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The floods are leaving people homeless and families split

There was a housing crisis on the Northern Rivers, then we had the floods of 2022 and the issue has left increasing numbers of people homeless and struggling to find alternative accommodation.

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0-MAIN-PHOTO-Lindy-Klim-for-Lisa's-Closet-EJ-9W6A9720Lisa's Closet

Story & photos Eve Jeffery

Designer Lisa Wright makes beautiful clothing and it seems they are fit for royalty as Balinese princess Lindy Klim has made much of the Lisa’s Closet range part of her wardrobe staple.

How the women met was out of the ordinary as a chance photo set the ball in motion. ‘We met through Instagram actually’, says Lindy. ‘I bought one of Lisa’s kimonos in Bali. I was at a day spa and I fell in love with the kimonos and I put a photo on Instagram. I didn’t know her at all.’

Lisa contacted Lindy through Instagram and they kept in touch and became friends in Bali and Lindy has continued to be a fan of the label, so much so that Lindy travelled with Lisa to Byron Bay and will be featured modelling the next range in the Lisa’s Closet collection.

Preparing for the launch of her ‘White of the Night’ winter fashions, we caught up with Lisa and Lindy in Byron as the girls got together to shoot the Lisa’s Closet lookbook of amazing pieces.

The Lisa’s Closet label was born in Bangalow and Lisa thinks of the Byron area as her home, though she currently lives in Bali where the production of her garments is underway.

‘I consider this my home’, says Lisa. ‘When I move back to Australia I don’t see myself living anywhere else, but at the moment I need to be in Bali for production. It’s still just me. I am still a really small independent label. So I really need to be there.’

Wright says she is a single mum and when it came down to the wire it was make or break. ‘I just thought my son and I would go and live there and have a bit of an adventure and give it a go. I had that thing where I either give up the label or I go over there and give it my best shot and see how it goes. And I’ve had a really nice adventure with my boy too hanging out over there. It’s been amazing.’

Lindy says that she wears more than just Lisa’s kimonos. ’I just love everything about it. Her aesthetics are the same as what I think I have as well. I definitely have a ‘city’ side to me whenever I am back in Australia, but in Bali I am a completely different person. I have two personalities almost.

‘I love everything from the collections. I am always rocking’ one of these t-shirt dresses. I love everything, in fact there’s nothing that I don’t like, it’s really hard to choose.’

Lindy says that apart from the clothes also likes her friend’s business style. ’I like that she’s a small brand. I like that she’s growing. I admire her, everything she’s done to go out there. To do something like this, it takes courage.’

Klim says she wears Lisa’s clothes a lot and not just for casual wear. ’I wear my kimonos out a lot’, says Lindy. ’So I don’t just wear them around the house. I go to restaurants or pubs in them and my friends have just hooked onto them and have been buying them as well.

The garments are certainly flowing and freeing and Lisa says the shoot for the new collection hopes to create an otherworld feel and take women into a different realm.’ I guess what I like to do is have an emotional aspect to the brand when I design’, says Wright. ‘I have a quite a strong spiritual side, I guess you’d call it, so I kind of feel like that’s how I get that connection. For me, I felt a lack of that growing up in the western world, and so that ability to have bohemian pieces that you can wear in the western world, and when you shoot it, you play on that ethereal or goddess and just elevate a woman to feeling like that.’

The kimono in particular are made for goddess size women, they are one size fits all. ‘The kimono really are for everybody. One of the reasons why I love kimonos and made them was that when I had a baby, I was dealing with body issues. You end up going from this woman into a mother. I had this two year period when I felt like I wasn’t even seen and didn’t feel very good about myself. With the kimonos, you can have on a pair of denim shorts, a pair of boots and a t-shirt, you pop one of the kimonos on and you can transform yourself. It’s still casual but you can feel luxurious and I think that’s really important for women.

‘I am not really interested designing for younger women. I am interested in designing for woman 30 up. It’s not about competing with other brands or anything like that. I want to design clothes for women, especially mums, where they can kind of go out and feel like it uplifts them for the day.’

Lisa says that living in Indonesia has influenced some of her work and she designed the winter collection with Lindy in mind.

‘This current collection, I had in mind because Lindy had mentioned that she would do a shoot for me. I contacted her and was like,”Really? Can I lock you in?” She was so positive about it. So then I had the collection in mind and I knew it would suit Lindy, and then because I love Bali so much and Lindy is a Balinese princess, I wanted to make this collection that western side of Lindy, so I did the skull and those designs.

‘Some of the prints I have done are traditional hand painted Balinese style batiking I wanted to make sure that some of the soft feminine pieces had that “tribal bohemian” that I see Lindy as and then I did some really intricate fine Balinese flowers mixed in with the tribal design to represent Lindy.’

The White of the Night collection will be launched early May. Too keep up with what’s happening with Lisa’s Closet, follow the label on Instagram – LisasClosetByronBay or visit the website: www.lisascloset.com.au.

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