Subsidised Solar

Fact: The government will subsidise your solar power installation by up to 44 per cent.

SAE Group is one of Australia’s largest and most trusted installers of quality solar systems. All our systems are backed by a full three-tier warranty and are guaranteed to protect your investment.

They have systems and prices to suit every home and budget with a 5kW system ranging from $4,995 (budget) to $7,695 (premium). They quote ‘on the roof’ prices with no hidden costs, plus they do all their own installations using accredited master electricians.

The savings to your power bills, alongside the current feed-in tariff (FIT), mean your system will pay for itself within two to four years.

Isn’t it time you started reducing your bills, instead of paying through the nose for your electricity?

For an obligation-free quote on a quality system that will start saving you money, call SAE Group today on 1300 182 050.

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