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December 2, 2022

Hanabeth puts her hand up for Page

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Though not running for any party, Hanabeth Luke has been endorsed by voices4page, a community movement that wants an alternative independent candidate for Page who is free of party politics. Photo Tree Faerie.

With the announcement of a federal election expected at any time, Hanabeth Luke has put her hand up for the Division of Page, a seat currently held by Kevin Hogan of the Nationals.

Many would know Hanabeth Luke from a newspaper photo of her helping a man out of the burning Sari Club after the Bali bombing in 2002, many others know her as Dr Luke, an educator who has been teaching and conducting research in Southern Cross University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering since 2011 where she is the coordinator for SCU’s course in Regenerative Agriculture.

Many others would know her simply as Hanabeth from her own student days at Byron High. She is now also a wife and a mother of two and lives in Evans Head from where she commutes to SCU up to five days a week.

Hopes for her a new role as an MP

Dr Luke hopes that after the election she will be known for her new role as an MP as she is driven to see a change in politics. ‘I think so many people are disengaged with politics, it doesn’t feel like it has anything to do with them – they feel like there’s a bunch of people they don’t connect with, up there making decisions about them and it’s got nothing to do with them.’

Though not running for any party, Dr Luke has been endorsed by voices4page, a community movement that wants an alternative independent candidate for Page who is free of party politics.

Dr Luke feels that people don’t feel engaged with politics and don’t get involved and that’s means nothing will ever change. ‘Politics is never going to be any more inspiring than it is right now. There are many examples from around the world where politics is so much better than what we’re seeing right now in our country. So, if people enrol to vote, they can make a huge difference. If they vote for independents, like me, they can get people standing up there in Canberra, who are going to talk for them, and for this region and not what some party decides somewhere in some city.

Page is going backwards

Dr Luke says Page is going backwards. ‘When it comes to the poorest people in this electorate, it’s getting worse under this current government and current leadership. It’s not getting any easier for them and it’s even not getting any easier for me and I’m working at the university!

Dr Luke says we’re in a housing crisis and people have nowhere to go. ‘People on Centrelink have been on waiting lists for 17 years. A housing specialist told me that they’ll basically just stay on these lists because there’s a priority list and you don’t get on the priority list unless you’re basically living rough or being beaten up at home. This is an epidemic that we need to address and it’s not going to get any better under the current government. 

Affordable housing and homes built

‘We need affordable housing. We need homes built. We don’t need any more Air BnB beds. We need homes for families. There’s so much research that’s been done that shows that when people have a house over there a roof over their head, that when they’ve got access to health care, they live better, they stay out of hospital. And so it makes economic sense to look after the poorest people in this electorate. There are some pretty straightforward things we can do in the short term, but we also need to be thinking long term because this region is only going to get harder because it’s a beautiful region and everyone wants to live here.’

Dr Luke says the region has been going backwards financially and of the 151federal electorates Page is about the 10th poorest. ‘Grafton and Casino have been going backwards in terms of the poverty index, so we really need to stop doing the same thing and try something different.’

Dr Luke says that when she sets her mind to something she sticks to it. ‘Right now that’s looking out for the needs of this community. I will work so hard and be so dedicated to achieving those ends.’

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  1. For the Nats to lose there needs to be a 9.45% swing to the Left Progressives. Not impossible but the Left Progressive vote will need to be tightly cross preferenced. There will be no room for infighting as we just saw in the Byron council prefrencing.

    • It looking like a significant number or Conservatives and Progressives are likely to swing Libertarian on a nation wide scale, given recent events.
      Independents need to capitalize on this to close such large margins.

  2. What are our chances of ousting Hogan, do people think? I would love to see the back of him and the Nationals, myself! Hogan flies low on the radar in our electorate, chucking plenty of money at things and getting photo opportunities, but managing to stay reasonably distant from all the controversy and hypocrisy and corruption that surrounds his party, somehow… how does he manage it???

    • Agree. He doesn’t reply to email, makes it extremely difficult to see him and makes it out like he is on your side when he has supported the mandates and coercion going on. He needs to be voted out. He has NOT represented us AT ALL

  3. We hope she preference other progressive candidates to improve the opportunities to remove Kevin, but the rumour mill is that she will preference no other candidates. If that happens 3 more years of the nats,and that means a wasted attempt by successfully splitting the progressive vote. Hope common sense of purpose prevails.

  4. So, Hanabeth says she wants to see more engagement with politics, and suggests that she wants to address the problem of poverty.

    So, I engage with her (on Facebook) and ask her what she will do to address the problem of racial discrimination in employment opportunity, where Aboriginal people get millions of taxpayer dollars to do public works in her field of land management (my field too), without needing to go through any tender process, and then employ only Aboriginal people. Including in towns like Kyogle where approximately half the town lives at or below the poverty line, whatever race they are.

    So, Hanabeth responds that she thinks she and I are on a different page – as an answer to my question about what she will do, if elected, about the overt racial discrimination in employment opportunity with taxpayer dollars.

    So, I respond that it seems we are indeed on a different page – because I am opposing racism and racial discrimination in employment opportunity and Hanabeth is, based on her response, supporting racism and racial discrimination in employment opportunity (not with her own job of course – like all proponents of this racial discrimination in employment opportunity, including those for whom it is the standard they happily walk past, Hanabeth has not had a problem with getting a very well-paid job as a land management professional and obviously thinks she should not have to give up her own job to an Aboriginal person).

    So, Hanabeth proves me right by cancelling me – by ending the conversation such that half way through typing my next contribution to the discussion that contribution disappears on front of my eyes and I are a message about no longer being able to communicate with this person on Messenger.

    Yet Hanabeth expects people to see her as worthy of representing them in the federal parliament.

    I suggest that people who cancel people halfway through a discussion about what they would do, if elected, to stop unemployed and chronically underemployed people being denied the right to apply for taxpayer-funded jobs, based purely on race, are not people worthy of electing to such positions.

    I am happy to point everyone to the screenshots I have of this conversation with Hanabeth, to see it for themselves, on my Facebook page – so everyone can see what appalling lack of access to Hanabeth people can expect to have should she get elected.

    • We do need to check peoples Aboriginal privilege.

      We are a society of Equality and Meritocracy.
      There is no room for Equity here.

      People get Equality and Equity mixed up. They mean two very different things!

    • What an outrage-after 230 years of brutality, stolen lives, stolen land andstolen chidren, Aboriginal people are getting funding to look after what is left of their country.

      How hard it is for most of us living the good life on stolen land and having to give a bit of what we’ve stolen back!

      Bloody outrageous Shane.

    • So Shane do you really think Aboriginal people have it easy & don’t need targeted assistance? Really?
      Or that Aboriginal people have been – are are – treated with fairness & equality since white invasion to the point that such targeted assistance is unwarranted? hmm.

      Nor do you seem to have a clue of the definition of racial discrimination. What you are moaning about bears no resemblance to racial discrimination, but does look a lot like cultural ignorance & white privilege. Boo hoo, no sympathy here. I suggest you enlighten yourself by looking at Section 14d of the Anti-Discrimination Act under which numerous positions can legally consider Aboriginality to be a genuine occupational qualification, particularly where employed to work on country acknowledged to belong to the targeted group, or when dealing solely with, or a majority of, Aboriginal stakeholders. Cultural awareness can legally be incorporated into employment eligibility criteria in both private & public sector positions.

      Now, might I suggest that people who cancel people halfway through a discussion have already realised the pointlessness of trying to help the other angry blinkered party understand reality & don’t feel obliged to continue to be harrassed & subjected to some racist, ignorant, single-issue rant. Especially months before she’s even elected & forced to engage with such people.

  5. Kevin Hogan manages it because he rarely sits for parliament votes…absentee votes go towards their party. There is a website called “how they voted” it’s a real eye opener.
    One thing Hannahbeth failed to discuss ( in this article at least ) is her stance on Vaccine passports, mandates and the impact COVID restrictions have had on the community; physically, financially and emotionally.
    I personally will only vote for someone who can admit that these restrictions are causing more harm than they prevent. If an independent made a stand for common sense and Australian values then I believe there is enough people who will not just vote for them, but actively support them to end the madness and let us all get on with our lives minus the fear, intimidation and segregation we have witnessed over the past two years.

    • If she flew a red flag upside down she would have a chance. As is, the guys in yellow and orange are going to get a big boost nation wide.

    • I think one thing OmiDom proved in opening up to Omicron was a healthy economy relies upon healthy consumers and healthy workers in the logistics supply chain. The health, financial and emotional impact of omicron over xmas and through January was equal to or worse than covid restrictions. Dunno how covid measures physically impacted the community? Maybe you can explain?
      Nothing wrong with vaccine passports and mandates, the “Australian values” demonstrated by following them saved thousands of fellow vulnerable Australians from serious illness and death, and only people whinging are those who reject the science and/or see the whole pandemic as some fraudulent conspiracy!……why would Dr Luke waste her time even trying to address them? You obviously didn’t notice an end to all the restrictions you’re complaining about before you even posted that? (except NT and WA with their majority of high risk citizens)


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