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Farmer confusion

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Pushing-Up for mental health in June

Australia’s largest fitness-based mental health event, The Push-Up Challenge, is back in 2023, encouraging Australians to push for better mental health.

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National Reconciliation Week starts tomorrow

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

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Casino Cup Day forced to relocate due to unsafe track

Organisers of Beef Week Cup Day in Casino have been forced to move the event to Lismore after it was found that the Casino Racetrack was unsafe.

Pushing-Up for mental health in June

Australia’s largest fitness-based mental health event, The Push-Up Challenge, is back in 2023, encouraging Australians to push for better mental health.

In reply to Sue McLeod of Myocum (Letters, 5 April). The ‘Farmers for Climate Action’ represent about 8.5 per cent of the Australian agricultural businesses, hardly a loud voice for rural Australia. 

Once again farmers do not produce carbon, they may produce carbon dioxide that in no way resembles carbon. I believe Australia is the 14th-highest world emitter producing just over one per cent each year. Of that one per cent Australian farming activity produces about 14.6 per cent (14.6 per cent of one per cent). Is that something to be alarmed about? Hardly. I digressed, my comments were in regard to methane emissions, not Co2. What is the FCA doing about that?  What will the FCA do when the Labor-Green coalition demands farmers lower their methane emissions? The government will make sure herd numbers are decimated in the name of nothing. 

What a crazy wacko green alarmist world we are living in. About time Australian farmers took a leaf out the Netherlands farmers’ book.

G MacDonald, Pimlico

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  1. There has never been any confusion regarding the NFF’s position on positive action on the climate emergency effecting the Agriculture sector, with the ever increasing intensity of weather events. The president of the NFF is Fiona Simpson, who has been advocating clear and meaningful action on climate change, on behalf of the entire NFF, all through the dysfunctional years of the Coalition Govt; the only confusion appears to be in the mind of the person who wrote this nonsense.

  2. Again a mythical labor / greens coalition which exists nowhere in Australia. Maybe he is confused over the do nothing lib/ NATs coalition. How can we take you seriously if you get this fact wrong?

  3. The labor green coalition does in fact exist, I ask Keith and Rod who would be in power right now if a labor green preference coalition did not exist?. We all know they can not stand on their own two feet. The NFF, another elitist minority pretending to care about rural Australia.

  4. Greg, a Labor/Greens Coalition only exists in your confused mind; and Labor would still be in Govt because the vast majority of intelligent progressive voter’s, whether Greens or Independent will not preference the Coalition. But it would be virtually impossible for the Liberals or the Nationals to ever be elected unless they were in Coalition, and even then they find it almost impossible to get elected if their primary vote drops under 40%.

  5. You know the undeniable facts are, labor will never win elections in their own right, nor will the greens. Therefore an unofficial coalition between the two has to be formed to win an election. Consequently their misguided legislation is passed through parliament with the help of a few independent nutter’s. The Liberal/Country Party-Nationals coalition was formed in 1923, please do not suggest otherwise. They have and always will be an official coalition.

  6. The undeniable REAL facts are that after every election the “Coalition” manage to win a new agreement has to be thrashed out depending on the successes of each party, (not much lately), and I couldn’t care less when this misguided and mentally deficient “Coalition” was initially formed so do not suggest there is something outstanding about it. And if the Greens voters or any progressive Independents want to direct preferences towards the Labor Party- that incidentally is the only political party in Australia that can govern in its own right- we will definitely accept them if it helps to keep the right wing nutters from passing legislation that is usually so detrimental to Australia; and just to remind you that you and your reprehensible ” Coalition Govt lost the last Federal election big time, so get over it.

  7. Mr Duncan, how is your beloved labor green coalition going?. Broken promise after broken promise, Albo lied through his teeth before the election, after winning he is like a dog that caught his tail. What do I do with it now?. How is the cost of living treating you?, the $275 electricity price promise has trippled upwards and is out of control, interest rates are out of control, fuel prices outrageous. Albo’s smoke screen to hide his miserable performance is the voice. An abomination that will divide Australian’s by race. Well done Albo, what is your next trick?.

    • Who is it in Govt in every mainland State again Greg? Labor must be doing something right, polling is doing pretty well also, those sour grapes must be terrible for you.

  8. I am just sitting back watching the Albenomics failing before everyone’s eyes. Blackout Bowen is frustrated the Australian people don’t want billy carts running on ever ready’s so he will force people to buy them through draconian legislation to buy a vehicle that everyone knows will never service the needs of the majority of people in this country. People will eventually wake up to these socialist dimwits. The people of Tasmania gave Albo the cold shoulder recently. He went there to announce the construction of a new sports venue while the people asked him about the cost of living pressures and where is the housing they most desperately need down there, but silly old Albo tells them a new stadium will fix everything. Hello, this bloke is a looney.

  9. It seems Greg that is not all you are just sitting back and watching, the climate emergency is unfolding before your very eyes and you and your like minded minority of luminaries are simply refusing to get off your arses and do something about it, your kids are going to love that decision, don’t sit for too long it’s not good for the spine.

  10. Climate emergency, what climate emergency?. It is all in your alarmist mind. Please give me three examples of the emergency in the north coast. Please don’t quote the Feb March 2022 floods, they were not unprecedented as the loony left will try to tell you. Ask Patrick Moore, Willie Soon, our very own Ian Plimer and Jennifer Marohasy about it, they will set you straight.

  11. Greg if you and the rest of the loony right have not got the message on the impending climate emergency by now, you are either incapable of processing empirical scientific evidence, or you just don’t want to, either way I can’t help you stop making a fools of yourselves, because it doesn’t really matter what you rapidly disappearing climate deniers say, the world is finally taking affirmative action to at least limit the worst results of global warming.

  12. Empirical evidence, what a laugh. Do you understand the definition of Empirical?. It is not a load of lies and conjecture from so called scientific alarmist lefty experts.

    • Greg, judging by your increasingly irrational reply’s your definitely not improving, you righty’s can’t stand not winning; and you are acting like a serial looser who can’t stand loosing but hasn’t got a clue how to win. The empirical evidence is all around you, careful you don’t fall over it, so open your eyes and look harder.

    • The only thing that I don’t understand is why people like you completely ignore the vast majority of the world’s best scientists and yet readily accept the propaganda put out by the right wing media that is obviously doing the bidding of the Fossil Fuel company’s, talk about gullible, thank God the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison Govt no longer exists, happy days.

  13. Lefty with blinkers on. Blind to the other half that are not socialists, alarmists, and won’t be led by the nose by the elite know-all climate champions that live in all the inner city areas of major cities. They are the only ones that can afford the looney left government policies.

    • Well now Greg that’s a statement and a half, I don’t have a clue who all those people who live in inner city areas who you are denigrating are, but I suspect you don’t either.

  14. They are the fake lefty climate warriors, rich do-gooders whom abandoned labor and conservative party’s to vote teal. You know, the dependent independents with billionaire backer. Remember?. Barnaby Joyce asked them, are you prepared to give up your million dollar yachts on Sydney Harbour if the farmers cut methane output. No they prefer to keep their toys and expect country people to take the brunt. You know the usual elitist stuff.

    • I hate to tell you this Greg, you seem to be having such a great time with your usual righty rants, but the NFF who represent Aussie Farmers are part of those “fake lefty climate warriors”, they have been advocating for strong action on climate change for years, OPPS.

  15. I am referring to the inner city climate warriors that would not know which end of an animal eats or deficates. The NFF does not and never will condone climate alarmist and lies from any individual or organisation. They advocate sensible and economically viable policy’s for the good salt of the earth country people. They will not be bullied by the socialist activists, as the NFF represent the fair minded balanced people of country areas. Your lefty socialist arguments will never sway the determination and guts of our wealth producing farmers whom feed our nation. The left look apon them as an enemy which should be exterminated. Poor misguided souls, I genuinely despair for them.

  16. Greg I really don’t think you know who you are referring to, you are so consumed with your righty opposition to anthropogenic climate change you have no idea of how much the NFF has been advocating strong action all through the bad old days when drongos like Barnaby Joyce were in power. People like you are just being left behind, the world is moving on.

  17. You just don’t get it. No reputable organisation supports lefty green climate alarmism. The NFF have a climate and energy taskforce to deal with climate matters in a fair and responsible way to help farmers. The NFF’s top priority is safeguarding the safety and wellbeing of farmers, workers and families. They do not go around the country spruiking the world is about to end like the green activist rapscallions you see on TV every single night. You obviously have no close association to the land or organisation that support it’s working people. You call Barnaby Joyce a drongo, he is the single person that holds the Nationals together and held every single seat at the last election despite not being the leader. If he is a drongo God help you mate. Maybe you should have a talk to him, he will teach you a thing or two you think you know about.

    • Greg, you obviously know absolutely nothing about anthropogenic climate change, which is your own righty fault, and next to nothing about the activities of the NFF over the last decade, and anyone who thinks Barnaby Joyce is smart enough to hold anything together has serious problems, God help us all if that clown ever gets back into any position of authority, the present Labor Govt is now desperately trying to sort out the mess he made in the decade that he was in Govt. He would be the last person anybody with a thinking brain would want to get advice from. And your assumption that I have no association with the land is about as ridiculous as most of your other assumptions, you really need to lift your game mate.

  18. Take advice from the likes of you?, not a snowflakes chance in hell. As usual you dodge the hard questions and ignore the glaringly obvious. Barnaby Joyce is a good intelligent man that upsets the labor green ignoramuses as he tells it as it is and the morons really, really hate that. It gets under their socialist pasty skin. I know enough about ACC to debate you any time. Fact eventually defeats fiction. You make accusations of incompetence by Mr. Joyce. Please list the election promises he broke. A fair chance he is behind Albo’s tally. How about a few facts instead of false narrative. I suppose you agree with minister for blackouts Bowen rhetoric on nuclear power, you and he are on a loser there. Remember now, no vindictive rants, just facts.

  19. Greg you certainly need to take advice from someone, you are not doing very well by your self, as usual you refuse to accept reality the world is moving to a low carbon future, the NFF is on board the Australian Business Council is in board, the vast majority on scientists are on board, it doesn’t matter what recalcitrant’s like you and your mate Barnaby Joyce think, it’s happening NOW. I wouldn’t waste my time debating anything relating to climate change with the likes of you because I don’t take people like you or Barnaby Joyce seriously, that’s a fact.

  20. What hope have we got when you and most organisations do not know the difference between carbon and carbon dioxide?. The element carbon is used to put a picture in the minds of the unthinking of a dirty, sticky, black horrible substance when in fact every part of your body is made up of chains of carbon atoms. And yes many organisations are moving towards a low CARBON DIOXIDE future. You fail to recognise a very pertinent fact, they are not pushing the alarmist lefty climate emergency garbage you are so worried about. Why?, it does not exist. There are as many scientists debunking it as there are supporting it. There is no empirical evidence to support a climate emergency.

  21. Greg in your world there is probably no empirical evidence to support anything, but in the real world everything exists on empirical evidence. I find it absolutely astonishing at the level of scientific knowledge you and the rest of the ever dwindling band climate deniers poses, you must have had many years of study in climatology to reach this level, and someone with your scientific qualifications must be in high demand world wide, which begs the question, why are you wasting your precious time engaging in discourse with uneducated people like myself?, thanks for the chemistry lesson.


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