Byron councillor’s smooth ways not helping

Sol Ibrahim is using the tools of an inveterate politician.

Say anything and make it sound good and the masses will not ask to see the evidence, or in this case they could be fooled into thinking that Sol has a grasp on the intricate functions of a healthy wetland, (and exactly how much building Byron Bay can sustain and keep healthy) in providing habitat for rare species, flood water escape routes, acid sulphate soil handling, breeding grounds for fish, a way for water to flow out of the hills, and care for a specific and important biota.

If there is evidence to show that the West Byron Wetland is not intrinsically crucial to the health of Byron Bay – where is it?

There has been a comprehensive and thorough alternate map submitted of how West Byron can be developed without destroying the wetland (by John Sparks.)

That concept would require land owners to cooperate, and council to take the time to learn about the importance of wetlands, and work with the land owners to create a global example of intelligent design, to keep negotiating for the best possible thing, not a legally unchallengeable outcome, but the right one.

Sol, rather than complain of no forewarning of the scorecard, why not answer each concern publicly, you now do have the list!

Sol, who often states his good character by his work in an NGO managing child care, could do as well both politically and really by understanding the new paradigm, which is that the future of today’s children, and future generations really does matter and that health is essential to any economy.

Becoming informed of wetland importance and the correlation between a healthy environment and healthy children (everyone) is of paramount importance. Come on so(u)l, help Byron Bay!

Suzie Deyris, Byron Bay


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