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June 25, 2022
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Building hei(s)(gh)ts

I also strongly agree with David Gilet and Paul McCarthy on the creeping cancer of increased building heights/heists in...

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Wollumbin Mushrooms and Shroom Bros

Victoria Cosford Mushrooms might be the perfect food. They have no sugars (great for diabetics), not many carbohydrates (great for...

Chill – not warships

Peter Walters can relax. There are no Chinese warships in Darwin. A Chinese company operates the port in Darwin...

New laws to tackle crime profits and encryption

The premier has announced new police powers and ‘tougher penalties’ for money laundering and unexplained wealth in NSW.

#Fridays4Forests take koala and forest protection to Sydney 

#Fridays4Forests has now expanded to Sydney with a community action outside Parliament House Sydney.

Yacht ran aground inside Ballina bar

On Saturday afternoon at around 2.15pm a yacht ran aground just inside the Ballina bar with three people on board.

Caution when swimming in Ballina Shire

Water samples taken around Ballina Shire indicate its water is ‘good’, but caution still recommended for swimmers.

Stories about "Kingscliff development":

Tweed Council rejects Casuarina disability viewing platform

Issues of queue jumping, the allocation of Tweed Shire Council’s resources in both time and money, and responding to the ‘squeaky wheel’ were all...

Secord attacks Tweed Nats, Libs over Kingscliff height limits

NSW shadow minister for the north coast Walt Secord has launched a blistering attack on Tweed Shire Coalition councillors in parliament, blaming ‘gravy stained property developers and real estate agents’ for seeking to increase height limits at Kingscliff.

Lib councillor’s views on height-limit arrogant

Cr Ron Cooper, Kingscliff.  I think the vast majority of Kingscliff residents and visitors will be celebrating the first step in securing their three-storey height...

Kingscliff three-storey height limit set to stay

Tweed Shire Cr Ron Cooper is celebrating a win after council voted on Thursday to retain a three-storey height limit in the Kingscliff Locality Plan, now on exhibition.

Residents reject Kingscliff high rise

Ron Cooper, Kingscliff The results are in. The people have spoken. Tweed Shire Council planners’ attempt to smuggle four, five and six storey buildings into...

Kingscliff’s tall storeys

Jeremy Cornford, Kingscliff. tIt has come to my attention that Tweed Shire councillor Carolyn Byrne has been stating that I am in favour of raising the building height limit in Kingscliff to five or six storeys, or the equivalent in metres, as a trade-off for increased green space.

Tweed council in thrall of developers

Ken (Stents) Nicholson, Kingscliff. I’m a pretty keen reader of the letters pages in our local papers. I’ve become concerned about Tweed Council’s planners and wonder why the general manager doesn’t pull them into line.

Palestine’s ‘terra nullius’ and children’s body armour

Firstly, the Zionist regime of Israel is an apartheid regime. It is based on the dispossession, expropriation, expulsion and oppression of the Palestinian people. This...

Lismore council flirts with ‘koala-killer’ status

The fate of one of the state’s last koala populations appears to lie in the hands of the Lismore City Council after an extraordinary meeting Thursday afternoon.

Suspected Tweed Heads meth lab dismantled

Specialist police units along with NSW Fire and Rescue have been dismantling an alleged meth lab in Tweed Heads this morning, police said.

Hydro cannabis bust in Tweed

Police have confiscated equipment they say was being used for a hydroponic cannabis station set up in a Tweed Heads garage.