals and those hard right supporters in control.

  7. I agree with David and Trish. I fear my post election morning will be much like David’s.

    Zuckerberg has a lot to answer for. Murdoch has a lot to answer for. The ever increasing number of people who believe the trash they’re served up on social media and in the gutter press is alarming.

    Our only hope is that in future the education system places more importance on teaching kids how to read and think critically….but then I guess some easy-to-watch video will tell them that the education system is part of the conspiracy, and that some dick who can barely string a sentence together knows better than people with a brain.

    Feel like I’m living in the movie ‘Dont Look Up’! Frightening.

    • That’s not were people are getting information from. It’s the whistle blows that have been all over the independent media this whole time.
      As more people go listen and put two and two together, the more things suddenly make sense and the more of “us” you are finding around you.

  8. Lnp Labour greens are just bus drivers on the road set before us, none are capable of anything but slight deviations to the left right or centre, we need to dig up the road up and crash the bus. voting for one nation and uap or whatever they call themselves might speed this bus crash up a bit.

    • You don’t need to accelerate the collapse. They already have the new system ready to go when ever this one collapses. It’s just like the end of WWII with the Bretton Wood system conveniently ready to roll out across the world. That’s why they keep talking about digital currency etc. The Great Reset is a conspiracy theory that just happens to be a book on Amazon written by Klaus Schwab who is head of the World Economic Forum that most world leaders are self admitted graduates of. But it’s just a conspiracy theory even though they are the ones that told us about it in the first place.

  9. What a good article, thank you David.
    Lest not forget the Clive influence in the last, ‘how could labor loose’ election.
    Indeed my third composting toilet is named the Clive, in the rarified company of George W and the Tony Abbott.

    • Clive is there because he’s great optics. Only allow a babbling idiot represent the opposition to your systems ideology. He is promoted for the purpose of fooling Liberal and Labor alike. The Greens are there for much the same purpose. Trump was there for you to hate at, even though he actually did exactly nothing.
      It’s working quite well so far.

  10. As far as I know, no-one in this country has been held down and forcibly injected with a Covid19 vaccine. That’s what I’d call mandated. That’s what I call “my body my choice”. Apart from that, we live with multitudes of mandates in all facts of our lives.

      • keep telling yourself that no ones physically holding you dow, but if you dont take this shot you will be pushed to the fringe of society you will lose your empoyment and everything that provides income housing food status yeah no ones holding you down. eveyone i know got the jab not because of covid but because of the fear that comes with loss of employment.

        • There are all sorts of requirements surrounding who can work where because the interests all who share the workplace, or use your product, need to be considered.

  11. Thank you for a thoughtful and quite terrifying article David. With the left/ right dichotomy having been severely challenged in recent years, political predictions are increasingly precarious. We can only hope that the rampant rights-based individualistic mindset so prevalent in the US of A hasn’t yet totally infected Australia’s hitherto more egalitarian ethos. What, and how, many people think and reason these days seems to depend upon which particular rabbit hole they have descended into and (to stretch the metaphor) what brand of Kool-aid they have imbibed. One thing seems certain: rational, evidence-based critical thinking appears to be on the wane and increasing numbers of people have become so obsessed with micro self interest that they fail to to appreciate the ‘big picture’ of which you speak. Whether or not this is a matter of failed progressive messaging and/or communication, I’m not entirely certain. However, should your dire predictions prove correct, I will not be available to help you with the election party clean-up, but will be booking a one way ticket to Reykjavik.

  12. I have been fearing this for many months now….
    A vote for Clive Palmer or his cronies, with all his yellow billboards up and down the east coast, is a vote for his mine. He doesn’t give a rats arse about your freedoms….your health…..or anything about you.
    Money talks when it comes to advertising….
    Very sad situation.


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