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January 18, 2022
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Why is Modern Monetary Theory important?

Since the federal government has no nominal limitations on spending, it means that it can always afford to buy anything for sale in its own currency, including labour. As such, unemployment is a political choice, not an economic imperative.

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: RAT hunters

I’m out RAT hunting. I’ve been on the road for an hour checking for local infestations. My daughter’s at home on the Rat App and...

Djokovic saga exemplifies the joke Australia has become

Tennis Australia officials and a good number of Aussie tennis fans were relieved to hear the ruling made by Federal Circuit Court Judge Anthony Kelly on Monday that Novak Djokovic can stay in Melbourne – for now.

The staggering impact of air pollution

Air pollution causes nearly two million asthma cases, and a similar number of excess deaths, per year.

Animal Farm revisited…

To say that the management of the current COVID-19 crisis is ‘a dogs’ breakfast’ is probably an understatement and some might say, an insult to dogs.

COVID-19 vaccination does not increase the risk of preterm birth

Study findings support the safety of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy.

Watermelon God

The family were heading north on summer holidays in their orange Kombi. They stopped at a fruit stall beside the highway…

Aboriginal Tent Embassy 1972–2022 – the power of patience

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy was established on the lawns opposite Old Parliament House on 26 January 1972. Four First Nations men sat beneath a beach umbrella protesting the government’s attitude towards Indigenous land rights.

Editorial: Discourse, of course!

Ever since the pandemic erupted in early 2020, the narrative by the Western world’s governments, big pharma and complicit corporate media, has been ever-present, and dominant.

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: The Covid Crocodile and other Stories of Wonder

Whatever you believe about covid, however, is irrelevant. We are here. It is here. It’s the crocodile skimming past you in the river. It might miss you this time, but get you next

Comment: Celluloid heroes of yesteryear

As a kid growing up in rural NSW during the 1950's and 60's, my screen heroes were white. 

Can mental healthcare be automated?

As medical experts scramble to manage demand, how effective are digital interventions? Depression is predicted to become the leading global cause of loss of life...

Einstein’s theory holds up after 16-year test

An international team have put Einstein’s theory through the wringer with the help of a double pulsar system and 16 years of rigorous testing.

Ten years gasfield free – what did it all mean?

Recently I’ve been wading through hundreds of hours of archival material from the successful struggle to keep the Northern Rivers gasfield free. The collective optimism and unity in the face of what seemed, at the time, like an unstoppable opponent, is inspiring. 

Apple’s, apostrophes and onion’s

The Apostrophe Protection Society, founded in 2001, has announced its end.

I believe in dog

An elderly aunt recently told me how, after a decade in the spiritual wilderness, she had found her way back to god. In return, I told her how, after more than four decades of dog aversion, I found my way back to dog.

Jingle all the way?

Well, here we are: careering through the festive season in the wake of one of the most miserable years in living memory. Or was it?

What is modern monetary theory?

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is an approach to economics that views money as a human relationship, rather than a thing in our wallets.

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: Standing Up to Cancer

‘I died’. That’s what we say as comedians when we don’t do well on stage. A lot of the language around our performance has a life/death metaphor. For example, when we do really well we say ‘I killed’ or a colleague might say ‘you slayed them’. It’s extreme language, and I guess as a life-calling comedy is an extreme sport. To survive in the industry you have to develop a certain resilience. An ability to die and live again. Well at least metaphorically. 

Human judges! What’s next?

So, NSW Coroner Therese O’Sullivan was brought to tears when hearing from the family in the inquest into the tragic mystery of missing Theo Hayez.

Entertainment in the Byron Shire and beyond for the week beginning 19 January, 2022

Welcome back to the Brunswick Picture House Brett and Chris from the Brunswick Picture House, and their entire team, believe that there is nothing better...

TreadLightly on the planet by recycling school shoes

Most Aussie parents know how quickly kids either grow out or wear out of school shoes. They either get handed down or thrown in the rubbish – adding to the millions of shoes that end up in landfill each year

Friends of Loft

Become a Friend of Loft with their new local loyalty member program. Enjoy member-only benefits and offers, invite-only events, and something special for your birthday. Member...

1,114 cases of COVID-19 in the Northern Rivers in last 24 hours

The Northern NSW Local Health District say that to 8pm yesterday, January 17, there were confirmed 1,114 new PCR cases of COVID-19.