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Byron Shire
May 14, 2021

Latest News

Michael Lyon elected as Byron Mayor

Owing to the resignation of former Mayor at the end of April, a vote was held today to replace Simon Richardson, until the next election

Other News

War The Bloody Hell Are You?

When faced with potential conflict, why are we abandoning the strategy that’s worked in the past for one that will definitely fail?

Developers push swamp boundaries – will council push back?

It has once again been left to residents to raise serious issues in relation to a development application (DA) that is pushing to overdevelop at 6 Keats Street, Byron Bay at the expense of the environment, in particular the Cumbebin Swamp.

A grubby business

Cr Cate Coorey, Byron Shire Council Among the reasons Simon Richardson gave for his retirement from the mayoralty was the...

Travelling at the speed of lies

When Tim Berners-Lee and others created the architectural foundations of the world wide web, they did so with the vision of openness, idea sharing, and trust. Human nature has a way of making things more complicated, of course.

Linnaeus Estate DA raises concerns for residents

Community concern over the current development application (DA: 10.2021.170.1) for Linnaeus Estate in Broken Head has led to detailed analysis of the DA.

‘Seven and a bit’ stone

Stone & Wood are thrilled to announce the return of Festival of the Stone to their Byron-based Brewery, Saturday...

May 20, 2020

Issue 34.50

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In this Issue:

Mungo matters

L Andrews, Lennox Head Mungo MacCallum states that ‘isolation is becoming intolerable; suicide rates are increasing…’ (13 May, 2020) without citing his evidence for this. While there have been predictions that suicide rates may increase during the pandemic, where is the...


Positive birthing

Iris Ray Nunn, New Brighton I absolutely loved the story and photo on the cover of last week’s Echo sharing the birth story of Kayla Tutchen. Very heartwarming, uplifting and revolutionary really. Much needed good news! Congratulations to Chrys, Duane and...


Critical analysis

Lucas Wright, Billinudgel  It’s difficult to fault John Scrivener’s assertion (Letters, 13 May) that official narratives should undergo rigorous critical analysis. History does prove that people and institutions often conspire, and tilt, toward corruption. However, an argument could be made that –...


5G believers

Neal Bowhay, Myocum I believe the protest against 5G in Mullum are ground breaking. Here are a couple of links that convey why we all need to sit up and be alert. There are many threads to what is going on. This...


Going Green

Jo Faith, Newtown Any person who is a supporter of The Greens can be truly delighted that Duncan Dey has been chosen as their leading candidate for Mayor in the pre-selection process. Duncan has always followed the principles articulated in...


Radical solution

John Kersten, Mullumbimby Quite simply, given our addiction/ to our planet-destroying economy,/ we are quite incapable of making any decision/ likely to even slow the wheels of climate change. Perhaps the single best thing we can do/ is to give something to...


Why is it so?

Nev Kelly, Ballina After many, many years, there has not been one ‘Catholic priest’ with the courage to speak out about the abuse of our ‘little people’ by members of the ‘Catholic clergy’. It is an extremely sad situation. However, it...


Why it’s important to Eat Local and Love Local

‘There has never been a more important time than now, during the COVID-19 shutdowns, for people to eat local, love local, and support our food industry and jobs in our region.’


Plans for a safe Mullum street dinner

Mullumbimby is using that infamous creativity to look at ways that businesses and people can come together to safely support one another as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. 


Shopping local at markets pivots to online 

Byron Markets has moved online in a bid to support its struggling stallholders to service the local community during COVID-19.


Meaningless strategy?

John Lazarus, Byron Bay Council’s advertisement calls for submissions on their proposed Biodiversity Strategy. Unfortunately they never complied with most of their previous Biodiversity Strategy. Questions asked in response to Council’s ad ‘Myocum solar farm feedback sought’ (13 May), in regard...


Verify please

Rosie Kaplan, Lennox Head I would be interested to know where Hayo Van de Woude (Letters 13 May) got his evidence that in Italy flu-vaccinated people died at a higher rate from COVID-19. I looked on three different search engines and was...


A dose of reality

Keith Duncan, Pimlico Great to see the federal coalition finally getting a serious dose of reality. No budget surplus, (it never actually existed), the whole charade was only designed as a marketing ploy to allow ‘Scotty from marketing’ to orchestrate a...


Editorial – Look, over there! A virus is a great distraction

Will the local governing class (Council) change their perception of ‘normal’ development? Presently, this community still faces the never-ending barrage of growth opportunities (ie strategies, plans and policies), which have been foisted upon us by the NSW government and Council planning staff.


Pill testing

David Gilet, Byron Bay The recent case of the underage girl strip-searched at a festival just underlines the ludicrous attitude to pill testing of the NSW government. Gladys Brejiklian’s line is that pill testing is not 100 per cent accurate, and...


Byron bus interchange work stopped over potential Indigenous midden

Archaeologists will be assessing the discovery of a potential Indigenous midden in the path of a new transport hub for Byron Bay.


Community pioneer Jane Shand – one of the originals

Always ahead of the curve: from introducing her friends to rock ‘n’ roll, to being part of the first wave of hippies to settle in Main Arm, to dropping ‘back in’ Jane Shand was a wild, loving, adventurous, and caring spirit who passed away on 29 April, 2020.


Why not Assange?

Roy Drew, Mullumbimby In the middle of this wretched coronavirus pandemic Australian citizen and journalist Julian Assange is still being detained in Belmarsh Prison, UK. He has been kept on remand for the last six months because the presiding magistrate has declared...


Future mayor possibility

Fast Buck$, Coorabell I’m as surprised as anyone that Duncan Dey obtained the Greens’ nomination for Mayor; I didn’t even know he had put his name forward. Given that Ian Cohen also came in ahead of Simon Richardson’s admirers, Sarah...


Joel’s tumour fight returns

A Mullumbimby couple’s life came crashing down last week when Brooke Bretherton came home to find her seven-month-old daughter Peachy distraught in her high chair, and her husband unresponsive after having a seizure.


Homelessness and the pandemic – what is the government doing?

Our volunteer services such as the Liberation Larder and the Mullumbimby Neighbourhood Centre are groaning under the weight of extra homelessness since the start of the pandemic. What is the government doing?


God of love

Mick Stacey, Ballina If JC arrived in Australia today, he wouldn’t last two minutes. He’d be lynched before he finished his first sermon. The PM doesn’t love Jesus, he loves money. ‘Keep your lives free from the love of money, and be content...


Water guzzlers

Meg Pickup, Ballina How can Australia, the driest inhabited continent in the world, continue to mine and burn water-guzzling coal? Australian coal corporations consume 383 billion litres of water annually, the same amount as that used annually by all Sydney...


Until the gold is gone

Paul Brecht, Evans Head Six activists convicted by an Indonesian court for organising a protest demanding independence for the province of West Papua. That’s a bit bloody rich coming from the Indonesian regime who invaded West Papua and have been persecuting the...


Cartoon of the week – 20 May, 2020

Letters to the editor We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors. The deadline for the Byron Echo newspaper is noon Friday and letters longer...


Locals question placing homes in areas of inundation risk

It is where the community fought off Club Med and it is once again in the spotlight as the current owners, Elements, are seeking to have the zoning of the environmentally sensitive area in Bayshore Drive changed from tourism to residential

Go straight to the source on the Future Water Project

Rous County Council has announced a series of information days to be held this month where the community can ‘drop in’ and find out more about the revised draft Future Water Project 2060.

Free mental health workshop for Byron businesses

Business owners in Byron Shire are invited to attend a free 'Healthy Mindset' workshop aimed at providing them with resources and tools to improve mental health and wellbeing, as well as the opportunity to connect with other business owners.


Jillian Spring, Billinudgel In the article –  At a gathering of trainspotters, 21/4/21 by David Lisle, re Tweed Council Rail Trail, it is noted in...