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June 13, 2021

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Sailor rescued from ocean in overnight operation

In a dramatic overnight rescue far offshore North-East of Yamba, Marine Rescue IIuka Yamba volunteers were able to bring to safety a woman who fell overboard from a dismasted catamaran in the dark.

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CSIRO: renewables still cheapest new-build power

Though the Prime Minister and his mob continue to sell us the idea of coal and gas, a new report released today shows that solar photovoltaics (PV) and wind continue to be the cheapest sources of new electricity generation capacity in Australia

Signs claiming COVID can be spread through vaccination cause a stir in Mullum

At least two Mullumbimby businesses have put up signs asking people who have received the COVID vaccine not to enter because they might 'shed' the virus onto others.

Bruns massive development

Russell Eldridge, Brunswick Heads Brunswick Heads is about to be hit with its biggest development upheaval in decades, with the re-emergence...

Sally Flannery quits Lismore council race

Independent candidate Sally Flannery has announced she's ending her campaign for a seat on Lismore City Council, citing the effects of ongoing attacks and harassment.

Free advertising

S Darling, Mullumbimby I think Dan Murphy’s put their vans outside schools and skate parks to elicit some free advertising. It’s...

Vaccine passport

David Warth, Byron Bay A line has been drawn in the sand and it is all about vaccine passports being used...

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In this week's feature: We love Aussie swimsuits and Down with Voyer

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We love Aussie swimsuits

Hilary-EJTF-9W6A6510Story & photos Eve Jeffery

Swimmers, togs, cozzie, or trunks, no matter what you call them, the swimsuit in Australia evokes a special feeling.

I personally prefer the Victorian (the southern state not the historical era) 'bathers' and though my kids, who have spent most of their life in New South Wales, use 'swimmers', when they were little, if I said 'get your bathers', they knew exactly what I meant and quick as a flash those togs would be on and towels at the ready.

We love this sunburnt country and putting on your cozzie usually means there is a swim on offer. Back in the 60s when I was still in school (primary school thank you very much), there was less swanning around in the street in a bikini top and sarong al la the Gold Coast and Byron Bay, and more 'get those bathers off, they're for swimming in not for playing in'.

I suspect the non casual trunks wearing back then (yes in those ancient times) was more about decorum than lack of splas, as it was unseemly for a lass to go out on the streets with her half naked butt on show for all the world to see.

I suppose these days a swimsuit is more of a purely fashion item than before. Even in the 70s with the advent the hip-tied brief bikini with free-floating halter top strung along a spaghetti strap that slipped sides ways as soon as a swan dive hit the pool, the end result was an item that was manufactured for swimming, but you could use is practically as well.

In the 21st century it seems that high end swimsuits are designed more for accessorising with your Jimmy Choos and your Prada clutch than the Brunswick River – yesterday I saw for sale a very deliscous Chanel Runway CC logo swimsuit for a mere $799. That's US dollars. On eBay. I can't imagine what they wanted for it in store. Probably my first born. Oh well, one less to buy bathers for I suppose.

Down with Voyeur

Story & photos Eve Jeffery

The Byron Community Centre was swarming with glitterati on Friday evening for the staging of the 2011 Voyeur Fashion Exposé.

Twelve designers showcased their spring/summer collections with creations ranging from evening gowns, T-shirts and silk chemises to swimwear, underwear and mermaid fins.

Innovative swim and surf label designers Marisa Sidoti and Joceline Godfrey, from the label Muther of All Things, were awarded the ‘Designer of the Year’ award. Alexandra Leeb, who opened the show, was awarded a judges’ commendation.

The ‘ooh ahh’ factor of the evening appeared when model Gianna trod the runway in ‘The Rainbow Dress’, designed by Lisa Clarke from Eurynome Creations.

A nuno-felted merino wool on white silk stole the show, and saw Lisa leave the event with two trophies:  ‘Outfit of the Year’ and the ‘Anna Middleton Award’, which will see her range in Anna’s Byron Bay store.

Speaking of her win, Lisa said she always tries to be positive and believed she was in with a chance.

‘I was just so excited and honoured and proud to have my creation celebrated at Voyeur.’

It wasn’t only the designers that got recognised for their efforts; Lismore’s Jennifer Hamilton was awarded the ‘Face of Voyeur’ which won her a studio photo shoot with Jessie Prince.

Pop-up store 

A first for this year’s Voyeur is the pop-up store which will open for just this week at 46 Fletcher Street in Byron.

The store will feature all the outfits from the 12 designers.

Three men stabbed in Goonellabah

Police say a man has been charged and will face court, while three men remain in hospital following an alleged stabbing yesterday.

Running out of time

Chibo Mertineit, Lillian Rock I just returned from the ‘Festival of Resistance’, which happened outside of the weapon expo at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre....

Three stabbed, man arrested – Lismore

Three men remain in hospital and a man’s been arrested following a stabbing in Lismore this afternoon.

Celebrating 35 years of The Echo

The Echo Awards, held every five years, was a great success on Wednesday night as it celebrated 35 years of local independent journalism in the Northern Rivers and the community that have supported it throughout those times.