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Knitting Nannas get behind Save Wallum campaign

With porcelain tea cups, lace-covered tables and plenty of knitting the Knitting Nannas Against Greed (KNAG) headed to the...

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Lorikeets on the mend as paralysis season eases

A poorly-understood phenomenon where lorikeets in the region becoming paralysed and unable to fly is thankfully coming to an end for 2024, says WIRES wildlife vet, Dr Tania Bishop.

Delivering employment pathways for diverse women

Local organisations in the Lismore electorate can now apply for funding for programs that empower women from diverse backgrounds to thrive in the workforce.

MIA: Balson on Wallum

Dear Cr Balson, I understand that you attended the Byron Council meeting last Thursday very briefly, but absented yourself from...

Dear Justine

Would you kindly advise what your government is doing to signal its respect for the International Court of Justice’s...

Editorial – Prosecuting publishers

WikiLeaks founder and Australian citizen, Julian Assange, will soon face possibly his final court hearing in the UK High Court of Justice over whether he should be extradited to the US to face spying charges. 

Non-alcohol options

Whether you’re going alcohol-free for a period, or just managing your consumption, the better your non-alcoholic drink tastes, the more likely you are to stick to your strategy. While I’m not a big beer drinker, at my local pub I’ll always grab a beer, and the other night I found the Hiatus Non-Alcoholic Pacific Ale, with its classic tropical aromas, but a little bitterness, perfect for the warm summer evening.

Stories about "referendum":

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Hearing the Truth

On 15 October I woke up profoundly sad. Like many people in this region, I’d been committed to supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart by campaigning for a ‘Yes’ vote. We ran a cohesive positive campaign that embodied the core value of truth-telling. But it wasn’t enough. The results were deeply shocking. It felt hard to believe that this modest request could have become such a divisive issue.

Saffin and Higginson positive after negative outcome

Though the results are in, on Saturday both the Member for Lismore, Janelle Saffin and Member of the Legislative Council, Sue Higginson were both positive and philsophical about the unfolding event.

The noes have it

Does the resounding defeat of the Voice referendum on the weekend show that Australia hasn't changed much since the bad old days, or have things just become much worse?

Editorial: Saying ‘Yes’ to the Voice

The Voice is a matter of conscience, not division.

Weaponising ‘knowledge’ and other foibles

It was a pleasant morning: crisp, and bright. Birds tweeting. People smiling at each other. Buskers doing their thing. Cafes abuzz. This was downtown Mullumbimby on a sunny, spring day. 

Ecuador referendums vote to save the environment

In referendums held last week, Ecuadorians voted to protect unique biospheres and halt mineral and oil extraction – one annulling mining concessions owned by Gina Rinehart and others in northwest Ecuador.

Fear, lies and loathing in Australia

Most Australian households have now received their Voice referendum booklet in the mail. It looks quite official and is being distributed by the Australian Electoral Commission. Unfortunately the contents haven't been fact checked. Like most other forms of federal political advertising, lying and misinformation in this context is completely legal.

Yes23 comes to Lennox Head

Noel Pearson and Kerry O'Brien brought the Yes23 roadshow to a packed house at Lennox Head Cultural Centre on Tuesday night, as part of the education campaign for the forthcoming Voice referendum. The event was hosted by the federal member for Richmond, Justine Elliot.

‘YES’ campaign official launch in NAIDOC Week

Yesterday the 'YES' campaign officially kicked off around the nation, launching on the first day of NAIDOC week.

Editorial: Will the nation find its Voice?

Later this year we will be asked if we agree to establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. Opinion polls show that opposition to the Voice proposal is growing.

NPWS wants to remove beach nudity option

For 26 years, Tyagarah Beach has been an oasis for the region’s naturist community – a space where bodies of all shapes and sizes could roam free without threat of fines or reprimands.

‘Key workers’ removed from Ballina Council’s housing project as Mayor seeks full market rents

Essential workers were the losers at the recent Ballina Council meeting when councillors actively removed the category for ‘key workers’ from their development of rental housing on land it owns in Wollongbar.

Tried catching a bus to TAFE or work in the Northern Rivers – it’s a serious challange

Getting around the Northern Rivers is no easy task without your own transport. Young people are unable to attend TAFE, and you can’t catch public transport to work due to the impossible timing of, and lack of access to, public transport. 

Community tree planting in Mullum Feb 24

Want to help locally to care for our environment and plant trees for our wildlife?