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Byron Shire
December 9, 2021

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Byron Shire Council elections still being counted

There are 25,414 registered voters in the Byron Shire local government area (LGA) who are responsible for electing a...

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Public health neglected

On Monday 29 November 2021, I was in Mullumbimby Woolworths around 1–1.30pm. I counted 14 people without a mask,...

Amber blue-green algae alert Lake Ainsworth

Currently, there is an Amber alert for Lake Ainsworth in Lennox Head.

Responsible dog owner

I read with interest Alison Drover’s article on dog management and the follow up letters last week, and I...

Legal aid funding inadequate, say Law Council of Australia

The nation’s top law advocacy group is calling on the government for adequately resourced Legal Aid Offices, owing to unmet demand for the service.

Did you try to vote with iVote in the LGA elections?

The NSW Electoral Commission says they are aware that some iVote users were unable to gain access to the system to vote on Saturday.

Today is International Day of People with Disability

This language trend around People With a Disability has tended to emphasise the disability rather than the person, which can lead to derogatory labelling, depersonalisation or impersonal, collective references.

Family North Coast Magazine 2021

Download PDF (9MB)

Welcome to our latest publication, Family.
We hope you enjoy it!

When you think about it, families are like a microcosm of the larger community, or the world at large – like a mixed bag of lollies you don’t always get to choose and you don’t always get your favourites – but whether they are your biological, chosen or extended family we tend to come together when we really need each other.

Certainly, that has always been the way with my crazy lot – chosen and unchosen. We don’t live in one another’s pockets, in some cases we don’t talk to each other for years, but I know deep inside that if any of us need support we will be there for each other, favourites or not.

It isn’t an unconditional love, but it is a trust in knowing you have someone who has got your back. It is knowing that when a parent is ageing we will recognise they need our help, when someone has a life crisis, mental health challenges or are differently-abled we will be there for them. Not because as a grandparent, sibling, or chosen family member we want to drop everything and take care of them, but because that is what you do. And that is what we do as a larger community, that is what we do as part of our social contract with the state, with the world.

As humans we live in groups and the signature of ‘civilisation’ is the ability to care for the more vulnerable, to create ritual to bring us together, and look after each other. That is why I support free access to education, health and equity of opportunity for everyone – because that is what I would want for my family, the people I love, and that is what everyone, by extension, deserves.

It is why I care for the environment and the wellbeing of other creatures on this planet, because without each other we can never be any greater than the individual. As a species we humans have great capacity for understanding, knowledge and invention (we can also be self-righteous, cruel and down right blinkered) but it takes coming together in families, in communities, and as a world to solve the problems we face.

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to be there for all the vulnerable people in our lives, ourselves included, as we carry each other through. By extending our understanding of family we can support each other into a more equitable world for all creatures and the planet; because if we don’t come together to carry each other through then we will never find the solutions we need for either ourselves or our future.

Perhaps I was wrong, perhaps it is unconditional love that we need.

– Aslan Shand, Editor

Alcohol-free zones to continue in Ballina Shire

Four areas of public land in the Ballina Shire are to stay alcohol-free zones for at least another three years.

Work is starting on Tweed Rail Trail

The Tweed Council section of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail is a 24km section that stretches from the Murwillumbah Railway Station to Crabbes Creek and work is starting on the construction.

Jo Jo Smith back in town for one show only

It will be a night to remember with Jo Jo Smith back in town for a performance at the Mullumbimby Ex-Services Club this Saturday, 11 December.

NORPA announces stellar 2022 season

This morning in a special online event, NORPA revealed some of the adventurous, world-class shows that will transport audiences to different worlds in 2022.