International videolink to be used in accommodation manager alleged fraud hearing

An international videolink between Lismore Local Court and Canada will be used this month in a hearing involving an accommodation manager accused of not paying for almost $6000 in advertising.

Belinda Catherine Nott is charged with dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception after allegedly not paying for signage for Ballina Manor Motel and Wilsons College student accommodation at Lismore.

It is alleged Ms Nott made two false receipts to avoid paying Side Winder Advertising $5,720 for advertising signage made for the businesses.

‘From early 2015 to mid 2016 no payment was received by Side Winder Advertising, despite bills being sent quarterly and multiple reminders by both mail and email,’ police facts stated.

Ms Nott said she would deposit the money into Mr Watson’s Commonwealth Bank account on On June 9, 2016, but he received nothing.

When Mr Watson spoke to Ms Nott on June 13, she said she deposited two amounts of $2,860 at Commonwealth Bank Lismore on June 9, and said she would produce receipts.

After Mr Watson requested the receipts, Ms Nott emailed him copies on June 17.

As the receipts appeared to be genuine, Mr Watson complained to the bank and records indicated there were no deposits at Lismore to his account on June 9.

Police were informed and on October 18, when Ms Nott was interviewed, she said she sent a former female employee to deposit the $5,720 at Commonwealth Bank, Lismore on June 9.

‘She claimed when Mr Watson didn’t receive any money she lodged a complaint with the financial services ombudsman,’ police facts stated.

The former employee, who had since returned to her home country of Canada, was contacted by police. She said she had never been to Wilsons College and never did any banking for Ms Nott.

It is alleged Nott, who has pleaded not guilty to the charge, created false receipts by altering previous receipts.

This week Ms Nott was excused from appearing at Lismore Local Court but was represented by her solicitor Vince Boss.

Magistrate Karen Stafford noted that two videolinks with witnesses, including one with Canada, would be needed in a Local Court hearing set down for October 18.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Brett Gradisnik said it was the duty of the police to organise the videolinks.

Ms Nott remains on conditional bail until the hearing date.

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