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February 28, 2021
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Dr Matt Landos, East Ballina There is the real news and then there is the fake news. The radio news announced...

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‘Hollywood’ drug squads over the top

I guess we have to thank Hollywood for the enduring myth that a black-clad squad of elite 'blokes', preferably with cool helicopters, from the capital are needed to crack down on really serious crime in hick parts of the country like Mullumbimby.

Call to protect oceans from plastic and pollution

A new sign has been installed at Main Beach, Byron Bay, calling for increased awareness and collective action on the issue of marine debris and pollution. 

Coal scuttle

Alan Veacock, Cumbalum After some serious arm-twisting from the rest of the sane world, led by Joe Biden, the ‘marketing...

‘The Great Reset’

Gary Opit, Wooyung I appreciated the letter by Lucas Wright (17 February) on the Great Reset conspiracy fantasy. With our...

Cartoon of the week – 24 February, 2021

We love to receive letters, but not every letter will be published; the publication of letters is at the discretion of the online and print letters editors.

Byron police assault trial could attract human rights law analysis

Northern Rivers policeman accused of youth assault to continue facing trial.

Stories about "Kingscliff development":

Tweed Council rejects Casuarina disability viewing platform

Issues of queue jumping, the allocation of Tweed Shire Council’s resources in both time and money, and responding to the ‘squeaky wheel’ were all...

Secord attacks Tweed Nats, Libs over Kingscliff height limits

NSW shadow minister for the north coast Walt Secord has launched a blistering attack on Tweed Shire Coalition councillors in parliament, blaming ‘gravy stained property developers and real estate agents’ for seeking to increase height limits at Kingscliff.

Lib councillor’s views on height-limit arrogant

Cr Ron Cooper, Kingscliff.  I think the vast majority of Kingscliff residents and visitors will be celebrating the first step in securing their three-storey height...

Kingscliff three-storey height limit set to stay

Tweed Shire Cr Ron Cooper is celebrating a win after council voted on Thursday to retain a three-storey height limit in the Kingscliff Locality Plan, now on exhibition.

Residents reject Kingscliff high rise

Ron Cooper, Kingscliff The results are in. The people have spoken. Tweed Shire Council planners’ attempt to smuggle four, five and six storey buildings into...

Kingscliff’s tall storeys

Jeremy Cornford, Kingscliff. tIt has come to my attention that Tweed Shire councillor Carolyn Byrne has been stating that I am in favour of raising the building height limit in Kingscliff to five or six storeys, or the equivalent in metres, as a trade-off for increased green space.

Tweed council in thrall of developers

Ken (Stents) Nicholson, Kingscliff. I’m a pretty keen reader of the letters pages in our local papers. I’ve become concerned about Tweed Council’s planners and wonder why the general manager doesn’t pull them into line.

Monkey see

Daniel Brown, Byron Bay Back in my early youth growing up in Mt Eliza Victoria in the ‘90s I’d secretly look up to and admire...

Australia’s bastardry

Gareth W R Smith, Byron Bay Australia has a long string of racist and anti-humanitarian policies. These range from its treatment of Aboriginal people, complicity...

Mt Warning ban

Chris Gee, Byron Bay Indigenous readers be advised that the following letter contains references to persons deceased. I read with some interest and also, I am...

‘The Great Reset’

Gary Opit, Wooyung I appreciated the letter by Lucas Wright (17 February) on the Great Reset conspiracy fantasy. With our privileged, western, simplistic understanding of...