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March 9, 2021
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Spring into Scavenge in Lismore this Saturday

Different, fun and rewarding are some of the words used to describe what's going to unfold in Lismore this weekend.

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Bangalow blackspot puts school children at risk

Will action ever be taken to protect school kids getting on and off the bus on Lismore Road, Bangalow as trucks fly by at 80km/h?

Children approached by stranger in Murwillumbah

Police say a Queensland man has been charged following two alleged child approaches in Murwillumbah today.


Jo Faith, Newtown Thank you all at The Echo for upholding independent journalism. For readers and activists concerned about the demise...

A little bit of COVID…

Mandy Nolan has stated in The Echo, ‘For 30 years I’ve fought to give a voice to the voiceless...

Ben Hamilton riding for kids with cancer

Ballina man Ben Hamilton is riding his bike 500km to help young kids with cancer.

Tweed Council staff’s delegated powers debated

The question of what staff and councillors get to decide in relation to development applications was raised by Tweed Councillor Ron Cooper at the last Tweed Shire Council meeting.

Stories about "great white shark":

Senator tells parliament why sharks should not be culled

Surfer and conservationist, Greens senator Peter Whish Wilson, describes himself as someone ‘who wants to save the creatures who are potentially out to eat him.’ Here he explains why.

Ballina MP to sit on state government shark inquiry

Ballina MP Tamara Smith will be a member of a just-announced parliamentary inquiry into the management of sharks in NSW waters.

Time to find a shark solution

Bruce Apps, Townsend. With the recent sightings of large great white sharks within the vicinity of beaches where recent attacks have occurred on humans should convey a message, loud and clear to our NSW Government, that something urgently must be done to clear this great north coast area of the state from the dangers of these ‘man eaters’.

How to spot sharks before they spot you

David Gilet, Byron Bay. Recently on television there was a series of programs on preventing attacks on humans by predators. The three animals featured were crocodiles, polar bears and great white sharks. None of the solutions in relation to great white sharks seemed to be very effective.

Man ‘thrown out of boat’ by shark

Byron Bay’s beaches were closed on Wednesday afternoon after a local fisherman had a close encounter with a shark, believed to be a Great White.

Animal-friendly shark deterrent wanted

Wayne Stokes, Ewingsdale. Still no letters in The Echo asking our council or Marine Park Authority how they plan to manage the increasing threat of large sharks in our waters.

Shark-spotting drones? How about an ecological reconnaissance?

Tracking large sharks sounds good on paper, but what’s required for the sake of beachgoers, to stalk these marine predators and report their whereabouts?

More patrols needed to save swimmers

Paul Owies, Bangalow. I am a keen swimmer who swims the Pass - Club House four times a week. I have continued to swim since the shark attack by the Great White last week.

Van life

David Pettifer, Uki In reply to today’s article by the ABC Van Lifers I believe there is an opportunity for both sides to benefit. There is a...

Buy and sell food app launches

Finding it too hard to purchase local produce via social media, partners Vanessa and Leisa thought there must be a better way.

Inflatable lifejacket self-service clinic for Ballina

An inflatable lifejacket self-service clinic will be held on Friday 19 March 2021 at Fishery Creek Boat Ramp, West Ballina.

Seapeace: the late Tony Maxwell’s wetland legacy

Many curious minds have pondered the purpose of the rice paddy-like waterbodies that scallop the contour lines out into the Ewingsdale coastal plain that can be viewed from St Helena Road.