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May 14, 2021

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Michael Lyon elected as Byron Mayor

Owing to the resignation of former Mayor at the end of April, a vote was held today to replace Simon Richardson, until the next election

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Tweed residents facing rate rise in 2021/2022 financial year

Tweed residents are invited to provide feedback on their council's budget, revenue policy and fees and charges, as Tweed Council prepares to finalise its delivery program and operational plan for the next financial year.


Gareth Smith, Byron Bay Trade Minister Dan Tehan wants to refer China to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) because he...

Interview with Cyprien Clerc, Founder and managing Director of Futureseeds

Founder and Managing Director at FutureSeeds, Cyprien Clerc, talks to The Echo about this upcoming event.

Any questions?

‘This is a great chance for foodies to ask me anything they want’, says local chef Darren Robertson, who...

Developers push swamp boundaries – will council push back?

It has once again been left to residents to raise serious issues in relation to a development application (DA) that is pushing to overdevelop at 6 Keats Street, Byron Bay at the expense of the environment, in particular the Cumbebin Swamp.

OCA a ‘diamond in the rough’

Around four years ago a group of like-minded friends started a Syntropic Farm project. Since that time, they have...


Hyperactivity linked to inner ear

InnerEar-shutterstock_90981824London [PAA]

Hyperactivity in children may originate in the inner ear, new research suggests.

Scientists have evidence that inner-ear disorders can trigger the neurological changes underlying the behavioural condition.

Two brain proteins are thought to be involved that could provide targets for new treatments.

Many children and teenagers with severe disorders affecting hearing and balance also suffer from behavioural problems such as hyperactivity.

Until now no-one has been able to determine for certain if the two are linked.

'Our study provides the first evidence that a sensory impairment, such as inner-ear dysfunction, can induce specific molecular changes in the brain that cause maladaptive behaviours traditionally considered to originate exclusively in the brain,' said lead researcher Professor Jean Hebert, from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.

The investigation began after it was discovered that profoundly deaf laboratory mice with severe inner ear defects were also unusually active.

The animals' inner ear problems were caused by a defective gene affecting the transport of sodium, potassium and chloride molecules in various tissues, including the central nervous system.

Humans also possess the gene, said the researchers whose findings are reported in the journal Science.

When the gene was 'knocked out' from the inner ears of healthy mice, the animals became hyperactive. To the surprise of the scientists, this only happened when the gene was deleted from the inner ear. The same effect was not triggered by knocking it out of the brain or spinal cord.

FreakyLookingKid-shutterstock_65440522Tests revealed a role played by two proteins controlling nerve signalling chemicals, or neurotransmitters. Suppressing one of them with a specific drug restored activity levels to normal.

'Our study also raises the intriguing possibility that other sensory impairments not associated with inner ear defects could cause or contribute to psychiatric or motor disorders that are now considered exclusively of cerebral origin,' said Prof Hebert.

'This is an area that has not been well studied.'

Locals question placing homes in areas of inundation risk

It is where the community fought off Club Med and it is once again in the spotlight as the current owners, Elements, are seeking to have the zoning of the environmentally sensitive area in Bayshore Drive changed from tourism to residential

Go straight to the source on the Future Water Project

Rous County Council has announced a series of information days to be held this month where the community can ‘drop in’ and find out more about the revised draft Future Water Project 2060.

Free mental health workshop for Byron businesses

Business owners in Byron Shire are invited to attend a free 'Healthy Mindset' workshop aimed at providing them with resources and tools to improve mental health and wellbeing, as well as the opportunity to connect with other business owners.


Jillian Spring, Billinudgel In the article –  At a gathering of trainspotters, 21/4/21 by David Lisle, re Tweed Council Rail Trail, it is noted in...