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March 31, 2023

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Is polluting a lake in a national park to support new housing ok?

From Byron Bay to Evans Head to Casino the questions about how we deal with what is politely termed ‘effluent’, and how that may or may not destroy our local environment, demand real and urgent answers.

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NEFA welcomes the election of a new government

The North East Forest Alliance welcomes the election of the Minns Labor government with their promise to create a Great Koala National Park, and calls for a moratorium on logging within the park proposal until the promised assessment is complete.

$15,000 fine and warnings over illegal logging in Kyogle Shire

Urbenville-based logging company Rojech Pty Ltd were fined $15,000 earlier this month over logging operations near the entrance to the Border Ranges National Park in Kyogle Shire.

Solé’s on a mission to help local dingoes

A local advocate wants to tear down the myths about dingoes, and stop their treatment as wild dogs, which she says they are not.

The search for Australia’s best public dunny is on again!

The Continence Foundation of Australia is asking for submissions to find Australia’s best public toilets as part of this year’s much-loved Great Dunny Hunt.

Drill Hall / Fun / Repeat

Experienced Director and theatre worker, Susan Melhuish, is bringing Mark Ravenhill’s politically charged Shoot/ Get Treasure/ Repeat to the Drill Hall Theatre for three nights as part of the Company’s free Member Nights. Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat opened at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2007 co-produced by The National Theatre, Gate Theatre and Royal Court Theatre.

Closing the Gap on Aboriginal health in the Byron Shire

Close the Gap aims to reduce disadvantage experienced by Indigenous peoples with respect to child mortality, childhood education, life expectancy and health.

February 22, 2023

Byron Shire Echo issue 37.37 – February 22, 2023

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Family Magazine #4

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In this Issue:

Clean up Mullum on Sunday, March 5

Organisers for Clean up Mullum are inviting the public to help improve the town on  Sunday, March 5 from 8am till 1pm.


Youth music/video production house gets new digs

After eight years of running youth programs, mentoring and workshops, One Vision Production have relocated their recording studio, office and creative hub to 1/19-21 Centennial Circuit, just around the corner, in the Byron Arts & Industry Estate.


Buggering Byron

Council’s ‘Buggering Byron Policy’ has moved to action, flapping ‘open and transparent community-led governance’ with one hand, while doing secret developer business with the other. Last Thursday’s Council Meeting had seven different attachments of Development Control Plans (DCP) under the...


Meet the Ballina electorate candidates! Byron Theatre, March 15

The Greens, Labor, Independent or The Nationals: who will win your vote for the state seat of Ballina next month? 


Mixed messages on rail trail

Recent statements by Byron Shire Mayor, Michael Lyon, in relation to his support for much-needed affordable housing being built along the rail corridor in Mullumbimby seem to be in contradiction to his other recent statements supporting the extension of...

Neighbours of Mullum Hospital site seek up-zoning

Should a handful of properties neighbouring the old Mullumbimby Hospital be included in the rezoning of the site, so that they can share in the benefits of the new R1 zone?


Court appearance #2

Regarding the young man, ‘who cannot be legally named’ who was so abused by ‘the former police officer’. I find it disgusting that the legal system allowed the same judge to retry this case. The system should have assigned...


TPVs for refugees

The Pottsville Refugee Support Group welcomes the Albanese government’s announcement that over 19,000 people who have been living on inhumane temporary protection visas will now have the opportunity to apply for permanent visas and rebuild their lives. The abolition of...

Struggling health sector

Regarding your article NSW Labor states its position on struggling health sector (8 February). Nurses and midwives across NSW are grateful that the NSW Labor and Greens political parties acknowledge the need to increase public sector wages, in order...


Reefer sadness

The crop copters have taken to the skies above the hinterland once again, protecting the helpless New South Welshman from the insidious scourge of cannabis. 2023 and Reefer Madness is still in full swing! That highconic piece of propaganda...


Whitlam’s racism

Frank Kelly writes of Peter Dutton’s racism (Echo 8 February) stating that Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke and Keating were ‘famously’ anti-racist. Close examination of Whitlam’s race record, including the peoples of Timor-Leste, and specifically, to those who identified as...


Flood victims at rental risk as insurance cover expires

February 28, 2023 marks one year since we received a year’s worth of rainfall in one week resulting in catastrophic floods that left thousands without a home.


Tincogan St safety

Pedestrian safety has been negatively affectedd on Tincogan Street by ‘Give Way’ signs on the intersection with Stuart Street being turned around. Traffic has, as a result, sped up and crossing Tincogan Street at Stuart Street is now tricky,...


Bangalow’s Heritage House reopens Saturday

Bangalow’s history celebrated with book launch and Fowler exhibition


‘Sorry’ seems to be the hardest political word

In February last year, we were coping with a flood of water. February this year has brought a flood of political ‘sorries’, and, given the volume, it’s worth thinking about the role of the political apology – when it is acceptable, and when it doesn’t even begin to address the problems that demanded it.


Durrumbul School in ‘recess’ after no enrolments for 2023

With Durrumbul School student enrolments declining to zero for 2023, the NSW Department of Education has told The Echo that the school, located on Main Arm Road, ‘will be placed into recess at the end of Term 1, 2023.


Pods in Bruns

I overheard a conversation in the shops the other day about how the locals don’t want ‘these people’ in the pods here in Brunswick Heads. ‘These people’ are members of your community who were flood-affected and have been homeless with...



I’m wondering when the fashion gurus are going to decree that men should also wander around town and down the supermarket aisles with their bum cheeks on display? Yours in disbelief, Phoebe Havyatt, Byron Bay


International focus

‘Think globally; act locally’. Remember that slogan? Nobody could accuse me of not acting locally, but I’ve always tried to briefly escape the local madness by focussing on the international madness, just to keep things in perspective. I do...


Mullum railway corridor plans become slightly more clear

More details are emerging around plans to develop Mullum’s disused railway corridor for affordable housing and car parks. 


IPC hearings on STRA impacts commence

Byron Shire Council’s plan to impose a 90-day cap on un-hosted short-term holiday letting across much of the Shire will be examined by the Independent Planning Commission during a three-day public hearing this week.


Rainbow Bridge

To Byron Bay Council,  About three weeks ago, mid-January 2023, signs were placed and barricades erected on the Rainbow Bridge / Belongil Creek Bridge, and it appears some work was commenced. The work has still not been completed, and the walkway...


Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Living in Limbo, Life after the flood.

In Christian theology, Limbo is the afterlife condition of those who die in original sin without being assigned to the Hell of the Damned. In our region that’s how many are describing the last 12 months of interactions with the NRRC and insurance companies in their attempts to find not the ‘afterlife’ per se, but life after the flood.


Cartoon of the week – 22 February 2023

Don’t be a passive reader, send us your epistles.


Terror settlements

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced a series of punitive steps against the Palestinians, including plans to beef up Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.  Israel has been doing this since 1948 when the terrorists of the Stern...


Appeal to locate man last seen at Casino on way to Tweed

Police are appealing for public assistance to locate a man from Grafton missing from the North Coast area.

Do you still need help to get two rooms fixed after the 2022 flood?

More than 80 Lismore residents have had help getting a few rooms in their flood-impacted homes re-sheeted and habitable following the devastating 2022 floods.  The...

$15,000 fine and warnings over illegal logging in Kyogle Shire

Urbenville-based logging company Rojech Pty Ltd were fined $15,000 earlier this month over logging operations near the entrance to the Border Ranges National Park in Kyogle Shire.

No street gathering policy for Ballina Shire

A majority of Ballina Shire councillors have voted against a Greens-led motion for a new policy enabling resident-led street closures for gatherings and play.