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March 6, 2021

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New Greens team

Matthew O’Reilly President of CABS and a proud member of the NEW Byron Greens team It seems that some readers have...

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Ballina Shire Council meeting wrap-up

The last Ballina meeting was another bruising encounter for some councillors, though there were several unanimous decisions too.

A little bit of COVID…

Mandy Nolan has stated in The Echo, ‘For 30 years I’ve fought to give a voice to the voiceless...

Storylines: Uluru Statement from the Heart

The 'Uluru Statement from the Heart' seeks constitutional reform to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to have a say and be involved over matters that impact their lives.

FB censorship

Dean Jefferys, Mullumbimby I feel concerned about the level of censorship on FB, Instagram, YouTube, MSM, local online groups and elsewhere...

Top of Mt Warning

Daniel O’Brien, Federal Letters about Mt Warning were interesting. Chris Gee defended National Parks and Wildlife for adopting the views of...

100% Renewable NSW comes to Byron

Closing coal and gas fired power stations and replacing them with clean energy sources like wind, rooftop solar and larger solar thermal generation is not only affordable and achievable but could also create hundreds of new jobs in the North Coast, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

Dr Kaye will be in Byron on November 7th, 6pm at the Mullumbimby Civic Memorial Hall to promote the Greens 100% Renewable NSW campaign.

Dr Kaye said: "Unless this state begins the transition away from coal and coal seam gas, the opportunity to develop solar energy and crop-waste gas industries on the North Coast will be lost.

"As the world moves away from polluting fossil fuels, the worst outcome would be for NSW to be left behind.

"Sooner or later the six large coal-fired power stations that keep the lights on in NSW will have to be closed as the rest of the world grapples with limiting the devastating impacts of climate change.

"Starting the transition now means that regional NSW can get ahead of the global competition and become leaders in clean energy solutions.

"Jobs in roof top solar, agricultural-waste gas, energy efficiency and demand management could kick-start a new kind of economic growth for Byron, that can begin with the local market and expand into almost unlimited export opportunities.

"The old arguments about the ability of renewable energy to power the state and the cost of the technology are now over.

"Studies from the Universities of NSW and Melbourne and from the operators of the national grid show that 100 percent renewable electricity is now entirely possible.

"While there are costs, rooftop solar and wind will prove much cheaper in the long run and will provide new sources of wealth.

"Local National Party MP Don Page says that his 'vision for the electorate is to create a sustainable future for the whole community.'

"His webpage says he understands that this is about creating jobs by protecting the environment.

"The challenge for Mr Page is to show he is serious about the environment and local jobs by supporting our push for a 100 percent renewable NSW.

"The O'Farrell government and the fossil fuel industry are pushing for the expansion of the coal seam gas industry on the North Coast, arguing that the state will run out of gas without widespread drilling.

"Clean energy alternatives will make CSG irrelevant," Dr Kaye said.

For more information: John Kaye 0407 195 455

Background: National Party MP for Ballina Don Page's web site


"Don's vision for the electorate is to create a sustainable future for the whole community.

 This involves creating employment, whilst protecting the beauty and environmental integrity of our area. It is not a case of jobs or the environment - it is a case of jobs and the environment."

Naming Ben Franklin

Cecily McGee, Mullumbimby It's very misleading for the Byron Shire Echo to repeatedly give Ben Franklin free media coverage,  as in the article about the Mullumbimby...

A little bit of COVID…

Mandy Nolan has stated in The Echo, ‘For 30 years I’ve fought to give a voice to the voiceless in our community, now I’m...


Jo Faith, Newtown Thank you all at The Echo for upholding independent journalism. For readers and activists concerned about the demise of democracy, do take the...

Rape, the law, and naming the man responsible

David Heilpern tackles key questions relating to the allegation of rape by a cabinet minister.