Byron Shire election boiler plate 2021

Byron Shire is the most easterly melting point of Australia, where surfers, farmers and influencers somehow exist together despite the increasing lack of available housing… Where hippies and artists are becoming somewhat extinct from the pressure of being replaced by sea changing celebrities.

With a population of 35,773 in 2020 it’s a highly desirable mecca for festivals that celebrate music, books and alternative health. There’s plenty of naval gazing workshops too! While an affluent demographic is clearly moving in at a rapid rate, Byron Shire boasts some of the state’s most precious biodiversity.

A big issue for the Lismore, Ballina, Byron and Richmond Valley Shires is water security with the debate raging over the Dunoon Dam project which also draws in issues of viable population density, environmental stability and Indigenous heritage.

The Council is made up of a popularly elected Mayor and along with eight

Current councillor profiles here.