PM speaks up for drug smugglers, not asylum seekers

It is good to see that our prime minister has discovered his heart and is speaking up on behalf of our Aussie drug smugglers.

Can he extend his compassion a bit further and act on behalf of the hundreds of children incarcerated for no crime, for no good reason and for the rest of their life just for being children of refugees? Wouldn’t it seem to be so much easier to tackle a problem in our own country than just embarrass a foreign leader into doing the right thing? It surely wouldn’t have anything to do with some personal career difficulties requiring a populous opinion swing…

Can’t miss in this case, if the Bali two avoid the firing squad it is entirely Tony’s doing and, if not, well he always had his suspicions about those Indonesians.

Harald Ehrlich, Suffolk Park

One response to “PM speaks up for drug smugglers, not asylum seekers”

  1. lester Brien says:

    Looks like Harald Ehrlich has swallowed the pro refugee lobby’s obfuscation campaign hook line & sinker because he’s not really talking about the figurehead child at the razor wire sucking it’s thumb is he ? He is talking about mum , dad, grandpa, grandma & a long line of distant relatives who are either in or figuratively in the huts in the background there, the whole family circle in fact the very people who put their children in this predicament in the 1st place, that’s who the pro refugee advocates are really agitating to let in. UNHCR current estimates are that there are 50 million refugees worldwide. Harald might like to inform us what proportion of this number he considers a reasonable quota ?

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