Hole in one? Ocean Shores’ golfer has bin there, done that

Bill Nichols at the bin where he scored his 'hole-in-one'.

Bill Nichols at the bin where he scored his ‘hole-in-one’.

Some might call it a garbage shot, but Bill Nichols impressed his playing partners recently at the Ocean Shores Country Club with a tee shot that went straight in the hole.

Mr Nichols was playing his usual Monday round of skins with three mates when they got to the tenth hole.

His three partners had their shots and they were ‘fairly successful’, according to Mr Nichol’s mate Michael Krilich.

Then Mr Nichols stepped up and slammed his drive.

But instead of going straight down the fairway, the ball hooked to the left and travelled 48 metres … straight into a garbage bin.

After fishing his ball out and copping a penalty, Mr Nichols went on to par the hole, winning the skin in the process.

But the story doesn’t end there, according to his mates.

The very next Saturday another member, Steve Bravington, performed an identical feat … a hole-in-one into the same bin with his tee shot.





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