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May 24, 2022

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Comment: Bridging the flooded divide

In the sodden floodplains the divide among those affected has never been clearer – those who were insured, and those who weren’t, renters and owners, Lismore LGA and everywhere else.

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2022 Environmental Citizen of the Year Awards

Two local groups have been nominated for the he Environmental Citizen of the Year Awards, an initiative of The Australia Day Council of NSW in partnership with Return and Earn.

Review of community response called for as challenges recognised

Local community members stepped forward to help coordinate and respond to the disaster; from people getting into boats and kayaks recusing strangers in Lismore to coordinating local response hubs in the hinterland and local towns. But it wasn't all a bed of roses.

SCU to house temporary accommodation for flood-affected residents

Temporary homes will be located at Southern Cross University (SCU) Lismore Campus as part of the NSW government's program to provide 800 temporary housing options for flood-affected people.

Richmond candidates 2022: The Nationals – Kimberly Hone

Kimberly Hone lives in the Tweed Shire and is running as a candidate for The Nationals in the federal seat of Richmond.

More traffic disruption for Lennox Head

The traffic and parking woes of Lennox are going to get worse before they get better (maybe) with temporary diversions announced by Ballina Shire Council, which will be in place from Tuesday until December.

Who gets a voice?

After my tirade (Echo 4 May), against proposed changes to the Code of Meeting Practice at Byron Shire Council,...

Fairy Floss

Fairy Floss summer 2014.
Fairy Floss Byron Bay Spring/Summer 2015.

Darren Coyne

Nothing pleases Alex and Revital Lev more than seeing their creations being worn by people having fun on a festival dance floor or walking around town.

After 15 years trading in the competitive Byron Bay market, the pair has firmly established themselves as trendsetters with their store, Fairy Floss.

The store itself is more than just a clothing shop. It is like a gallery, capturing the magical and creative qualities of Byron Bay, with its unique range of clothing and accessories displayed with a loving attention to detail.

‘Ours is one of the longest standing shops in the Bay,’ Alex said.

‘We have been creating unique, original designs and style for many years now and we strive to deliver good quality.

‘As an underground fashion, our aim is to create unique, tribal and durable collections every season. As opposed to mainstream fashion, Fairy Floss and Pixie King garments are created to last, both in style and in quality.

‘People come in and say, “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before”, which is how Byron itself used to be before the chain stores moved in.'

Revital Lev works on the window display.
Revital Lev works on the window display.

Alex designs the men’s range and his partner Revital, who is a professional fashion designer, does the women and kids, and finishes off the entire collection.

‘The fabrics are mostly stretchy cottons that will flatter any form. We also use leather, lace, frills, prints, studs, cuts and special washes to create that time worn look.

‘Our inspiration is Mother Nature, the Byron lifestyle, the festivals around Australia, conscious living, and life itself.

‘The last five or six years have been influenced by Steampunk. Six year ago nobody thought that Steampunk would get so big but we were already influenced by it.

‘But our latest Summer collection is influenced by Naturepunk, which is a fusion of natural elements like feathers, bones, leaves, together with the punk style of things, which is the ribs, the cuts, the studs and the unfinished edges.

‘Punk is also about taking something familiar or old, and transforming it to a new creation, to something that is on the edge of what we want to express.’

Alex said apart from the boutique shop in Byron Bay, he and Revital enjoyed setting up their stall at festivals like Woodford, Bluesfest, Rainbow Serpent, EarthFreq … mostly electronic but some organic festivals too.

‘It’s a nice way to get in touch with our clientele … the people who are wearing what we produce', he said.

‘We have an online presence too, www.fairyflossbyronbay.com, for those traveling or overseas punters that are hooked on our style.

‘We’ve had a great feedback and support from the locals over the years and seeing Fairy Floss become a Byronian icon makes us very proud and grateful.

‘Especially now as Byron undergoes yet another change in the cooperative direction, and independent boutiques like ours find it harder to survive.

‘Being long time locals ourselves we wish to thank all our supporters for their ongoing support and kindness.

‘You are making it all possible.’

The Fairy Floss Byron Bay store is located at 6/52 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481. To visit the website go to www.fairyflossbyronbay.com.

Alex Lev believes Fairy Floss has survive because the clothing is unique.
Alex Lev believes Fairy Floss Byron Bay has survived because the clothing is unique.

Fairy Floss 1 Fairy Floss 2 Fairy Floss 4 Fairy Floss 5 Fairy Floss 6

Fairy Floss summer 2014 image 5

Fairy Floss summer 2014.
Fairy Floss Byron Bay Spring/Summer 2015.

Grants to support arts and culture flood recovery

Nearly 50 arts and cultural organisations, screen practitioners, individual artists and collaborative groups impacted by recent floods will have access to $500,000 in funding.

Climate-related disasters influenced the election, Climate Council says

There was a clear connection between climate change-related disasters and voting in the Federal Election, according to the Climate Council.

Ballina Jetboat Surf Rescue stuck in the shed

Dave Carter, the President of Ballina Jetboat Surf Rescue, has gone public about a controversy which has been keeping his team's boat out of rescue service for the last three months.

Recalcitrant dogs

I could be a lot richer collecting $1 from all those who have told me to ‘get f****ed’ with their ‘companion animal’ being where...