What Matters? … Listening To Our Bodies

listen-to-your-bodyI had to stop and think a bit before I came up with the title for this piece – I knew it was going to be about going within, soul searching (used that before), procrastinating … no, not the right word. So I’ve come up with simply What Matters?

And this time of year is excellent for looking into this, because often we finally have some time to do it! We are also usually spending more quality – and often intimate – time with others, so we are getting lots of triggers!

And I think we all have similar topics on our agendas – the weather (I am currently sitting in front of a fire in country Victoria!), politics, what books we are reading, our children – managing them, and thinking about their future, our relationships, our selves … for example.

Because I do not have children, and because I have a vested interest in looking into all of these things through The Art of Healing, when I have the time, it is usually my self I look at. Some people may call this selfish, but I have always believed that everything that is ‘out there’ is a result of what is ‘in here’ in each one of us. So to me, there is no question that this is the place to start.

It is also the time where some of us make New Year resolutions. So one new thing I have introduced into my life is using a gratitude diary … I am still getting the hang of it, but I am hoping that it will help me remember to say thank you every day. To me, this matters a lot.

But I have also been spending a bit of time with a new friend recently, a lady in her mid-sixties. Her health is pretty good, she is very active in the local community, and her greatest joy comes from working in her garden. But I was quite … stunned really, to hear her say that she has started feeling that she needs to lie down in the afternoon and she doesn’t want to do this as it makes her feel old?  Then yesterday, she mentioned a male friend of hers, who had previously had throat cancer (which he has recovered from), who has been saying that he is worried that the cancer might be returning as he has been feeling really tired and wanting to lie down in the afternoons … but she said, he is fighting this.

For both of these people, changing their approach, mindset, attitude to feeling they need to lie down, is not going to be easy. But from my work in this industry (the natural heathcare industry) over the last ten years, and what I have read and understood is, essentially, if they don’t start listening to their bodies telling them they need to lie down, they will get into more trouble.

From even quite recent research I have read (just last week), ‘they’ are now saying that having a daily 10 minute powernap (this was in the corporate/working world) is very good for improving cognitive function. Basically, having a ‘lie down’ recharges your batteries. It is terrific. It is something I try to do myself as much as possible. When I am working really hard, having a ‘lie down’ in the afternoon effectively gives me two days in the one. I liken it to the siesta in Greece – which everyone swears by – and you can physically see the health benefits in the elderly.

So if you can relate to this, please, don’t be so hard on your self. Lie down, close your eyes, and relax. It is very, very good and nourishing for your body, mind, and soul. And … take the time to listen to the messages you are being sent by your body, as it really does matter.


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