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August 9, 2022

Dangerous PM

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Margrette Young, Dorroughby

Peter Hartcher says our prime minister was complacent and effectively dismissive of the importance of the Solomon Islands in our security, despite clear evidence of the importance of the area in stopping the Japanese advance in WWII. And as a result, Australia is in a dangerous security position with the Solomon Islands now teaming up with China and signing China’s security agreement.

Hatcher says the US sending its high-level statesmen to Solomon Islands now to try to rescue what was considered to be Australia’s role, because they know Australia failed to secure their own backyard.

The PM and Mr Littleproud say we are talking to Solomon Islands and all is fine regarding PM and coalition actions and always has been.

Whom to believe? I believe Mr Hartcher. PM Morrison is asleep at the wheel of this country, unless it is making speeches defending his inaction and his failures on issues of importance. It is dangerous having him as PM.

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  1. Russia found it’s self in the same situation recently with one of it’s neighbours.
    Russia warned NATO to stop in 2008
    Russia warned NATO to stop in 2014
    NATO started pouring weapons in, so in 2022, they eventually had to invade.

    People of the Solomon Islands, when we invade you, just know that we have nothing against you, we don’t want to take your country from you, and we don’t want to harm you the people. We will just be trying to demilitarise you after all the weapons China is going to pour into your country.
    We will try to roll in genitally as to not kill civilians, but please don’t fight back. Shoot at us and we will have to shoot back and it will turn into a meat grinder.
    Once we are done, we will help rebuild everything that gets damaged. We will still consider you brothers, we just have to protect ourselves from China. That’s just how geopolitics works. We don’t like it either.

      • Noticed how Ukrainians could walk up to Russian tanks at the start and the tank would stop, a Russian would pop out and ask them to please get out of the way?
        Notices what would happen to an Arab if they got anywhere near an American tank?
        The opening move when America invades is carpet bombing of the cities!
        Go look up “bombing of Dresden” if you want to see rough.
        Russia is a super power with super weapons. They could level all of Ukraine into rubble.

        • That was my little joke Christian. I think you meant “gently” not “genitally”. Autocorrect? It gets me lots of times.

          However to concede your point would mean believing what is being presented by the news bulletins on the msm and I’m sure you would warn us against that!

          Of course Russia could turn Ukraine to rubble but why haven’t they? Even Putin understands the implications of WW3 that are keeping America from going in there.

          • My grandfather marched genitally clear across Europe, and it’s a proud tradition the army still holds up today.

            Actually this is the first war with full 4G coverage. But let’s just say all videos are false even when both sides are uploading videos showing the same thing. And let’s assume every English speaker living on either side is a spy no matter how many years we’ve known them.

            Why would Russia rubblise Ukraine? What would it get them?
            If you are a TV watcher, you would naturally expect that winning a war is about covering a map in your colour, which is a fundamental misunderstanding of what war is.
            It’s conflict of interests. The goals you set are to eliminate those conflicts. Most war these days isn’t even physical. You just have to get the enemy to change it’s mind about what it wants, usually by raising the cost of that thing or lowering the benefit of it.

            The real question is, where is the other 90% of the Russian military. The ones not driving around old Soviet era hardware replaying WWII. The ones that aren’t just doing national service, you know, the career soldiers. Both sides are saying the bulk of them are up near the Finnish border. That’s a funny place for them to be. What’s going on with Finland I wonder?

          • Do you have any photos of your grandfather marching genitally across Europe. I still can’t quite picture how it’s done. Does the army really still hold up the tradition? Why doesn’t it stand up on its own?

          • He was in the OSS so he was serving undercover.
            After Cate McGregor, half of the current soldiers don’t even know if they have anything to hold on to.

          • Cate McGregor may show a lack of discernment in some areas – I think she’s a good friend of Tony Abbott – but I cannot see that she has done anything to deserve snide, puerile and gratuitous vilification.

            I have great admiration for the courage of Cate Mc to seek what she feels to be her true self, live it and publicly face down those who must hate what diverts from their singular view of the world.

            Where are all those libertarian views about people being allowed to do whatever has no harmful impacts on others?

            If any “soldiers” feel their masculinity threatened by Cate McGregor it was really rather shaky to begin with.

    • No country ever “has to invade”. Anyone who supports that concept in a time of peace is either brainwashed by propaganda or a moron.
      Genitally? What’s your rant got to do with your genitals?
      Who / what / where are these million to be saved that justify your killing of 10,000? Is it those same autocratic Russian regimes you appear to be defending, those same ones who produce that pro-war propaganda and falsehoods you’re parroting?
      What armies are upholding your “proud tradition of marching across Europe”? Certainly not the ADF or the armies of any European countries.
      I suspect your brilliance as a historian and interpreter of global current affairs is wasted in the comments section of a tiny rural newspaper, but hey, at least you got your name in print and stirred the possum

  2. He’s good at being ” Missing in action ” isn’t he . At the most vital time he’s not there . Bushfires , Floods . At the pacific forum he snubbed all the islanders. What climate change ? Meanwhile they’re losing their beaches and homes and waiting for some leadership from him. He could have made it a lot easier a long long time ago for solomons and Vanuatu workers to actually work here for a decent wage . ( 100 bucks a week in the hand is a pittance , insulting ) And Instead of the trickle that it has been. There should have been more workers here quicker . Our farmers would have been happier as well . …. His gov blatant racist rhetoric hasn’t gone down very well with our pacific neighbours. To late . It’s all been to late . That’ll be his epitaph . To late , to greedy , to selfish , to racist . …. I third Peters call on this .

  3. The point on which ALL previous arguments fail on this issue is that they assume that the Australian government is dealing with someone (PM Sogavare) who can be reasoned with. Look back at the history of the 2006 Julian Moti affair when Sogavare was previously PM. Logging companies with links to China have been pillaging the old growth tropical rainforests of the Solomon Islands for decades, as well as environmentally disastrous mining operations such as the bauxite mining on Rennell Island (with no repercussions for those who caused it), which has led to an S.I. government culture which encourages wads of cash on the table with no questions asked. Even if the Australian or US governments could put more money on the table than China, it would be rejected because we would ask the S.I. government to be accountable for the spending of that money. Blaming the Australian government for dropping the ball on this issue is ridiculous, especially when the other side plays to their own rules.

    • So that’s an excuse for doing literally nothing but crack jokes about water lapping at their buildings. It’s called diplomacy not sitting back blaming others.

  4. Our deadly P.M. needs to spend a week or two in a large bathtub
    surrounded by in-house sharks of his own party & the Nats. The
    heat [I’d guess] would increase along with the yapping above
    the sound of singing ‘We Shall Overcome.” ScoMo may then get
    the meaning behind the Solomon Islands’ stuff-up from right
    & wrong.

  5. Our President ScamMO, always the tough talker on security.

    We ‘ve heard tough talking before, it a ritual with The Liberals.
    The Abbott famously gonna shirtfront Putin, “you betcha he will”, Abbott declared and ….Never delivered.

    President ScamMO, publicly smacks China around but on the LIEberals watch, we still trading like crazy with China, we sold the Port of Darwin to China, we sold 50% of the Port of Newcastle to China and the Port of Newcastle a front runner to home those ( if ever they will arrive ) Nuclear Subs.

    President ScamMO big talk on Pacific Stepup only to deliver the Pacific Stuffup with his monumental security fail with Solomons Island.
    And then to add more fuel on his Fail makes his “Red Line” declaration to Solomon Islands. I thought Solomions Island was an independent nation, not a territory under President ScamMO’s rule.
    Dare I add that in the Pacific region, France still has a strong presence and France ‘would have’ been a useful ally for Australia in the Pacific Stepup.
    But of course the ‘would have’ was completely blown up by President ScamMO lying to French President Macron over the cancelled Frenchie submarine contract.

    Well done President ScamMO, yeah.
    And you want us to give you 3 more years of your incompetent ways.
    Enough IS Enough, begone with you on May 21.

  6. Hahahah ,, that’s brilliant . I wish I could of said it like that ,, so funny .. Seriously tho, why defend sco mo s gov. He’s just stirring it up so it’s worse , not better . What’s the point in that. Yknow , you hit someone with a big stick , and what happens , you make them more aggressive . They might do what you tell them for a while so you don’t get hit them again , but , in the long term, they’ll hate your guts. And quite right to. ……………. Like dogs , kids , ( kinda, children) elephants , adults . You belt a dog Coz your angry Coz it didn’t do what you wanted , that just proves that you wernt reading the signs that the dog was showing you . And you couldn’t be an adult and figure out a smart gentle way to teach it. You had to lose your cool and lash out , like an angry 3 year old , or teenager. Neanderthal , primative . Childish , infantile. I bet Neanderthals were gentler with each other. …. You turn the dog savage , it mightnt bite you but it bites everybody else . Not even a good guard dog , just a psyco . And you made it like that. You . Angry dumbo . …. … You do the same to kids and it turns them into bullies . That get in trouble their whole life. ……… It’s kinda like , the military way. Toughen them up . Use the stick . That’ll do them good . No it doesn’t . … It doesn’t work . Not for families , and babies , and puppies . You gotta be gentle , do it the gentle way . Like a horse,,, ask and allow , not force . It won’t do anything for you if you force it. It might do it , but it’ll lash out and pig root and Buck at random , and you created that . It’s like military and X military are running the show ,, politically , , and it’s not working , . Big stick doesn’t work ……… Friendly , intelligent persuasion works . Like a true adult . I’m always learning . There’s always room for improvement . I am willing to learn .


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