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April 21, 2021

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Byron Drag Racers World Record

The local AAA Racing motorcycle team have set a new world record in 100cc class, as well as a top national speed in 50cc class at the recent Australian Speed Week held at Salt Lake Gairdner, South Australia.

Other News

Electricity ‘fun facts’

Anonymous, Ballina I’m surprised that a part of David Lowe’s online article of March 15 slipped under the fact-check radar (‘Tamara Smith...

Your Local Club Academy Games

The North Coast Academy of Sport prepared its largest squad ever to compete at the 2021 Your Local Club Academy Games, held in the Hunter region last weekend.

Upgrades for Lighthouse Parade in Ballina

One of the showcase areas of Ballina is about to get a safety and aesthetic upgrade, with the Lighthouse Parade Pedestrian Precinct and Road Safety Project commencing soon.

The ghost in the archives #3: Sexism, legal discrimination and ‘the game of bastardry’

The ghost in the archives #3 – In which a former Echo drudge dives into the crypt and comes up covered in dusty memories.

Byron Drag Racers World Record

The local AAA Racing motorcycle team have set a new world record in 100cc class, as well as a top national speed in 50cc class at the recent Australian Speed Week held at Salt Lake Gairdner, South Australia.

Koala Wars

James Wright, Byron Bay On reading Dailan’s ‘Koala Wars’ I felt compelled introduce the readers to interesting debate about the health and...

November 4, 2020

Issue 35.21

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In this Issue:

Sand still there…

Matt Hartley, Byron Bay In response to Dailan Pugh's letter; upon your recommendation I did go and look at the Belongil. Have you been down there recently, by which I mean any time in years? The idea that the construction of...


COVID control

Peter Olson, Goonengerry Forty-eight people died soon after receiving the new, now proven deadly RNA vaccine last week, consequently Singapore was forced to halt their lethal vaccination program (https://reut.rs/34NGRKs) . Oh and by the way, there appears to be a very sophisticated...


Dredging it up

Ray Hunt, Ballina I have observed the silting/shoaling of the Richmond River over the last 40 years owing to removal of the permanent dredge that was required to maintain channels for navigation. The placement of bridges and abutments adds to the...


Backlash 21 October

Tim Harrington, Lennox Head It is truly difficult to believe that your Backlash editor could bother to cover such spin as the ABC’s Dr Norman Swan pontificating on the Victorian COVID-19 reductions as being a world record. The truth of the matter...


Not enough passengers?

Jillian Spring, Billinudgel Byron Shire’s Councillor Alan Hunter’s assertion that ‘our Casino to Murwillumbah rail service’ did not have enough passengers or freight to justify it 16 years ago and that is not likely to have changed’ is totally wrong. Just a...


Sand pipeline foolish

Janet Lavis, East Ballina I feel compelled to reply to Warwick Anderson’s suggestion to drill a pipeline from the cliff base of the Cape below the lighthouse and run it to Wategos, for the purpose of dredging sand, to possibly ‘get the...


Editorial – Clinging onto biodiversity

In case anyone missed the memo, there’s almost no housing, let alone affordable housing, available in Byron Shire. With so many people escaping the cities, Byron Shire is under enormous pressure.


Hospitality leaders help Melbourne’s nightlife

There’s nothing like a lunch date to get good ideas cooking, and local hospitality leaders have done just that with an initiative to support the struggling hospitality industry in Melbourne. 


Who’s the wannabe?

Patrick Morrisey, Goonengerry Councillor Michael Lyon must be doing something right if he’s raised the ire of the narcissist and dodgy developer from Coorabell.


COVID-19 impacts on job vacancies

It’s no secret that unemployment in the Byron Shire has spiked as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the associated recession.


Suffolk Park tree dune destruction

Anne Martin, Newrybar  Late last week I witnessed a chainsaw being used by a person up a ladder to cut down a large casuarina tree in the sand dunes at Suffolk Park. It had also been used to remove numerous pandanus...


A dive into the adolescent brain, Nov 9

Mullumbimby High P&C President, Damian Farrell, is inviting parents to a forum on the adolescent brain and risk-taking behaviours, to be held Monday, November 9.


Light rail study for Tweed

A $1m study into the possibility of a light rail connection between Tweed Heads and Coolangatta has been announced by the NSW Liberal-Nationals government.


Beach erosion

David Gilet, Byron Bay One of the first letters I wrote to The Echo when I arrived in Byron 32 years ago concerned the rockworks at Main Beach. At the moment ,what happens is that storm surges hit this confrontational structure and...


Election Day in America

Americans like to know who the new president is on Election Day. This year, it might be not so fast, because COVID-19 means many millions of ballots are in the mail


Byron High receives Sustainable Schools Grant

Byron Bay High School has been successful in receiving a $15,000 Sustainable Schools Grant from the NSW Department of Education.


Floodplain planning

Duncan Dey, Main Arm Thanks to The Echo for last week covering what might look like small bickies, a Council committee meeting on flooding. On Thursday, 29 October the committee heard from experts and authorities like State Planning and State Emergency...


Thanks Mungo

D May, Byron Bay I want to thank Mungo for the crossword. I think over the many years I have got better at them, they are the only ones I do. Occasionally I get them out in a few days over...


Remember the trees maketh the market

Shaunti Kiehl, Suffolk Park The Mullumbimby Farmers Market was awarded #1 in Australia, with a photo of the organisers given all the credit while surrounded by, and literally leaning on, the huge trees. But it probably could have been anyone...


Let the sand go

Wally Hueneke, Byron Bay In response to Dailan Pugh. We let nature take its course, the beaches will always return or reform. Many properties, even Byron itself, will be washed away (hopefully they will be moved or recycled instead). The new Pass...


Shaws Bay, Ballina

Richard White, East Ballina A pile of sand in a bucket of water will, over time, slump and spread out over the entire bucket. So, while I appreciate the council dredging Shaws Bay, Ballina it needs to be a regular, 10-year...


Busking benefits – we need to make money too

Fintan Callaghan, Byron Bay I am a local singer/songwriter who has grown up in the area. I first got booked at the Rails in Byron Bay in the early ‘90s. Fast forward to 2016 when busking started becoming a viable source...


Let’s talk about death

Between pagan and christian days of observance – All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints Day, All Souls Day and the Day of the Dead – this week every year is traditionally a time to remember those who have flown away to the next place.


Holiday lets – how to get heard

Doug Luke, VOHL Coordinator On Tuesday, 27 October, NSW Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, introduced the Short-Term Rental Accommodation Code of Conduct. On the same date, an ABC news article attributed these comments to the Minister: ‘“Vexatious complainants will go through...


Cartoon of the week – 4 November, 2020

Letters to the editor We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors. The deadline for the Byron Echo newspaper is noon Friday and letters longer...


Your Local Club Academy Games

The North Coast Academy of Sport prepared its largest squad ever to compete at the 2021 Your Local Club Academy Games, held in the Hunter region last weekend.

Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning 21 April, 2021

Check out entertainment listings for the week, with music, dance, cinema and all sorts events happening in and around the Byron Shire

Interview with Toni Childs

Internationally celebrated musician, Emmy winner and three times Grammy nominee Toni Childs is bringing her show to The Brunswick Picture House. With two acts, Childs is promising a special two hour performance as she celebrates her vast catalogue of music, which also saw her celebrate the 30th anniversary of her critically acclaimed album Union in 2019.

Jungle juice

There are times when water just doesn’t cut it. And luckily, for those times, there is Jungle Juice.