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Latest News

Kingscliff locals concerned over proposal to remove trees at Merve Edwards Fields for AFL

The potential of removing trees from the Merve Edwards Fields site at Kingscliff to accommodate the Kingscliff Junior AFL Club has raised concerns of locals and neighbours who say that this is not a proposal they support. 

Other News

Coronial inquest becomes a matter for the DPP

The coronial inquest examining the death of Jarrad Antonovich was abruptly concluded late last week, as the case against the key figure involved was referred to the Department of Public Prosecutions by Coroner Teresa O'Sullivan.

Danny’s world

John Scrivener, yet again, in his latest incredibly biased anti-Israel letter in last week’s paper shows us nothing new....

Ballina council to send damning Richmond River report to ministers

A majority of Ballina Shire Councillors has voted to send a damning report on the Richmond River catchment to relevant state and federal ministers.

Who is responsible?

Teenage (stabbing) crime. Here I go again! Why are these kids allowed out of the house before their parents...

Former Mullum local heading to Las Vegas for BJJ world championships

A 25-year-old former Mullumbimby woman is set to compete in one of the biggest grappling events in the world, the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) World Championships, in Las Vegas  in August.

Secret MoU adopted for flood co-operation

Mayor Michael Lyon downplayed the secrecy surrounding his request that councillors support a non-binding memorandum of understanding with flood recovery agencies and the body that represents local councils.



Brunswick Heads Men 

Week Ending 02.06.13 –.  Cock of the Walk:  G Rendell def P Kurtz.  Wednesday Mens Triples:  Winners:  K Hosie, B Montomery, K Roberts;  2nd  B Bolland, M Guest, F Marks;  3rd  P Solaman, E O’Donnell, B Condon, B McClelland.  The club singles championships will be played on Saturday 8th June starting at 1pm.  Everybody is welcome to attend and support the players.  Mufti – Winners:  B Wyborn, D Wyborn, J Wright.  Lucky Losers:  P Farmer, W McLug, Blossom.

Week Ending 09.06.13 –.  Cock of the Walk:  M Masula def G Rendell.  Wednesday Mens Triples:  WinnersD Proudlock; S Howatson; D Croft;  2nd  P Solomon, E O’Donnell, B Congdon, B McClelland;  3rd  C Mackay, j Macguire, l Campbell.  No ! & No 2 Pennant players are playing at Brunswick Heads at 12 Noon Saturday 15th June, 2013. Should be some fantasticbowls to be seen.  All Welcome. Congratulations to our No 3 Pennant Team who are playing in the Zone Playoff at Sth Grafton on Saturday 15th June 8th June . Good Luck.

Brunswick Heads Women

Tuesday 28th May.  Open Singles: Judy Wright 25 def. Julie Sanderson 8.  Kerry Dexter 25 def. Beverley Rose 23. This game was a really competetive one with shots being hard to come by, but by  sheer  determination and keeping focused, Kerry  surprised us, but not herself with a good win. Social bowls: Jenny Meinel & Annie Revie 16. def. Margaret Darby & Joy Kearney 10. B. Garuned, Diana Lobb & Kay Soccio 11 def. Zina Wagner, Rosa Kinnear & Jenny Lofts 10.Winners: Rink 3. K. Dexter & Dawn Hay [marker]. Raffle won by Sheila Riley

Byron Bay Men

Thursdays self selected pairs winners this week were Peter Darby and Bob Macaulay, runners-up Gavin McPhail and Greg Daniels. The meat tray was won by Reg Condie and the jackpot was not won and is now $80.

The result for Saturday social bowls was a win to Robert Rays, Judith Wright and Bulla.

The semi Final of the Club Triples Championship was played on Saturday with a win to Phil Boyd, Greg Daniels and Syl Reid against Reg Condie, Werner Borkhardt and Gavin McPhail.

Kingscliff Men

3rd June 2013

Pennants News: Divisions 1 and 7 will compete in the Zone Play-offs on the weekend on the 15th and 16th June. Division 1 will play Ballina at Brunswick Heads on Saturday 15th June. A bus will take players and supporters to this game. Division 7 will play in a round robin at Maclean and a bus and accommodation is being organised. Pease check the board for full details.

Club Championship News: In the Open Fours will played last Saturday 1st June B Watson, K Dawson, H Highfield, J Felton d H DeVries, N Gleeson, B Butler, B Jack; K Banks, G Barrack, B Turner, M Turner d D Crompton, R Phipps, P Crompton, R Amour; M Mesic, R Raeburn, B Clarke, J Reardon d O Simpson, S Quinn, R Erickson, P Duncan; B Harris, H Hockey, I Taylor, K Liddington d S Bass, J Ritchie, I Turnbull, D Roughly. In Sunday’s games  T King(sub), R Julius, T Hills, P Murphy d B Watson, K Dawson, H Highfield, J Felton;  B Harris, H Hockey, I Taylor, K Liddington d W Blackwood, F McNamara, S Jamieson, P Jones; ; M Mesic, R Raeburn, B Clarke, J Reardon d B Fitzgerald, R Lewis, J Akers, R McLeay. The next rounds will be played on the weekend od 22nd and 23rd June. The Open triples will commence on Saturday 29th June.

10th June 2013

Pennants News: All the best to Divisions 1 and 7 who are competing in the Zone Play-offs this weekend. Division 1 will play Ballina at Brunswick Heads on Saturday 15th June. A bus will take players and supporters to this game. Division 7 will play in a round robin at Maclean and a bus and accommodation has been organised. Details on the board

Club Championship News: The Semi-finals of the Open Fours will be played on Saturday 22nd June In Semi-final One, Ken Banks, Greg Barrack, Brian Turner, Michael Turner will play Vic Lewis, Ross Julius, Trevor Hills, Peter Murphy and in Semi-final Two, Mick Mesic, Bob Raeburn, Brian Clarke, Jack Reardon will play Brett Harris, Harry Hockey, Ian Taylor, Kevin Liddington. The Open triples will commence on Saturday 29th June and will continue on 30th June, 6th July and 7th July. Draw is on the board. Nominations are being called for the B Grade Singles and the novice Singles.

Social Bowls Results: Saturday Triples 1st June: Winners: J McDonald, I Smith, I Turnbull; K Payne, D Clark, A Clarke. The Kingscliff Meat Gallery Tuesday Morning Open Pairs: 4th June: Winners: R Arrowsmith, M Matteucci. Runners Up: K Banks, T Hills. Plate Winners: J Brinsmead, D Roughley. Thursday Triples 6th June: Winners: J Brinsmead, B Morrow, B Beattie; J O’Malley, P Jones, D Whittington; L Gillespie, J McGill, P McGirr. Plate Winners: D Smith, G Barrack, T King. Saturday Triples 8th June: Winners: K Taylor, G Prichard, J Findlay; P Craven, G Hinks, C Evans, B Watson, M Mesic, Tango.  Plate Winners: I Smith, K Liddington, R Amour

*** Upcoming events: Saturday 29th June – Kingscliff Men’s Pennants Breakup.

Kingscliff Men’s Bowls Club Raffle: First Prize: B Beattie. Second Prize: G barrack. Third Prize: R Nuttall. Book Buyers Prize: J Julius. Thank you to all who supported this raffle.

Mullumbimby Ex-Services Men

25/5/13 Saturday Pennants Teams Social Play-off

The Fours and Sixes played off the season decider with team members taking the reverse playing order and using “old” bowls. Following the use of the Duckworth/Rose scoring system the results were:

L Henry B McClymont J Canabou M Nicholls 108 d J McKay H McKenna S Purdie P Thpmpson 84

S Dettman A Bartlett P Johnson B Rose 120 drawn game P McDonald D Blake K Wrigley M Burke 120

D Ottery T Johnston M Johnston  G Naoum 114 d D Hammond J Morgan T Fenwick S Abraham 84

The Sixes took the decider by 5 ½  –  ½ to conclude our Pennant season

Mixed Social

P James Gunner Marsden 24 d C Davies (visitor Tas) A Lumsden 18

29/5/13 Wednesday Social

B Neate D Ottery 23 d M Nicholls J McKay 8

M Johnston T Johnston 25 d B Ball J Canabou 10

G Naoum N Newton A Bartlett 18 d J Bathie S Ridgewell A Lumsden 16

1/6/13 Saturday

Triples Championship Semifinals

G Naoum S Purdie M Johnston 21 (c/w Mullumbimby Motel rink) d R Fenwick J Morgan T Fenwick 10

S Abraham P Thompson J McKay 23 d D Blake P McDonald D Hammond 16

Tom Waterhouse was asked not to commentate on next week’s final

Mixed Social

I Pettendy B Rose N Lee 29 d A Snow R Wainwright J Canabou 13

5/6/13 Wednesday

Triples Final

In a tight game, with some quite wonderful shots played by each member of both teams, S Abraham P Thompson and J McKay continued a gradual accumulation of points, to overcome G Naoum           M Johnston and K Wrigley by margin of 11 to become the 2013 Triples Champions. Congratulations to all players.

Social – a beautiful day so Duckworth /Rose scoring method not required

B Neate L Henry 21 d N Newton J Vardy (“old” Mullum boy from WA) 11

T Riches S Ridgewell T Johnston 18 (c/w Ken Ryan Plastering rink) J Bathie W Ball A Bartlett 16

S Purdy D Blake P McDonald 19 d M Nicholls J Canabou H McKenna 17

Mullumbimby Ex-Services Women

Tuesday 11th June  : Social –E.Walker, J.Lee, B.Croft W (Low Marg)  def. J.Ball, B.Reglin, J.Kidman: S.Thomas, H.Robb,  def. C.Coen (Visitor), J.Towner : R.Wainwright, R.Wriigley, G.Henry  def. S.Brown, I.Pettendy, J.Beaumont :  Raffle : J.Kidman :  A lovely  afternoon tea for Heather Robb who celebrated her 80TH Birthday on the weekend, was enjoyed by all and she  was given a  Pot Plant, and best wishes for many more to come. Members annual fees to be payed  before the 30th June.  Major Club Singles commence on 25th June.  Congratulations to our Grade 3 Pennant side : S.Thomas, J.Lee,J.Kidman, B.Croft (Skip)

I.Pettendy, J.Beaumont, H.Robb, J.Towner (Skip) on reaching the Region 1 Group Play Off at Pottsville who all played good bowls, Urunga (MNCD)   were winners and now play for State Title

Ocean Shores Men

Monday, May 27 Men’s Triples  first K Hosie, A Montgomery, R Roberts.  Second B Eller, R Tonkin.

Rock & Roll Bowls Sunday 2/6/13

1st M Haines, T Warr & G Collins Encouragement award Mook,R Leighton & B Sweeney

Monday, June 3 Men’s Triples  first G Parker, J Hay, L Johnston.  Second B Rowell, K Hosie.

*** Coming Events  Sunday June 16 Sandcrabs Social Bowls. 8.30 Breakfast 9.30 Bowls . All welcome

Ocean Shores Women

WED. 29th (MIXED):  L. Wright and G. Johnston were spot on the Secret Score and went home smiling.  They only narrowly def M. Franks, J. Williams.  Others not far behind were J. Busch, M. James who def J. Seamer, D. Moor;  M. Flesser (swinger), E. Miller, M. Bertoli def M. Flesser, G. Fox, K. Gallard.

FRI. 31st:  Unfortunately the 25th Tweed-Byron District Gala Day at O/Shores had to be cancelled due to wet weather conditions.   Good bowling to our Grade 4 Pennant team competing at Pottsville on the 4th/5th June.

FRI:  7th JUNE  (Social):  On paper the teams looked very even but out on the green it was a one sided affair.  The Highest Margin winners were J. Busch, M. Bertoli, N. Gartner who won the day one shot ahead of the Pairs game played by  M. Hosie, M. James .    The defeated teams were L. Wright, S. Kidman, B. Sprengel;   B. Stone, G. Johnston.

Region 1 Pennant Play-offs were held at the  Club last week and our congratulations go to Pottsville who took out the Grade 2 title.   Thank you to everyone who helped in making these  2 days such a success.

*** DATES TO REMEMBER:  Sandcrabs – Sunday 16th June – 8.30 a.m. for 9.30 start.   Tweed Travelling Bowlers –Sunday 7th July (see Sheet on Notice Board/Pro Shop for details).


Brunswick Valley

Saturday 1 June 2013

7 Table Mitchell

N/S 1st Gross Carmel Blacker & Alison Hauser. 2nd Gross Jannine Murray & Phyliss Keyte

E/W 1st Gross Doreen Grant & Barbara Simon  2nd Gross  Diana Gall & Jean Elliot

Monday 3 June 2013

9 Table Mitchell

N/S 1st Gross Hilary Lewis & Phyliss Keyte 2nd Gross Mary Solway & Evelyn Hollick

E/W 1st Gross Kadri Nelmes & Di James 2nd Gross June Selleck & Barbara Simmons.

Ocean Shores

29/05:  6 Table Mitchell with skip: N-S: 1st gross: J Hughes/B Hurst; 2nd gross:  P Quirke; L. Harcourt

E-W: 1st gross: J.Selleck/B.Stephens; 2nd gross: P.Sullivan/M.Boyle.

12/06: 6 Table Mitchell with skip: N-S: 1st gross: F Starr/P Sultas; 2nd gross: K Morgan/S Stewart

E-W: 1st gross: W Keyts/P Baldwin; 2nd gross: P.Quirke/L Harcourt.

*** We meet @ Ocean Shores Country Club every Wed. Evening. Seated by 6:15pm. Contact Pam: 66803871



Date: 29/05/13 Single Stableford

Winner: Miichael George Score: 44

Runner Up: Keith Buckley Score: 43

Nearest the Pins

5th: P Schweitzer 53cm

7th: NA

9th: J Boss 661cm

12th: NA

17th: NA

Ball Run Down: 35 C/B

Date: 01/06/13 Monthly Medal – Stroke

A Grade

Winner: Keith Myers Score: 67 *Overall Winner*

Runner Up: Jeffery Boss Score: 68 C/B

B Grade

Winner: Peter Treweek Score: 70 C/B

Runner Up: Oren Tabakof Score: 70 C/B

C Grade

Winner: Malcolm Beaumont Score: 71

Runner Up: Chris Cornale Score: 73

Nearest the Pins

5th: K Meehan 154cm

7th: NA

9th: D Donnelly 278cm

12th: B Mott 404cm

17th: S Martin 368cm

Ball Run Down: 73 C/B

Gundies Mug: Keith Myers

Ladies Comp 30/05/13 Single Stableford

Winner Div1: Ruth Manley Score: 35

Winner Div2: Ruth Slogrove Score: 29

Nearest the Pins

5th: NA

7th: N Mann

9th: NA

12th: M Davey

17th: NA

Pro Pin: N Mann

Ball Run Down: 32 C/B

Ocean Shores Ladies

Tuesday 28/5/13

2nd rd Ocean Shores Ladies Shootout. Foursomes

Winners: K Howard & M Pratt 76pts

R/up B Wingad & P Keenan 82.5 pts

3rd S Stephenson & A Slater 83pts.

Vouchers to 89pts

Thursday 30/5/13 Stableford

Winner: B Wingad 31pts.

NTP J Maddock.

Vouchers to 26pts

Saturday 1/6/13 Par

Winner: M Broughton +1

R/up S Lawrence -4.

NTP C Killian

Vouchers to -7

Tuesday 4/6/13  Ambrose

3rd round Ocean Shores Ladies Shootout

Winners: K Howard & M Pratt 69.5pts

R/up: V Marsh & H Perry 70pts c/b

3rd: G O’Donnell & L Parks 70pts

4th: D Jansen & C Martin 71pts

Vouchers to 77pts

Overall Gross Winners: K Howard & M Pratt 253pts

Overall Gross R/up: G O’Donnell & L Parks 268pts

Overall Nett Winners: S Tarrant & G Foulis 225.25pts

Overall Nett R/up: I Lasser & S Cullen 225.5pts

Thursday 6/6/13 Stableford

Winner: G Foulis 36pts

R/up S Cullen 35pts. NTP J Baxter.

Vouchers to 29

Saturday 8/6/13 Stroke Medal Putting

Medal Winner: S Tarrent 77nett

R/up: L Franks 78nett c/b  NTP V Marsh

Putting Winner: P Keenan 32putts

Vouchers to 81nett.

Ocean Shores Men

Monday May 27 Stableford first W King 36 c/b second R Lumsden 36 c/b third R Lofts 34 c/b NTP 3rd I Miller 17th M Short

Wednesday May 29 Stableford  first B Winter 43 second Grant O’Donnell 40 c/b  third D Simpson 40 c/b 4BBB winners B Winter, R Winter. Runner up S Thompson, G O’Donnell NTP 3rd M Short 6th R Moffitt 8th D Hanks 12th I Wingad 15th T Mitchell  17th M Wilsdon

Friday May 31 Blue Marker Challenge Winner R Goodacre 69 Div 1 first T O’Donnell 71 second J Kirkman 73 Div 2 first P Clarke 72 second R Richards 75 c/b Div 3 first R Goodacre 69 second E Pereira 69 c/b NTP 3rd D Morgan 6th S Payne 8th B Pruul 12th T O’Donnell 15th E Pereira 17th B Turner

Saturday June 1  Stableford Div 1 first B Acton 37 c/b  second K Jones 37 c/b third R Cooke 37 c/b Div 2 first D Runciman 40 second S Carey 39 third E Weir 37  NTP 3rd M Thomsett 6th A Kimo 8th J Starcic 12th R Cooke 15th N Porter 17th R Baxter

Monday June 3 Stableford first B Pruul 37 second J Whitlock 36 c/b third P Conaghan Snr 36 c/b NTP 3rd A Bullock 17th M Boyle

Wednesday June 5 Stableford Div. one first P Ferris 40 second G Richards 39 c/b  third R Richards 39 c/b Div. two first M Pfeil 39  second A Dickens 37 c/b third G O’Donnell 37 c/b NTP 3rd D Crow 6th G Nichol 8th S Hoare 12th M Pfeil 15th K Caldwell  17th D Ensor

Friday June 7 Nine and Dine first P McQueen 19  second R Conway 18 c/b third A Dahl 18 c/b

Saturday June 8 Stroke Blue Tees first G Bourke 71 c/b second L Woods 71 c/b third B Turner 72 White Tees first G Beattie 72 second R Clifford 73 third P Bell 74 NTP 3rd P Crumpler 6th S McGuinness 8th R Sartor 12th L Woods 15th B Acton 17th Gav O’Donnell

Pottsville Women

June 4 & 5:  Region One Pennant Play-Offs conducted at Ocean Shores Bowls Club:  Congratulations to Georgina Moore, Marie Comerford, Doreen Buckley, Aileen Swift (Skip), Merle Jackson, Janice Richards, Wendy Fielding, Coral Withers (Skip), this year’s winners of the Region One Grade 2 Pennant Flag. In cold windy conditions on day 1, these ladies surpassed all odds to win both games.  Day 2, with 1 game to be played, keeping their composure, the women knuckled down to win again and take out top honours.  An absolutely champion effort girls. You have done yourselves and your Club proud.  Best wishes for continued good bowling when you head off to Port Stevens in August to challenge for the State flag.

June 6:  Social Bowls:  A very warm welcome is extended to our new members, Carol Smith and Rhonda Hall.  Have fun and enjoy your bowls, girls.

Winners were Val Scott, Catriona Moir and Jean Crombie.  Lucky bowler was none other than our Patron Lucy Johns.  Heather Woodbridge and Judith Tuckey were the lucky Raffle winners.  Congratulations, everyone.


Murwillumbah Rifle Club

Fullbore: 700 yards: S Dolan 96.10, 2, 98.10; W Shoobridge 96.6, 2, 98.6;

T Matthews 91.5, 5, 96.5; Phippard 91.5, 4, 94.5.

Scope: G Morris 113.6, 7, 120.6; M Sforcina 112.3, 8, 120.3; P Gill 102.1, 16,118.1;

P Weeks 101.5, 9, 110.5; S Sunderland 96.1, 12, 108.1; J Pollard 79, 18, 97.

Smallbore:  G Logan 390, 25, 415; J Jenkins 384, 27, 411; I Erbs 389, 14, 403; W Shoobridge 397, 4, 401; B Harvey 388, 4, 399; B Rooney 374, 25, 399; W Sunderland 397, 1, 398; K Thomson 389, 9, 398; G Johnston 392, 4, 396; J Pollard 376, 20, 396; H Harvey 370, 25, 395; B Cooley 366, 26, 392; R DeLyon 352, 38, 390; J Logan 367, 21, 388.





Tuesday 11th Little Stormers and Storm Troopers 4:30pm to 5:45pm

All teams are now to duty on their own game 

Wednesday 12th June Finals Tournament begins A Grade Men and Women Competition NB: Finals for all teams begin 

6:00pm Court 1 Frigid Air Vs Boomshakalaka Court 2 Oddshots Vs Da Tigers

7:00pm Court 1; NADS Vs Black Panthers (M)Court 2: Breakers Vs Black Panthers (W) 

 8pm Court 1 Flying Dutchmen Vs Celtics Court 2 Casino Vs Fighting Irish Bye: Women SCU Women: 

Bye Men: The Dreaming Duty: All Teams do duty on their own games Referees: 6pm Court 1:Len/ Court 2: Phil:

 7pm Court1 Len/James: Court 2 Phil: 

8pm Court 1: Len/ Court 2: Phil/James

Secondary Competition 13th June Junior Competition 

4:30pm Court 1 Witches Vs Planets: Court 2 Wizards Vs Moons

5:15pm Court 2 Suns Vs StarsSenior Competition 5:15pm Court 1 Dribblers Vs Dunkers

6:00pm Court 1 Biztax Bisons Vs Slammers; Court 2:Assisters Vs Hotshots 

Referees: 4:30pm Court 1: Teagan/Katie: Court 2: Caralie/Kiara: 5:15pm Court 1:Zoe/Teagan: Court 2:Caralie/Tyler 6:00pm Court 1: Zoe/Kiara:Court 2: Katie/Tyler

Monday 17th June Mini Ball Finals Tournament 

4:30pm Court 1 Unstoppables Vs Tigers Court 2 Kings Vs Hawks

5:15pm Court 1 Celtics Vs Warriors Court 2 Lakers Vs Bulls

Referees 4:30pm Court 1 Kiara/Zoe Court 2 Jacob/Maddison

5:15pm Court 1 Kiara/Zoe Court 2 Jacob/Maddison

  www.lismorebasketball.net.au or Phone 0410777572


Brunswick Heads

Wednesday 12/6/13

Round 7 – Cape Byron Medical Centre Comp

Brunswick Heads Pharmacy v Ocean Shores Glass – C Walsh v S Koop, N Moon v P Hill, W Knight v A Cox, P Frazier v F King

Occupational Health & Rehab Services v Inky Business – M Virtue v W Ferrier, J Gribble v C Booth, A Chaffer v R Cameron, R Walsh v C Naughton

Coastal Voice & Data v The Potato Works – A Li v R King, P Chaffer v S Schubert, C Johnston v J Nicolson, R James v B Doran

Division 1 – B Trivett v C Littlewood, G Davis v T Kropp


Monday 17/6/13

Round 6 – Byron Health Foods Compo

Division 1 – 5pm C Littlewood v G Davis, V Pires v L Tomasella, T Kropp v D Bird; 5.30pm L Powell v B Trivett

Division 2 – 5pm S Moon v S Koop; 5.30pm C Walsh v A Li, N Moon v R King

Division 3 – 5pm A Fraser v J Gribble, S Schubert v B Schubert; 6.30pm A Cox v P Chaffer. R Draper bye

Division 4 – 5pm C Johnston v A Chaffer, J Hodges v C Naughton; 7pm T Averdission v G Carter

Division 5 – 5pm T Grosse v R Walsh; 5.30pm C McAllister v B Doran, F King v C Dimond


Wednesday 19/6/13

Round 8 – Cape Byron Medical Centre Comp

Brunswick Heads Pharmacy v Inky Business – C Walsh v W Ferrier, N Moon v C Booth, W Knight v R Cameron, P Frazier v C Naughton

Occupational Health & Rehab Services v Coastal Voice & Data – M Virtue v A Li, J Gribble v P Chaffer, A Chaffer v C Johnston, R Walsh v R James

Ocean Shores Glass v The Potato Works – S Koop v R King, P Hill v S Schubert, A Cox v J Nicolson, F King v B Doran

Division 1 – B Trivett v T Kropp, G Davis v C Littlewood

*** Phone 6685 1794 to play.


Brunswick Heads 

Tuesday 11/6/13

Round 2 – Mullum Power Tools Comp

6pm Ravens v Express, Flash v Mangoes. Duty – Kriss Kross

7pm Billigoats v Bad, Wilson v Kriss Kross. Duty – Express


Thursday 13/6/13

Round 6 – Ocean Shores True Value Hardware Comp

6pm Chilli Twist v Flukes, Spiked Punch v Divas, Amigas v Volleys. Duty – Dashes

7pm Cheetas v Fireflys, Grogmonsters v Exodia, Dashes v Wam. Unbeatables bye


Tuesday 18/6/13

Round 3 – Mullum Power Tools Comp

6pm Flash v Bad, Ravens v Kriss Kross. Duty – Billigoats

7pm Wilson v Mangoes, Billigoats v Express. Duty – Ravens

*** Phone 66851794 to play. Beginners welcome






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