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May 14, 2021

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Power outage in Byron Shire

Power supply company Essential Energy says that approximately 1,780 homes and businesses were without supply this morning.

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‘Natural’ cruelty

Richard Swinton, Clunes While I agree with Desmond Bellamy’s concerns about animal cruelty, the issue of ‘natural’ cruelty if the...

Water outage in Ballina this Thursday

Residents on Crane and Owen Streets in Ballina are advised of a planned water outage this Thursday May 13.

How much do you know about koalas?

How well do you know your koala facts? Test your knowledge at the June 2 Koala Hard Quiz in Mullumbimby.

NewsCorp announces August revival of regional news print in QLD

Less than a week after the two major NewsCorp-owned outlets on the Northern Rivers lost their websites and redirected readers via The Daily Telegraph (TDT), sister publications in Queensland announced almost the opposite.

Assange’s father to beg Biden for son’s freedom

John Shipton, father of detained WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, says he’ll return to the United States to ask President Joe Biden to drop legal action against his son.

Power outage in Byron Shire

Power supply company Essential Energy says that approximately 1,780 homes and businesses were without supply this morning.

April 29, 2020

Issue 34.47

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In this Issue:

Love your mum body

Women are at war with their bodies. From when we are very young we are encouraged to view our lovely bodies with suspicion and disgust.


Exposing plandemic

John Scrivener, Main Arm Robert Podhajsky (Letters, 22 April) identified a significant source of data that helps reveal the true nature of the response to this year’s viral pandemic. That is, comparative rates of viral infection and mortality relative to...


Going green during lockdown

Have you thought about making lifestyle changes for a greener lifestyle, but just haven’t had the time or the energy?


Please explain

Simon Kane, Ocean Shores I’m confused about how my partner can’t go to her grandfather’s funeral, but the Byron and New Brighton Farmers Markets are still chock-a-block with definitely more than ten people every week. Can someone please enlighten me?   • Ed:...


US wet market

Bernard Hinchcliffe, Mullumbimby Two early cases of COVID-19 in early December in Washington State detected through autopsy. Hunting season in that state for deer is around November to December. Could the Chinese government be right in saying the virus originated in...


5G and belief

Corrina Beacham, Northern Rivers and Australians for Safe Technology  The federal government’s $9m campaign to ‘re-educate’ us about 5G safety seems to have devolved into rehashing the tired ‘5G dangers are just conspiracy theory’ line, now with the added notion...


Mordor foists Tower of Sauron on Mullum

Society really doesn’t do science well. Being outraged is an easier achievement.


NSW councils to receive $395m stimulus package from govt

NSW councils are set to receive a $395m economic stimulus package from the state government, in an effort ‘to save local jobs and support communities to recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19’.


Libraries essential

I am writing as coordinator of a longstanding Byron Bay book club who were meeting monthly at the [email protected] Resort, and currently via Zoom. The vast majority of the members rely on our wonderful library service to access their...


Food for the vulnerable running out

The Byron Community Centre is urgently seeking financial support from the community so that it can continue to deliver food to locals in need during the COVID-19 crisis.



G Graham, Byron Bay Forty square metres for thirty students plus one teacher. Allow ten square metres for access at the front of the room, and the teacher’s desk. This leaves one square metre per student. This is a classroom in...



Paul Jones, Butler Street Community Network Inc The Mayor’s response last week to the outrageous critical habitat destruction of possibly the largest recorded population of Mitchell’s Rainforest Snail as a ‘good thing’ beggars belief. This is now a crime against the...


Dodgy developer

John Lazarus, Byron Bay And the Dodgy Developer of the Year Award goes to… Byron Shire Council for their blundering, lack of assessment, keeping the community in the dark until the destruction is done, bypass development.  No private developer would get...


Byron Mayor given emergency powers by Council

Byron Council has given Mayor Simon Richardson the power to make unilateral council decisions during COVID-19 if he deems it to be 'in the interests of the community'.


Parking to remain a key focus at Butler St Reserve

Finding a park in Byron Bay may be like shooting fish in a barrel at the moment, but Council is clearly preparing for the return of traffic chaos once social distancing laws are lifted.


Anti-5G campaigners vow to continue the fight

The fight against Telstra’s installation of 5G in Mullumbimby looks set to continue, with campaigners maintaining a 24-hour presence at the site and lodging a formal complaint with the communication's watchdog.


West Byron rises again

Cate Coorey, Byron Bay In September 2014, Byron Residents’ Group drafted an open letter in this paper to the landowners of West Byron, signed and paid for by many local people. Here is a portion of it: ‘We have asked you...


West Byron will destroy koala habitat

Linda Sparrow, President Bangalow Koalas If you care about the plight of our koalas and other wildlife after a season of hell with the prolonged drought and bushfires – we need your help. Our Byron coastal koalas are heading for extinction...


Cartoon of the week – April 29, 2020

We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors.


Seize the future

Ross Kendall, Mullumbimby The most sustainable transport options we have right now are walking and cycling, but people advocating railways for the Shire are actually working against their full deployment. State governments have said they will fund a pedestrian/cycleway along the...


Police discretion 

Ian Harris, Mullumbimby To the police officer in Mullumbimby who pulled me over for driving an unregistered car on Saturday – thank you! I had paid the rego and CTP online on Friday, but when he pulled me over on Saturday,...



Jeff Johnson, Ballina Shire Councillor As a local business owner and resident I am sick of paying up to 50 per cent more for petrol than residents only an hour or so to our north. With a number of vehicles...


Safety ignored

Ewan Willis, Main Arm It is an amazing thing to see the process of Council in action. Like most people who attend a planning meeting I had an outcome that I was seeking. I was asking Council not to approve...


Music and Culture for Byron Shire for the week beginning, 28...

The good people of Cunning Stunts know how to lift spirits – the team behind Curious and Nudge are presenting a FREE live DJ mix-and-stream full of fun, joy and dance shenanigans, on Saturday 2 May!


Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: My Last Post

It’s dark, I’m drinking tea. I hear a lone bugle play The Last Post. Its mournful notes float in the darkness high above my small town, lingering in the silence. This year is the year no one can gather.


Filming of Byron Baes begins with no indigenous consultation

Filming of the Netflix series Byron Baes has reportedly commenced without any effort made by the show's production company – Eureka Productions – to consult with local indigenous groups or the local Council.

Byron Comedy Festival launched with a laugh

At a hilarious sold-out launch of the Byron Comedy Festival, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki had the entire Byron Bay Surf Club giggling last night

School Strike for Climate next Friday

Next Friday from 10am Byron Shire students will be demanding political action on the climate emergency in what they and their supporters say is our present, future and reality. 

Diverse and resilient

Andrya Hart, The Channon After statements and actions by some Rous councillors, I am left wondering how many refusals to accept the democratic vote at their...