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Byron Shire
October 22, 2021

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Diadem Street, Lismore

Around 2,000 residents in Lismore lost their electricity connection on Wednesday night after a large gum tree took out power lines.

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Mandatory vax

I write to you in response to the article on the front page of The Echo relating to mandatory...

Love Island takes over Federal – time to test the law?

The NSW government legislation has provided a permit for screen filming on private land in NSW without any Council oversight or accountability. This has led to Federal Village currently being overrun by the ITV film company.

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Love U 4 EV

In order to transition from a fossil fuel powered car industry I think we need to address our car culture. We’re petrol heads. Mad Max would have been a very different movie if Mel had to find a charging station instead of fuel.

Teacher vax

Dear teachers and community members. I have recently received an email from within my school community that asks me...

Diadem Street, Lismore

Around 2,000 residents in Lismore lost their electricity connection on Wednesday night after a large gum tree took out power lines.

Phone scam – Just.Hang.Up.

Crime Stoppers says that almost 90 per cent of Australians have received at least one nuisance or unwanted call every week

Made Here Magazine 2021

Download PDF (14MB)

Welcome to our latest publication, Made Here!

There is an idea of belonging that often inspires people to try the waters of the Northern Rivers. An idea that, if they come here, they might discover themselves and others in a more true and connected way. It is often based on the principles that those original hippies came here in the 1970s as they sought to reassess and redefine their relationships with themselves, their community and society at large.

Those ideas were based how to change the relationships with the people around them positively, how to protect the environment and how to reconnect…

While it may have started with the Barter Field and moon dances in Main Arm, the Aquarius Festival in Nimbin, and the Terania Creek protests, it continues to grow and change. You can still head to local markets like The Channon and buy things that have been lovingly made by local hands and minds, but it has also become an area where ideas and businesses can seed and grow beyond the region.

The focus on community has allowed the development of The Farmers Markets and Lismore Produce Market that provide an outlet for local growers to connect directly with their customers. At the other end of the spectrum you can now pick up Byron Bay Cookies on the other side of the globe, and there are businesses like Brookfarm – which has expanded from muesli and macadamia oil into a successful range of healthy food products.

Whether it is food and farming, woodwork, essential oils or art the key is that being part of a local community allows people to come together, to make connections and support one another. That can be in so many different ways: from helping build tiny homes for the homeless and supporting the local community centres, to innovative regenerative farming practices and business development and employment. As all these elements weave together they create community, support lives and the local economy. The hope is that as we move forward the idea of community is not lost, that what has been created, in terms of connection and support, can grow stronger in the face of the challenges of climate change and political corruption. That integrity, hope and the value of people, the environment and caring is one of the things we can keep as an integral part of what we have made here and what might continue to inspire.

Aslan Shand, editor

• Made here was distributed with The Byron Shire Echo issue 36.16

Black bellied whale sighted at Ballina dubbed ‘Liquorice’

For years southern waters whale watchers have been keeping their eyes keen for Migaloo and his offspring, but just how many local cetacean enthusiasts...

A history of ‘freedom’ and the Northern Rivers vaccine divide

Among the many myths about the COVID-19 vaccines is a belief they contain live virus that a vaccinated person will shed in social and intimate circumstances. Along with many other vaccine myths, this belief is contributing to a significant divide in the Northern Rivers community.

No means no, say traditional owners

As Water Week draws to a close, with a theme of 'Caring for Water and Country', a group of Widjabul Wia-bal elders have emphatically said they do not want the Dunoon Dam proposal to be put back on the table by pro-dam councillors.

Staff cuts at Murwillumbah mega school

The NSW Teacher's Federations says that the proposed merger of four schools in Murwillumbah will result in the loss of at least 19 teaching positions.