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May 24, 2022

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Computers donated to home schooled kids in Lismore

There nothing like the support of the CWA ladies to help get you through a disaster and the Lismore CWA Evening Branch were very pleased to be able to help their community once again to supply computers to some flood-affected Lismore kids.

Other News

A gold star campaign and a result full of hope

It’s not surprising that Mandy Nolan got so many primary votes at Saturday’s election for the seat of Richmond – her campaign has been relentless and her volunteers all stellar.

AEC says COVID voters can phone from home

The AEC says that voters who have recently tested positive for COVID-19 will be able to phone in their vote in the federal election.

$17m in funds for work on crown lands in NSW

If you are involved in managing crown reserve land and facilities then now is the time to get that application in for a share of the $17 million that is available fro the 2022-3 funding round. 


Morrison is the loose unit with the economy! Here’s some excerpts from a long, long list of corruption by...

Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning 18 May, 2022

Brilliant entertainment always in the Byron Shire

Fighting food waste

Did you know that wasting food is a greater contributor (6 per cent) to total greenhouse gas emissions than...


Illustration-by-Jon-LawleyDefinition of selflessness: When a person cares enough to take a risk on their own gain to do, give or say some thing for another person, without ever expecting a token in return for the deed, act, or accomplishment made from it. Urban dictionary

I was lucky enough earlier this week, to be in the presence of someone who loved what they were doing. I mean yes, we all come across people every day who enjoy what they are doing – or not, but this was different. And I am just trying to put my finger on what that was …

I was at a Melbourne Cup gig in a friend’s home, and this man sat on his chair all day and into the evening, and drew caricatures of anyone who would care to sit down in front of him. Initially I thought … oh that’s a bit vain to have someone draw you, but then when I saw what he was producing I couldn’t resist. This man, Jon Lemon, has this incredible skill of capturing the essence of a person. Now have a think about that … capturing somebody’s essence. How do you do that? Is it in the twinkle in the person’s eye, is it in their posture, the clothes they are wearing? I also realised when I sat down, that this was not just about what was being drawn on the paper. The skill Jon had developed over many years was to be able to look right into you – perhaps, to see where your vulnerability was – and to pick out that one thing about you that sums you up.

I have to say, that I was absolutely and totally in awe of Jon, because on top of this, he was also drawing a new person about every twenty minutes! Just astounding.  But there is more … All day people were saying to him “would you like something to drink Jon, would you like some food.” And he would just say no thank you and continue drawing. So the act of what he was doing was also purely and totally selfless. All he wanted to do, what really made him up, was giving this gift that he had to others.

You know, I just felt so inspired by him. It made me think of other people I have come across in my life, who give so much – the giving that comes from the heart. It can be as simple as how you answer the phone – do you know people who answer the phone to you like you have just made their day for them? I am not sure if this is a skill that they have developed, or if this is something that just comes naturally to them. But who cares?  Either way, it works.  It’s like they say if you go out of your way to smile at people, they will always smile back. I had a girlfriend who experimented with this, saying to herself that she would consciously go through this particular day smiling at people, and she said what she got back was amazing. So simple … and yet there is so much research going on about what makes people happy!

To be what you must be, you must give up what you are
– Yusuf

ArtofHealing-Vol3-Issue44Article courtesy of Catherine Mercer
The Art of Healing

COVID-19 update for the NNSWLHD – May 23

The Northern NSW Local Health District reports that to 4pm yesterday, Sunday May 22, there were 40 COVID-19 positive patients in hospital in Northern NSW, with one of these in ICU.

Elliot ecstatic about Albo and confident of a Richmond win

While her win in Richmond has not yet been confirmed, Justine Elliot is very happy about the overall result for Labor and a new government.

Australian politics transformed

Following an election like no other, Australia looks set to change course on climate and corruption, with the Coalition's Scott Morrison being prised from office and Anthony Albanese about to form a new Labor government with the support of Greens and teal independents.

Kevin Hogan returns for Page

Though the coalition government he represents is now in opposition, National Party candidate for Page, Kevin Hogan, has been returned to his seat and yesterday he released a statement to all media.