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Byron Shire
April 21, 2021

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Local youth among those hardest hit by housing affordability crisis

A 20 per cent spike in rents is driving an increase in youth homelessness across the North Coast, the organisers of a national campaign to end homelessness say.

Other News

Coalition ‘hellbent’

Mat Morris, Bangalow The NSW coalition seems to be hellbent on outdoing their federal counterparts when it comes to the denigration...

Jack McCoy bringing surf show to Lennox

Legendary film maker Jack McCoy is bringing his acclaimed surf talk, film and live music event to the Lennox Head Cultural Centre on Saturday 8 May.

Jungle juice

There are times when water just doesn’t cut it. And luckily, for those times, there is Jungle Juice.

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Byron’s Back

‘Byron’s dead’. That’s the statement that I often hear. Or ‘I never go there anymore it’s lost’ or ‘Byron died years ago’. It always makes me feel a bit sad and defensive. I have such a love for this place, although I curse it when I get stuck in snaking traffic at 8am on a weekday morning or I can’t find a park near where I am going.

The Channon resilient after disaster

Northern Rivers communities are nothing if not resilient and The Channon community is preparing to take a proactive stance when it comes to disasters in the area.

Eungella: Alleged domestic-related stabbing suspect charged with attempted murder

Police say a man will face court today charged with attempted murder following an alleged domestic-related stabbing earlier this year.

March 10, 2021

Issue 35.39

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In this Issue:

Imagine if that was your child

Paul Rea, Coorabell Imagine for a moment it was your 16-year-old boy suffering psychiatric distress, stripping himself naked and wandering aimlessly into the street (www.echo.net.au/northern-rivers-policeman-accused-of-youth-assault-acquitted). Imagine him appealing to the police for help and being unable to make himself understood. Being capsicum...


The ghost in the archives #2

In which a former Echo drudge dives into the crypt and comes up covered in dusty memories.


NSW govt accused of resurrecting ‘koala killing bill’

Environmental group, the North East Forest Alliance (NEFA), has condemned an announcement by NSW Liberals and Nationals government ministers Barilaro, Stokes and Kean that they have made a deal on koala protection.


Roadmap to rescue

Hayo van der Woude, Mullumbimby Margo Kingston’s excellent article (3 March) speaks of Cathy McGowan’s efforts to positively disrupt our politics. Two days of intense debate is getting to the nitty gritty. Compassion deficit syndrome in governments inevitably induces action paralysis when...


Seal the real estate

Taneal Cadou-Blake, Mullumbimby Is it just me, or does anyone else get a deep sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach when they come to the real estate section in the paper? I understand that there are probably local residents out...


Buying a seat?

Martin Corben, Lennox Head I have to agree with Cecil McGee’s criticism of The Echo (Letters, 3 March). Your paper can afford to be a lot more discerning about reporting Ben Franklin’s every utterance and appearance, it isn’t warranted. Mr Franklin clearly...


Council and heritage

John Lazarus, Byron Bay Recent letters (David Kolb, June Grant), regarding concerns over the mayor and staff, and Council’s heritage management, are accurate. The mayor has contempt for heritage protection, and staff need to be overseen. In a recent Council meeting on...


Keep at ‘em Janelle

Keith Duncan, Pimlico A great letter from Labor MP, Janelle Saffin (24 February). It now seems that rorting and pork-barrelling played a huge part in the return of the Berejiklian Government at the 2019 election. The polling showed they were heading for...



Bronwyn Sindel, Mullumbimby To address the fears of Martin Bail in Federal (Letters, 24 February) who fears that he’ll be getting an inferior vaccination with Astra-Zeneca, having been made aware of Scott Morrison’s jab with Pfizer – my friend Geoffrey says...


Proposed pump track

Christopher Wright, Byron Bay As a long-term ratepayer of Byron Shire Council (BSC), I have serious concerns regarding the proposed pump track at Suffolk Park. As this proposal has already been passed by Council, I ask how this development decision sits with...


Everyone should be safe being themselves

Hannah Grace, Ocean Shores I was born a loud, spiritual, tomboy child (like my precious dad, Jacko). I grew up with the men and saw the world through their eyes, and I still really have that nature. Wherever the men were...


Noticeable by its absence

Andrew Hall, Ocean Shores That is, the evening frog chorus. Here in Ocean Shores we comment on how calm and still the evenings are. But it was not until I spent a night in Mullum that I realised why. No frogs...


Tony Maxwell, West Byron and fighting for our community

Catherine Coorey, Byron Bay Thank you, Wren McLean, for the beautiful piece about Tony Maxwell; a remarkable local man who died too young. Few people would know that this community owes Tony a big thanks. Back in 2015, Tamara Smith organised...


Renew Fest headliner announced

Senior Australian of the Year and Indigenous artist and educator, Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, will be a headline guest at Renew Fest in May this year.


Is it time for a Mullum Mullet Festival?

You can see him in the streets, you can see him in the pubs, and you can see him under the bonnet of your car – Aaron Styles, Mullumbimby’s mullet man.


Editorial – An innocent, honest man might say…

'I want a formal investigation into this allegation of rape against me, not just to clear my name, but because it is the wishes of the woman’s family and friends...'


Long-term local homeless for nine months

Share, eviction, funding, security, abuse, safety, intimidation, solutions… these were just some of the words that hung on Sarah-Jane McGrath’s clothes-line around her ‘camp’ on the lawn of Byron Shire Council on International Women’s Day, March 8. 


Local triathletes make good time at Tweed Enduro

Byron Tri Club members were just some of the 950 athletes who went to Pottsville last Saturday to compete in the seventh annual Tweed Enduro.


Our tawny frogmouth family nest

Tawny frogmouths face a number of threats from human activities and pets so keep an eye out for them and make sure you call WIRES if they need help.


Wilsons Creek subdivision knocked back by NSW planning department

Plans for a 15-lot housing development in Wilsons Creek have hit a minor snag with the Department of Planning, who are demanding that Council prepare a revised planning proposal before considering approval.


Bus, no shoes no ride for kids?

Jason Humberstone, Banglaow My 13-year-old daughter and her 13-year-old friend tried to catch the bus from Bangalow to Byron Bay on Saturday morning at about 10am. The driver refused to take them on the bus because they had no shoes. They were...


6 Keats St mega DA

Nick Buckley, Byron Bay Another mega DA (development application) in Byron? Who would have thought it! This one has, so far, snuck under the radar. It is probably the last large undeveloped parcel of residential land in town at 6 Keats...


Dear Chief Magistrate

Clive Jeffery, Mullumbimby Dear Chief Magistrate, Judge Henson, I have just read of the decision by Magistrate Michael Dakin to dismiss charges brought against Senior Constable Greenhalgh. I need to let you know how appalled both I and my wife are at this...


Cartoon of the week – 10 March, 2021

We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors.


Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning 10 March,...

Entertainment in the Byron Shire for the week beginning 10 March, 2021


Fresh faces for Council elections

A very distinct, black flat-cap has just been thrown into the ring for the upcoming Byron Council elections, pegged for September 4.

Follow the buck$

JK Mckenna, Burringbar Give Fast Buck$ his own column in the paper. Let him speak. Let him be heard. Let’s also see some accountability from councils...

A bouquet for Lilac House

L Jenkins, Byron Bay Nicole Habrecht should receive free paint and brushes and a pat on the back from Council for maintaining her house in a...

Bruns boarding house showdown Thursday

The stage is set for a crucial debate over the Brunswick Heads ‘Corso’ development in Byron Council this week, with staff recommending that the developer’s revised plans be approved.