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March 31, 2023

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Is polluting a lake in a national park to support new housing ok?

From Byron Bay to Evans Head to Casino the questions about how we deal with what is politely termed ‘effluent’, and how that may or may not destroy our local environment, demand real and urgent answers.

Other News

Drill Hall / Fun / Repeat

Experienced Director and theatre worker, Susan Melhuish, is bringing Mark Ravenhill’s politically charged Shoot/ Get Treasure/ Repeat to the Drill Hall Theatre for three nights as part of the Company’s free Member Nights. Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat opened at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2007 co-produced by The National Theatre, Gate Theatre and Royal Court Theatre.

$200k in grants available for local not-for-profits

The inGrained Foundation has announced a $200,000 funding pool for the 2023 Northern Rivers Large Grants Program, opening this April.

Women of song at The Con

The Northern Rivers Conservatorium (The Con), in association with Musica Viva Australia, is pleased to present a special event in its Concert Room on Friday 28 April – Women of Song.  This innovative new show developed by the acclaimed Jessie Lloyd of Mission Songs Project includes themes of intergenerational practices, singing on, and from, Country, commitment to community, and preserving knowledge in song. It’s an intimate celebration of the ‘here and now’ of Indigenous culture, a rare mix of spontaneous conversation and songs exploring the modern-day practice and living heart of the world’s oldest living culture.

‘Bees they’re fucking awesome!’ so why are we introducing flies?

The little varroa mite is leading to the eradication of many beehives in NSW. Researchers will be releasing pollinator flies in the Coffs Harbour biosecurity Red Zone to help pollinate berry crops.

Two to appear in Tweed Court after alleged import of ‘ice’ and cocaine

Two people have been extradited from Queensland and charged following an 18-month investigation into an alleged attempted importation of six kilograms of methylamphetamine and cocaine into NSW.

Cooler year ‘reprieve’ but trends continue, says Australia’s Environment Report

The latest annual report on the state of Australia’s environment has suggested that 2022’s higher than average rainfall could provide “a reprieve” for Australia and better enable it to cope with the forecast 2023 dry spell.

December 7, 2022

Byron Shire Echo issue 37.26 – December 7, 2022

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In this Issue:

Do we not bleed?

A Keilor man was found guilty of animal cruelty this week in Melbourne Magistrate’s Court for violently kicking a dog during a protest in 2021. The man was fined and ordered to pay costs, and put on a good...


Flood Songs compilation released

‘So divided before the fall, we survived because we’re fighting on the same side after all.’ These words, from the song Northern Rivers Rising, say much about the community’s response to the February floods.


Poking the bear

Oops, it looks like we poked the bear. How in the heck is a multinational that made $2.1 billion in profits last quarter, their most profitable year EVER, claiming to be helping Byron Shire’s housing crisis?  The fact that Airbnb...


Brittany Higgins 

What a pathetic decision by the ACT Court to abandon the Brittany Higgins rape case.  The implication is that in future rape trials if an alleged rape victim is pilloried in the media or online enough to drive them to...


Democratic abuse

It is noted in The Echo editorial (30 November) that ‘Another debated item was held in secret – the Mayoral Fund 2022/23 – Allocation of Funding. Why all the secrecy councillors?’ This action defies the recent Charter of Deliberative Democracy...


Savings banks

The advantage of ‘savings banks’ charging minimal interest is that the high rates of interest are not of significance. Since 1694 the Bank of England has charged exorbitant interest rates. The rate of interest is four times the original...


Allegations about Julian Assange

If we are making claims or allegations about Julian Assange we should not forget ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Assange is in his fourth year of imprisonment without charge. Swedish prosecutors dropped the sexual assault charges in 2019. The 18 indictments...


Does anyone really know?

Amazing stuff, that now we learn that the Vallances Road site for natural burials is unsuitable mainly because, as reported, it is vastly flood prone.  Does Byron Shire Council (BSC) actually keep records? Surely when the Vallances Road Waste Water...


Why a warming climate creates more devastating rain impacts

Extreme rain and flooding will continue to get worse for decades to come as we have at least another 0.4 degrees of global warming locked in that is likely to be reached by 2030 – in the next ten years. 


Dune – not bush – regeneration for Byron’s Main Beach

Severe storm-cut erosion is nothing new in Byron Bay. Recorded history describes beach loss back to the coffee rock in the 1800s. Until the town’s tourist potential was ‘discovered’ 100+ years later and our built environment grew seaward, the beach swiftly rebuilt after these regular catastrophic events.


Govt corps sign MOU ‘to deliver housing across the region’

Two government-run corporations – Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation (NRRC) and Landcom, have agreed upon a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which they say will deliver housing across the region.


The post office bank

It was a bipartisan vote in 2020 that refused to adopt an amendment to the Financial Sector Amendment Legislation (Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures) Act 2018 to explicitly exclude deposits from being used to ‘bail in’ failing financial...


As a bloke who has besmirched Julian

As a bloke who has besmirched Julian Assange’s reputation, my humble opinion probably doesn’t mean much, but it won’t stop when the same regurgitated defence statements keep being made. Virtually all his supporters insist he was going to be sent...


Editorial – Labor does a better job of being less terrible

Federal Labor had a cracking week of reform, something that even the last prime minister (Liberal) admitted was their thing.


From the heart 

I’d just like to mention the fact that your publication has been a stalwart in the background of my life for at least 25 years, and that I appreciate the effort your staff and the people who write genuine...


Councils ‘bullied’ with increased NSW govt burdens, say LGNSW

NSW councils have been ‘set up to fail’ with their annual audits ‘because the NSW Government is forcing them to carry the depreciation cost of assets they neither own nor control’, claims the peak body representing councils, Local Government NSW.


Mullum’s zebra crossing win hard fought by residents

A zebra crossing is being installed at a pedestrian safety blackspot near the centre of Mullumbimby, following a long-running campaign by a group of local residents.


The Aboriginal identity explosion

So, who are Aboriginal people, what is the three-pronged definition and perhaps more importantly, who decides? 


Ending corporate abuse 

If you want to see the definitive best film of the decade, She Said, is on this week in Byron. It’s about the two New York Times women reporters who broke the story on sexual harassment in the movie...


NSW Labor candidate announced for Ballina

Andrew Broadley has been named the NSW Labor candidate for Ballina for the March 2023 election.


Agritourism policy forced upon LGAs

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) has ignored Byron Shire Council’s urgent request to delay the forced adoption of the NSW government’s agritourism policy. The policy came into effect last week in all local government areas (LGAs).


Byron Council’s renewable energy projects uncertain

Two major renewable energy projects promised by Byron Council are now facing an uncertain future, after an unsuccessful bid for federal funding left the Council struggling to pay for both of them.


Stupid frogs!

We’re in hot water There’s no argument. How much is enough? How much corruption? How much destruction? How much distraction? The writing has been on the wall for a very long time. Are we all sign blind? Stupid? Brainwashed? Lazy? Is it Destiny? Karma? Or are we too wounded...


Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Is it better not to report rape?

We failed Brittany Higgins. Our judicial system is so brutalising the only way to keep her safe was to drop the charges against her alleged rapist.


Dead planet?

The great thing about a global temperature target is that the expansion of fossil fuels stays below the target... until, oops, it’s over the target. Oh well, what’s the next target? Fossil fuel investors love that game. Ninety-six per cent...


Appeal to locate man last seen at Casino on way to Tweed

Police are appealing for public assistance to locate a man from Grafton missing from the North Coast area.

Do you still need help to get two rooms fixed after the 2022 flood?

More than 80 Lismore residents have had help getting a few rooms in their flood-impacted homes re-sheeted and habitable following the devastating 2022 floods.  The...

$15,000 fine and warnings over illegal logging in Kyogle Shire

Urbenville-based logging company Rojech Pty Ltd were fined $15,000 earlier this month over logging operations near the entrance to the Border Ranges National Park in Kyogle Shire.

No street gathering policy for Ballina Shire

A majority of Ballina Shire councillors have voted against a Greens-led motion for a new policy enabling resident-led street closures for gatherings and play.