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Byron Shire
May 20, 2022

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The floods are leaving people homeless and families split

There was a housing crisis on the Northern Rivers, then we had the floods of 2022 and the issue has left increasing numbers of people homeless and struggling to find alternative accommodation.

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It’s National Volunteer Week

Volunteering Australia says volleys are the backbone of the country in times of crisis and emergency.

Interviews with Richmond candidates 2022: Independent Terry Sharples

Terry Sharples is a retired accountant living in the Tweed Shire and running as an Independent for the federal...

Multi-agency search continues for missing man

NSW Police say a search is continuing this morning for a man who went missing in a creek overnight.


Morrison is the loose unit with the economy! Here’s some excerpts from a long, long list of corruption by...


I heard on the radio this morning (1 May) that a man spent ‘a record 48 hours’ in a...

Tripling water harvesting may leave local communities dry

The NSW government was looking to do catchment by catchment analysis to determine the risk to local water supply and rivers from the new rules on water harvesting rights.

Tweed Echo Archives – Volume 4

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Tweed Shire Echo editions from September 1, 2011 to January 26, 2012.

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Issue 4.01 – 01/09/2011

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Issue 4.02 – 08/09/2011

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Issue 4.03 – 15/09/2011

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Issue 4.04 – 21/09/2011

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Issue 4.05 – 29/09/2011

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Issue 4.06 – 06/10/2011

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Issue 4.07 – 13/10/2011

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Issue 4.08 – 20/10/2011

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Issue 4.09 – 27/10/2011

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Issue 4.10 – 03/11/2011

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Issue 4.11 – /2011

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Issue 4.12 – 17/11/2011

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Issue 4.13 – 24/11/2011

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Issue 4.14 – /2011

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Issue 4.15 – 08/12/2011

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Issue 4.16 – 15/12/2011

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Issue 4.17 – 22/12/2011

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Issue 4.18 – 05/01/2012

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Issue 4.19 – 12/01/2012

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Issue 4.20 – 19/01/2012

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Issue 4.21 – 26/01/2012

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Richmond candidates 2022: Informed Medical Options Party candidate Monica Shepherd

Monica Shepherd is an organic naturopath based in Ocean Shores. She is running as a candidate for the Informed Medical Options Party in the federal seat of Richmond.

Storylines – Stop the rot and take action

Having spent a long time reflecting on the last 13 weeks since the floods devastated our region, many important issues have come to my attention – loss of homes, possessions, safety, schools suspended from flooding, chaos, death, loss of animals, extreme anxiety and desperation, and so much more.

Review of community response called for as challenges recognised

Local community members stepped forward to help coordinate and respond to the disaster; from people getting into boats and kayaks recusing strangers in Lismore to coordinating local response hubs in the hinterland and local towns. But it wasn't all a bed of roses.

$17m in funds for work on crown lands in NSW

If you are involved in managing crown reserve land and facilities then now is the time to get that application in for a share of the $17 million that is available fro the 2022-3 funding round.