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May 29, 2022

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Primex Sustainable Farming and Primary Industries Expo new date confirmed

After being postponed due to the flooding and ongoing wet weather the 2022 Primex Sustainable Farming and Primary Industries Expo and will now go ahead on November 10–12.

Other News

Elliot ecstatic about Albo and confident of a Richmond win

While her win in Richmond has not yet been confirmed, Justine Elliot is very happy about the overall result for Labor and a new government.

North Coast Festival of Flavour

Organisers of the North Coast Festival of Flavour on 3–5 June 2022 say it’s not to be missed, as...

Never again

It seems to me that the floods became a ‘never again’ moment in time for Lismore and to a...

Who gets a voice?

After my tirade (Echo 4 May), against proposed changes to the Code of Meeting Practice at Byron Shire Council,...

A woman on fire with nothing to lose

As a brand new MLC, Sue Higginson’s first week in the NSW Upper House has been huge but she says it’s a taste of things to come.

Kindness on rise in Ballina and beyond

A community battered by natural disasters and COVID is still finding room in its heart for refugees and asylum seekers, according to Ballina Region for Refugees Vice President Stanley Yeo.

Healthy Tips on Bananas

According to Chinese medicine bananas are cooling, sweet, they lubricate the intestines and lungs, and treat constipation, hypertension and ulcers. What could be more convenient than this healthy food already wrapped in its own packaging! Call into Mullum Farmers Markets before heading off to the Mullum Music Festival and pick up some bananas to give you energy.

Lance from Mount Chowan Organics changed to growing organic bananas 10 years ago because of ill health and now says that not only do his bananas taste fantastic, but his health is amazing too!

Likewise Neville at Mullum and New Brighton uses only organic fertilisers and pesticides for his bananas, and apart from the traditional Cavendish and Lady Finger, he also grows plantain, which are excellent for cooking. If it’s a banana smoothie you need before the Mullum Music Festival, see the guys at Jungle Juice.

Mullum Farmers Markets are held every Friday morning at Mullum Showgrounds. See their Facebook page for more interesting banana history and recipes.

Reasons to be cheerful

After nine long years of being led by the least among us, Australia’s future feels optimistic. Thanks, Western Australia, you were instrumental in booting those numpties out! 

Regrets for treatment of Wardell CORE?

After Ballina Council's recent decision, at its Finance and Facilities Committee Meeting, to effectively evict the Wardell Community Organised Resilience Effort (CORE) from the War Memorial Hall, in mid-flood recovery, some were having second thoughts at their Ordinary Meeting yesterday.

Keep your eyes and ears open for Albert’s Lyrebird

Tweed Council is asking that you put your best bird listening ears on this June and capture the sounds of a rare bird.

Progress at Ross Lane?

The perennial question 'is Ross Lane open?' edged closer to an answer yesterday, with Ballina Council discussing a range of options to solve the flooding problem which regularly cuts off Lennox's main access to the west. Ross Lane has been closed again this week.