Liberals led by incompetence

The sad part about the recent so-called challenge of Tony Abbott’s uninspiring leadership of the Australian democracy was the equally uninspiring total lack of guts exhibited by his Liberal opponent, Malcolm Turnbull.

Worse however was Turnbull’s media statement that he considered the last federal election as plebiscite on the question of climate change and the matter was now off his agenda.

The Liberal Party’s funding/favours department is underwritten by the Murdoch press and the commercial lobbyists against climate change.

I once though Turnbull had distinguished himself and had what it took to be a real leader of our country when he stood against these interests, at a time when the Australian people were duped.

Recent events however have proven Mr Turnbull was burnt by the bitter political experience of losing the leadership of the Liberal Party over the issue in December 2009 did not get stronger and now sadly is not worth voting for any more than the incompetent, narrow minded, egotistical Tony Abbott.

T. Sharples, Tweed Heads

2 responses to “Liberals led by incompetence”

  1. PeterL says:

    Sorry but you don’t get it T Sharples. The ground swell to remove the PM has to come from the back bench. through a ‘spill ‘. Once the numbers are sufficient to pass a no confidence motion then, and only then will possible contenders throw their hats into the ring. No Mp wants to challenge and loose as has happened in the past. You don’t challenge if you can’t win as per K Rudd.
    Malcolm, and Julie, are not fools. They bide their time and wait for another spill which will surely come. In the mean time they do their sums. I give it less then 6 months,
    Alternatively a change can happen if the PM simply resigns. Then anyone in the Party Room can can put their hand up. But pigs might fly

    • T. Sharples says:

      A leader (or potential political leader) must stand for something other than his own political interest or he or she is just a chameleon. The various power play strategies if that what they are are irrelevant. Malcolm T had his chance and now a waist of thought time ie: gone. The only two people that apparently don’t know this are you and Malcolm T.

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