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Byron Shire
July 31, 2021

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Byron beach erosion

Ann Tiernan, Suffolk Park I strongly disagree with Council’s position stated in last week’s Echo that ‘The sand (at Clarkes Beach)...

Other News

Opportunities aplenty for young rugby standout

Ross Kendall Mullumbimby 16-year-old, Raife McKenzie, is a rising star rugby player who has had a big year after winning...

Sovereign citizens have ‘zero’ legal status in Australia, says former magistrate

Can we really tell authorities we ‘don’t consent’ to rules around mask-wearing, public gatherings or, as was more common before the pandemic, traffic and drug offences, and be excused?

New digs for Bangalow Lions Club

After 30 years of using a makeshift shed at the Bangalow Showground for their bar and barbecue, the Bangalow Lions Club have opened their newly constructed Lions Kiosk.

Bangalow health food staff fined for failing to mask-up

Anyone who cannot wear a face mask because of a disability, physical or mental health illness or condition must now carry proof of exemption.

Vehicle access to Unicorn Falls to close

President of the recently formed Byron Hikers Club says a ‘controversy is brewing’ around National Parks’ recently announced plans to close vehicle access to Unicorn Falls, located on South Chowan Road behind Upper Main Arm.

Magnificent sporting prowess and flag pride after 2021 NAIDOC

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people also shone in the sporting arena during NAIDOC 2021. 

September 30, 2015

Issue 30.16

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In this Issue:

Giant sounds of the Jungle

Brisbane-based four-piece The Jungle Giants have been kicking some serious music butt this year. Just back from the US, the crew talk it up before their gig at the Hotel Great Northern on Thursday. Tell me how you guys came...


Archers meet challenge in Byron     

Last Sunday saw the Byron Shire Archery Club host the Interclub Challenge. Archers from Gold Coast, Casino, Byron Bay, Ballina and Lismore shot 90 arrows over set distances for a total possible score of 900 points.


Bluedogs rainy day afternoon

A stunning first half performance in less than favourable conditions at oaks oval in Lismore has seen the Bangalow Bluedogs girls create history and win three back to back women's premier league titles.


Metgasco should ‘take the money and run’

Despite overwhelming public opposition, junior gas miner Metgasco announced Monday that a proposed timeframe for its Rosella (Bentley) drilling program will be announced ‘in the next few weeks’.


Market stallholders ‘threatened’ by Byron council plan

Talks last week have failed to placate stallholders at two markets that operate out of Byron Bay’s Butler Street Reserve, which is due to be resumed for a council carpark and works depot next year.


Parkway do it their way

Twelve years ago a bunch of kids from Parkway Drive in Ewingsdale were playing hardcore in the garage. Twelve years on, the boys have become men, touring internationally to sold-out houses around the world, having just released Ire, the 10th...


Adult time to really unwind at the Byron at Byron

One of the benefits of living near a quality ‘visitor destination’ such as Byron is whether you are a local or a visitor there is no shortage of high-quality restaurants and spas for those looking for time to really...



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XLQ1bkSLDo Whether or not the end justifies the means has always been a foggy issue. Especially when the means involve activities that cross the line of what is strictly legal, or worse, what is unconscionably cruel. And to what extent...


A day of ‘thank you’

Alison Drover, Broken Head How about a day of ‘thank you’ to our health workers and ‘sorry’ from our prime minister and ‘please’ from the community? Instead...

Nolan’s Soapbox

Duncan Shipley-Smith, Byron Bay The sinister suggestion by Nolan in last week’s Echo conflating anti-vaccination supporters with extreme right-wing ideology (XRW) demands a response. This is...

Shooting in Nimbin

There is a police operation currently underway in Nimbin following a shooting earlier today.

Knife-wielding criminal on the loose in Byron Bay

A terrifying media release is still on the loose in Byron Bay after escaping from the computers of Council candidates Rhett Holt and Cr Alan Hunter.  'It is a frightful to wake up at three in the morning to a man blood dripping with a backpack full of knives using your shower,' the [sic] release said...