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I like your conspiracies, I do not like your conspiracy theorists

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Drones not detonation

The extraordinary popularity of the Vivid light shows in Sydney has exploded this year, but quietly, thanks to the...

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Drones not detonation

The extraordinary popularity of the Vivid light shows in Sydney has exploded this year, but quietly, thanks to the...

Winter cricket for over-45s gets underway with some big hitting

The inaugural Far North Coast over-45s winter cricket league got off to a great start with over 400 runs...

Vale musician, Ian Walsh

Local muso, Ian Walsh, passed away peacefully at home recently with his long-time partner, Faye, and loyal dog, Louie, by his side.

Why have NSW Labor failed to hold their promised drug summit?

On budget eve the banner ‘Premier, you promised. Drug Summit Now’ was dropped across from NSW Parliament calling on NSW Labor to set a date for the long awaited NSW Drug Summit.

Byron Council candidates jostle for position

It was the type of motion that comes up at Byron Council quite regularly – a broad, uncontroversial political statement that is unlikely to make a difference in the grand scheme of things. 

Critical incident investigation declared following motorcycle crash – Lismore

A critical investigation has been declared after a teenager was injured in a single-vehicle crash in Lismore.

Dr John Campbell, a retired UK nurse teacher. Image from Dr Campbell’s YouTube Channel.

Here’s one to get yabbering on: Dr John Campbell, a mild-mannered retired UK nurse teacher, gets huge online views with his consistent – and prolific – analysis of Covid-19 effects and the vaccines. 

On Tuesday, he posted that excess deaths in UK have risen 22 per cent. 

‘Why is this not a national scandal?’ he asks. 

In another video from a month ago, he assessed a January 2021 report from Australia: TGA’s Nonclinical Evaluation Report of Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. 

According to www.health.gov.au, the national vaccine rollout began on February 22, 2021.

He says the report was only made available after a hard fought freedom of information request, and when it was finally provided, it was heavily redacted. 

Campbell says, ‘The whole point of science is that we share it and open it to peer review. There are scientists all around the world who are desperate for this information’. 

From the report, he asks more questions and raises his concerns around the concentration of radioactive lipid nanoparticle marker in blood plasma. 

‘We were told it stayed in the injection site’, he said. ‘We can now tell you, as this is an official government document, that the lipid nanoparticles [via intramuscular injection on rats] are widely distributed’. 

The vaccines are not radioactive,’ he adds, ‘but there are plenty of things that are concerning’. 

‘The uptake to the liver was one major concern’, he said, and suggests asking those in authority why this information wasn’t provided at the time, prior to the vaccine rollout. 

On a lighter note…

NSW parliament returned on May 9.

The newly-minted Labor government has had some good lead time in changing the office decor and getting up to speed with how to run a state. 

After 12 years of Labor being in opposition, we can expect a few bumpy bits until they are a finely-honed govcorp machine.

There are so many issues to get stuck into. 

For example, there are over 200 urgent Byron Council road funding projects to do – many of which are unfunded. 

The flood reconstruction of the region is still limping along, and appears without any real urgency. 

As for representation for this area, Greens MP Tamara Smith, was re-elected on March 25, so what can we expect? As a member of the crossbench, hopefully she can inspire Labor to commit to fixing up over 200 urgent council road funding projects – many of which are unfunded.

And how will Labor treat all the 128 local government areas (LGAs)? 

So far it hasn’t been great, with the emergency levy increase/cost shift being one example.

Keeping councils on their knees was a hallmark of the previous coalition government. Let’s hope Labor instead provide councils with enough autonomy so they can function without endless handouts. 

As we have seen, being so reliant on the state and feds for grants means potholes don’t get fixed and drainage remains clogged.

Hans Lovejoy, editor

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  1. Still spreading vaccine misinformation with vacuous scientism from people who don’t know what they’re talking about, regardless of how many pay attention to them. His ‘consistency’ and prolificness are meaningless.

    • Man, your head is belligerently stuck in the sand. Your unbending will to remain right in the face of the mounting evidence to the contrary is comically admirable.

      • Mac, it’s very difficult for people to come to grips with the fact that the jab was not safe and effective for everybody.

        And fair enough given the public were herded down a one way street. No debate permitted, school yard name calling on anyone who questioned the narrative. Trust the science they said. Then the science changed (funny that).
        Pfizer admitting they had no idea if their product stops transmission and their clinical trial data revealing horrible stuff nobody wants to admit, particularly for pregnant women. The core of medical ethics is that pregnant women avoid untested and particular medications and certain foods.
        But no, that little gem was thrown out the window along with our own Govt’s long standing Precautionary Principles.
        Follow the money.

        Now that there is a little focus on jab injured, many of us don’t want to believe it. Preferring to cast shade on the injured and those that report it, rather than directing said shade on their respective Govt’s or preferred mainstream media.

        Turns out the only thing that was guaranteed safe and effective was the profits for pharma, thanks largely to their lobbying of Govt to mandate their products, and media paid to drive fear like never before.

        Remember that we are talking about a virus with a 99% survival rate for the majority of the population.
        Basic risk analysis proves that mandates were unethical and disgracefully driven by motivations other than health.

        • Still offering your passive aggressive arrogance in the guise of tolerant beneficence towards those less clever than you? How kind!

          “Mac, it’s very difficult for people to come to grips with the fact that the jab was not safe and effective for everybody.” BS – MOST, just about everybody understands that there are risks and benefits for any medical intervention. Not even Big Pharma tried to deny it.

          Your 99% survival rate needs some detail. Do you mean the period pre vaccine and in the time of the original strain? Or are you referring to a more recent period of time in a widely vaccinated population? Which particular variant are you referring to? Tossing around stats like this in a dynamic field just goes to show the grasp of data analysis that you don’t have. Still struggling with the idea that if 100% of the population is vaccinated then 100% of those who die from the virus will be vaccinated? Post hoc ergo propter hoc?

    • What the govts and corps told you on the TV was correct, but the internal scientific reports they had at the time, and their current death and disability statistics are incorrect?

  2. As we are yabbering on: try the War Room / Pfizer Documents Analysis Volunteers’ Reports eBook: Find Out What Pfizer, FDA Tried to Conceal. Readily available on the internet for the eager reader.

  3. If you are going to report this sort of stuff surely do a little wider research than the blogging of a “retired UK nurse teacher”. Wtf? Pardon me if I’m not impressed. Maybe the 22% excess deaths are due to a pandemic that is far from over.

    Maybe we should ingest Amazonian frog secretions as a safeguard!

    • Do your research. The deaths are above and beyond covid, and it’s happening worldwide, as reported by government health dept. Why would you care who is stepping through the document line by line for you? You can look at these reports yourself. The retired microbiologists warned us what could happen, now retired health professionals are now telling us what is happening. Luckily, it wasn’t worse, and hopefully it will stop soon.

      • Stepping through which document? The “heavily redacted” January ‘21 TGA report. Why is this now so suddenly relevant, especially as – as this “report” points out – this predated the national rollout.

        I like the way official statistics concerning Covid 19 related deaths are dismissed as “died with” rather than “ died from”, fabricated, hyped or dodgy in a myriad of ways but a 22% increase in excess deaths in the UK (or anywhere else) is, without holistic analysis, assumed by some to be due to … what? Vaccines – this little jotting doesn’t really spell out much out beyond nanoparticles.

        • The lack of government documentation, and the redacted nature of what is available, on many of the issues I highlight, are explained in this video from the Senate – youtube:’There are Jail cells underneath Parliament House, let’s use them’

  4. So finally, Hans, after three years of you and Echo writers abd contributors such as David Hielpern disparaging vax sceptics and pouring scorn on those who do their own research, you finally publish the meticulous Dr John Campbell – the hero who sarted out as pro covid vax but allowed the evidence to change his mind – the man who ‘did his own research’ as David scornfully put.
    A bit late to the party but hats off to you.

  5. One thing i like about Dr. John Campbell is he uses actual clinical data to back up everything he says. You can’t argue the facts.


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