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May 12, 2021

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How much do you know about koalas?

How well do you know your koala facts? Test your knowledge at the June 2 Koala Hard Quiz in Mullumbimby.

Other News

Dam doesn’t give a damn about koalas

The proposed Dunoon Dam is still a possibility, though it has been voted against twice by the members of Rous County Council. Now information has emerged which presents another reason to shut down the threat of the dam once and for all.

‘Seven and a bit’ stone

Stone & Wood are thrilled to announce the return of Festival of the Stone to their Byron-based Brewery, Saturday...

A grubby business

Cr Cate Coorey, Byron Shire Council Among the reasons Simon Richardson gave for his retirement from the mayoralty was the...

‘Natural’ cruelty

Richard Swinton, Clunes While I agree with Desmond Bellamy’s concerns about animal cruelty, the issue of ‘natural’ cruelty if the...

Respect for Country

Léandra Martiniello, Whian Whian It is the night of the full moon, I have just watched it rise. On the...

Locavores out and about

The sun is out, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so is the barbeque… or picnic, at this...

June 24, 2014

Issue 29.02

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In this Issue:

AFL 9s comes to the Bay in October

Sydney Swans dual premiership player and AFL 9s ambassador Jude Bolton last week launched the AFL 9s Byron Bay Invitational, to be held at the Byron Regional Sport and Cultural Complex on October 11 and 12.


How To Train Your Dragon 2

Animation today is a wondrous art form, and it is all too easy to be overwhelmed by its technical achievements, by the way in which it can so cleanly and effortlessly transport the viewer into a fantasy world.


22 Jump Street

The running gag throughout this less-than-stimulating regurgitation of the same-old-same-old, dumb-arse buddy flick is that its plot is a repeat of 21 Jump Street.


An exploration of grief and healing

The Railway Man's Wife – Review by Joanne Shoebridge, Morning presenter on ABC North Coast. When a single, random act changes Anikka Lachlan’s life forever, she buries herself in books.


Mungo’s Crossword N024

To fill out this crossword online a you need a browser or PDF viewer that is able to fill out PDF forms. If it doesn’t work in your browser try downloading it and viewing in Adobe Reader or Acrobat...


Left Bankers 2 for 2 in Shand series

Sunday’s Shand series stoush between the red-necked Left Bankers and the Geckos, was played under some heavy mental clouds with both squads in a state of sleep-deprived delirium owing to the world cup.


Traditional Thai

It’s always such a pleasure when you go out to dinner and the food is unexpectedly good. Traditional Thai’s head chef John Verano serves the unique, quality dishes that should be part of eating out in Byron.


Player Profile – Jacob Johnston

Mullumbimby Moonshiner Jacob Johnston is one of this week's profiled players.


Player Profile – Certified Male

Zebra for the Bay Rollers, this Certified Male is profiled this week.


TV’s Maddie and Possum host a day of children’s literature

Popular television personalities Maddie and Possum of Prime7’s Possum’s Club, will host the Byron Bay Writers Festival Kids Big Day Out on Sunday August 3. The exceptional lineup this year, designed to capture the imagination of children aged between...


Off The Hook – great days for fisher folk

There is plenty of fish about and the beautiful weather means fisher folk are having a ball.


Tourism symposium first for Byron

With a theme of theme of ‘How we will disperse our visitors; across the week, across the year and across our shire’, the first Destination Byron Tourism Symposium was held at Byron at Byron.


The Floating Stone

Classically trained soprano Lou Van Stone takes her audience on an inclusive musical journey with blissful, transformational meditative soundscapes and euphoric trance floor anthems.


Love Songs and an Empty Sky

Kavisha Mazzella is an ARIA award wining singer songwriter with a very unique twist. A meditator, chanter, sufi poem lover and singer of love songs in Italian, she presents two very different styles of performance.


Deputy premier threatens Bentley protesters

A brief lifting of the political iron curtain has revealed what NSW deputy premier Andrew Stoner really thinks of those who oppose gas drilling at Bentley.


Services loss concern for homeless: MP

People facing homelessness across the state could be left with services lacking the necessary experience and connections to the community, warns Jan Barham, Greens MP and spokesperson on housing.


Tony kowtows to old king coal

Last week the world-renowned American environmentalist, Bill McKibben, declared that our prime minister now apparently saw his principal role in international affairs as the global ambassador of coal, writes Mungo MacCallum.


Joey on trucks for Oz skateboard titles

All Joey Cormack can think about is skating – leaving school days behind, he is continuing his education by distance and spends time at the skate park, and it’s paying off.


Mr Cassidy offers up Redemption

Dannie Carr and Emilie Owen are the wives of rockstars (Ash Grunwald and The Living End’s Scott Owen respectively). But these women are setting out to prove that these men are in fact the husbands of rockstars with the release of their new EP Redemption.


This girl is going for gold

Musician Gyan has launched a crowdfunding project… and the clock is ticking!


Tweed residents facing rate rise in 2021/2022 financial year

Tweed residents are invited to provide feedback on their council's budget, revenue policy and fees and charges, as Tweed Council prepares to finalise its delivery program and operational plan for the next financial year.

Exotic and hybrid

Dailan Pugh, Byron Bay I was shocked to see the abundant exotic and hybrid plantings at Byron’s new bus interchange. As Byron Council used to have...

Locals call for automatic revocation of speeding fines on Hinterland Way in first half of April

When local man Nathan Hicks saw posts on Facebook about locals who had received fines they believed were incorrect he decided to look into challenging his own fine. 

Ageism alive and well

Margaret Boshier, St Ives I have been spending time in the ocean since before I could walk; I grew up at the beach; I have...