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March 8, 2021

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Seapeace: the late Tony Maxwell’s wetland legacy

Many curious minds have pondered the purpose of the rice paddy-like waterbodies that scallop the contour lines out into the Ewingsdale coastal plain that can be viewed from St Helena Road.

Other News

Suffolk Park pump track for Cavanbah

Kathy Gleeson, Suffolk Park When I first heard of, and supported, the pump track at the Linda Vidler Park in Suffolk...

Caravan park to pay $2.3mil plus to consumers

The NSW Court of Appeal has upheld the Supreme Court’s decision arising from the sale of the movable dwellings located on waterfront sites along the Tweed River.

Top of Mt Warning

Daniel O’Brien, Federal Letters about Mt Warning were interesting. Chris Gee defended National Parks and Wildlife for adopting the views of...

FB censorship

Dean Jefferys, Mullumbimby I feel concerned about the level of censorship on FB, Instagram, YouTube, MSM, local online groups and elsewhere...

PM forced

Narelle Rendalls, Ballina With reference to the recent serious sexual assault allegations in Canberra, our Prime Minister has a lot to...

Thirteen students inducted into Tweed Youth Council

The Youth Council program hopes develop better relations between Council and Tweed’s young people, by encouraging a mutual respect, and providing opportunities to contribute to civic life in a constructive and meaningful manner.

January 27, 2016

Issue 30.33

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In this Issue:

Cinema Reviews : The Hateful Eight

https://youtu.be/6_UI1GzaWv0 By John Campbell This is Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film. We know this because it’s the first thing we read in the introductory credits. Even by Hollywood’s immodest standards, such hubris is laughable. Further, as an act of self-reference – if...


Wooden boat regatta huge success

Over 20 wooden boats took to the water last Sunday to celebrate the third Annual Wooden Boat Regatta at Ballina.


Cinema Reviews : The Bélier Family

https://youtu.be/y36W7P1FxJI By John Campbell Set in provincial France, Eric Lartigau’s endearing coming-of-age movie begins with a song of thrilling expectation and ends with one of heart-breaking resignation. Gigi (Karin Viard) is the teenaged daughter of deaf parents – her younger brother...


Luis Tamani’s Amazon Visions

There are many who believe that the jungle has medicine for the whole world. Whether it is the immense wealth of medicinal plants, its powerful ability to sequester carbon from our atmosphere, its biodiversity of plants and animals, or a...


Shores United they stand with all seniors in finals

This year promises to be a very exciting time for the Shores United Football Club, with the long-overdue Shara Boulevard sportsfield approved and out to tender in February.


Ballina paving and mowing the way for disc golf?

Disc golf is a popular sport in Europe and the US and is gaining momentum in Australia. Back in November last year, Ballina Council supported a proposal by Cr Jeff Johnson to investigate the establishment of a course at Bicentennial Gardens.


The Decemberists

From across the planet, Portland Oregon’s finest, The Decemberists, the hugely successful and inspiring indie folk rock band will be making their Bluesfest debut in 2016. Their career spans more than a decade and with their songs ranging from upbeat...


Live Music Roundup – Thursday 28 January, 2016

Uke’s got the pub rockin’ The pub rock era from the late 60s to early 90s in particular was a very virile period for Australian music. The bands played loud and strong to compete with the rabble and noise in...


Mojo Juju feeling blue at Blues

As ever, Bluesfest will bring an awesome lineup of Australian acts to their Tyagarah stages this Easter, not in the least Mojo Juju. Smooth, shiny and loaded with sin. Mojo Juju sings songs that sound just like that night...


Culture Roundup – Wednesday 27 January, 2016

When your Boomerang won’t come back After a successful debut in 2013, Boomerang Festival, held as an independent event on the Bluesfest site, was nominated for the Best New Event at the 2014 Australian Events Awards and Best Indigenous Tourism...


Mandy Nolan’s Soap Box: Charged about chargers?

There is a question that we used to ask ourselves to work out what was most important in life: If you had two minutes to get out of your house, what would you grab? Everyone used to say ‘the...


Tommy in his Elements

Elements’ opening pool party on Monday was indeed ‘lavish’. Delta Kay and a troupe of Arakwal dancers performed on the ceremony space overlooking the beach, a helicopter rested in the grounds and women held horses as more than 200...


How to food boast without annoying your friends

Sarah McGrory – www.getforkedandfly.com Love it or hate it, food boasting on social media is an epidemic. Sign into your Instagram or Facebook account and see for yourself – a deluge of food photos, many of questionable quality, proudly posted by your...


Caravan park to pay $2.3mil plus to consumers

The NSW Court of Appeal has upheld the Supreme Court’s decision arising from the sale of the movable dwellings located on waterfront sites along the Tweed River.

Government modelling fails to reflect women’s interrupted careers

New research to be released this week analyses two decades of Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey to estimate the actual labour force experience of women over their life and accounts for working when super is not paid.

Ballina cleans up!

Clean Up Australia Day was a great success in Ballina, with the beach clean up event organised by Ballina Coastcare yesterday attracting twenty volunteers.

Lismore future councillor information sessions

With the delayed Local Government elections being held in September, several councils, including Lismore City Council, are holding information sessions for community members who are thinking about running for Council.