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Palestinian state

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Danny Wakil, Billinudgel

In response to Gareth Smith’s letter (February 12), it is the Palestinians who have the most to gain from securing a deal, rather than it being ‘blatantly obvious that nothing good would come,’ of it. The Palestinians’ options are limited by their own divisions. When the Palestinian leadership rejected the deal outright, they also declined to counter-offer or consider returning to negotiations.

A resolution requires compromise, and Israel will again be making painful compromises under this deal. But so shameful is the idea of compromise to the Palestinian leaders that it is impossible for them to contemplate any offer. Life under ‘Israeli occupation’ is seemingly so horrendous, but the idea of reaching a resolution even more so.

It sends a clear message about the land swaps involving the Palestinian population currently living in Israel (holding full Israeli citizenship). They are up in arms more than anyone else at the deal as it will mean that these large swathes of territory will be part of the future Palestinian state, and the last thing they want is to leave the flourishing democracy that is Israel, to live under Hamas or Palestinian Authority rule.

This conflict cannot be settled by shaping borders and handing over parcels of lands. It is a clash between one people’s desire for land to call their own, and a ‘cause’ with no clear outcome, other than obstructing the rival.

The Jewish people have their national home, but the Palestinians tragically remain stateless, claiming they want nothing more than a home of their own and an end to the conflict. By rejecting the offer outright and refusing to come to the table, the Palestinians once again put cause over statehood.

I am pro-Israel, pro-Palestinian and pro-peace. Do your words reflect the same attitude Gareth Smith?

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  1. With respect Danny, your assertions are unfortunately unreliable. How can it be true that Palestinians (such as myself), who have no army or power, refuse to compromise but instead, want to continue to fight tanks and drones with stones and home-made rockets forever until we impossibly murder all the Jews or drive them into the sea?

    It cannot possibly be true that we want all the bombs, siege and brutality instead of a normal life. You think we want our children to endure such bloody hardship? At the last mostly non-violent protest at the Gaza border, 28,000 Palestinians were injured as Israeli snipers were shooting (with illegal exploding “butterfly” bullets) civilians including medics, journalists, people in wheelchairs and even women just waving flags. The vast majority 400m from the fence – way out of stone range. There were 7,000 amputees as a result.

    If anyone would like to know the facts, word for word, of the peace offers and concessions made by the Palestinian nation they can be viewed at the Jewish virtual library – “Palestinian Papers”. It is a large document. Here is an analysis on it from the Guardian: https://tinyurl.com/rh2bhaq

    You will see nothing but grovelling from the Palestinian side. We have offered never to have an army, for Israel to keep nearly all of their illegal settlements, most of Jerusalem, and very strong indications to give up the right of return. Israel still refused. There is nothing more that we can offer and still have a viable state. Please do tell me what else we should offer, seriously please do.

    The dominant political party in Israel has on its website that there will never be an independent Palestine, and were repeatedly voted into power on this mandate. How do you negotiate with someone that you know is acting in bad faith?

    We have offered all that is humanly possible to achieve peace – it is the majority of Israelis that do not want peace and continue to vote for parties that ensure that there can never be peace.

    The peace offer is on the table, all Israelis need to do is reach out and grab it – please just grab it for both of our sakes.


  2. Israel is the most richest and most advanced nation on the planet. The so called “Deal of the Decade” was pushed and designed by Donald Trump’s son in law and his daughter. With collusion with the Prime Minister of Israel and his myriad collection of his coalition connections devised a plan for the Jewish people to vote for him as it is crucial to note only he can represent the objective desire of every Jew and the nation. Part of the deal would mean that a large proportion of The West Bank would be annexed by the State of Israel. Homes and apartments will continue and accelerate. Illegal homes built by Palestinians (which must be approved by the military) will be demolished and people to be moved on. The Palestinians were not considered, or approached and frozen out. Then again you also have the motives and designs of The Zionists. He has said openly that their will be no two state solution. Only The State of Israel will exist. and the Palestinians will have no homeland.

  3. Actually, a correction: Where I said there were 7,000 amputees, I was confusing that with 7,000 people shot with live fire – not all were amputees.

    I apologise for the mistake.

  4. Kerry Stevens. You can’t possibly be serious? You believe that Israel is the richest nation on the planet? Richer than Qatar, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Australia, China, the US? I could go on. In actual fact (something you don’t seemed to concern yourself with) per capita Israel is the 21st richest nation. An amazing feat for a Nation of 8 and half million people, living in a State that fits into Tasmania three times. Here’s the link, it was easy to find : https://www.focus-economics.com/blog/richest-countries-in-the-world Neither do any of your other assertions hold weight as none are based in any fact at all, only in baseless hatred of that infamous creature, the Jew/Zionist/Israeli, call us what you like, it’s the oldest hatred. We’ve survived it for thousands of years, your hatred will not make any difference to us, not to me, my children, grandchildren or theirs.

  5. Subhi Awad. Where’s your proof? Do you think you can make any assertion you want without having to back it with proof or an iota of fact. Here’s the Hamas Charter, which is current:
    http://www.acpr.org.il/resources/hamascharter.html and here is the short version, which is also blood thirsty and violently sickening: https://fas.org/irp/world/para/docs/880818a.htm

    It refutes everything you claim to be true. Hamas , the elected and now despotic Government of Gaza, makes it very clear it desires one thing; to seek out and murder every Jew in existence, man, woman and child living in Israel and the World, then of course, all Christians. Your other claims also remain unproven by any valid and reputable source.

  6. Dear Marianne,

    I posted so much proof, you just refuse to look at the links that I provided, and then you ask for proof!

    You quote a text more than 32 years old and claim it is the Hamas charter, it has been changed 2 times since then. Hamas was voted into office on their mandate and current charter, which seeks peace along the 67′ borders. Here is more proof:



    Why do you not know that? Are you believing the same propaganda that Danny is believing? Why are you still basing your view on this lie?

    The Hamas charter calls for a truce along 67′ lines. It calls for an end to the violence, and this is the mandate that Hamas was voted into power on, unlike the Israeli gov, which was repeatedly voted in on the promise that there will not ever be a Palestinian state? Hamas wants peace – Likud clearly does not.

    Now if you actually read the evidence that I showed, how Palestinians have been offering everything they possibly can to achieve peace and how Israel is always intransigent and shows that it doesn’t want peace, you would realise the narrative that you believe couldn’t possibly be true.


    You think that the officials of Gaza went to the people and said we want to wipe the Israelis and their tanks and planes and nukes out; and the people in Gaza voted for them? How can that be true?

    That’s totally insane! No one would. The people of Gaza voted for peace along 67′ borders! How about you stop spreading these falsehoods and actually read the links I posted?

    The Palestinian nation is the same as any other people, we want peace, security and freedom – it is obviously (proved by the links) that does everything to destroy the many peace offers that the Paletinian people have made.

    There is not one person that can debate this because the facts, word for word transcripts of the actual negotiations, show very clearly that Israel destroys any hope of peace at the negotiating table.

    You have been fooled by the propaganda, I suggest you at least read the links that I posted, instead of repeating the same old tired lies.


  7. The Palestine Papers by the Jewish Virtual Library – https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/the-palestine-papers
    Wiki – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestine_Papers

    It is a large document.

    Good article about the leaks in the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/jan/23/palestine-papers-expose-peace-concession

    Here is a video of the main points as acted word for word, played by actors. Also in-depth analysis.


    If you would like to know what actually happened in the negotiation, read the document, the analysis or watch the video.

  8. Here, I will show proof of the injuries at the Gaza protests: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018%E2%80%9319_Gaza_border_protests

    “In late February 2019, a United Nations Human Rights Council’s independent commission found that of 489 cases of Palestinian deaths or injuries analysed only two were possibly justified as responses to danger by Israeli security forces, deeming the rest illegal, and concluded with a recommendation calling on Israel to examine whether war crimes or crimes against humanity had been committed, and if so, to bring those responsible to trial”


    “Among the victims are 23-year-old football player Mohammad Khalil Obeid, who was shot in both knees as he filmed himself with his back towards the border fence at a protest east of al-Breij Camp on 30 March.

    The video, published on social media, shows the moment he was shot. In the footage, he appears to be standing in an isolated area, far from the fence, and not seeming to pose any threat to the lives of Israeli soldiers. He is currently in need of a knee replacement operation to be able to walk again.

    “As a Palestinian player my life has been destroyed… I was dreaming of playing football abroad, and to raise the Palestinian flag abroad [to show] that we are not terrorists,” he told Amnesty International.

    “We wanted to convey our message to all organizations, countries and heads of states so that they see what is happening to us, because no one would accept this anywhere in the world.””

    “According to a recent statement by Médecins Sans Frontières, half of the over 500 patients admitted to its clinics were treated for injuries “where the bullet has literally destroyed tissue after having pulverized the bone”. This information has been confirmed by humanitarian NGOs as well as testimonies collected from doctors by Palestinian human rights groups in Gaza.

    “The nature of these injuries shows that Israeli soldiers are using high-velocity military weapons designed to cause maximum harm to Palestinian protesters that do not pose imminent threat to them. These apparently deliberate attempts to kill and main are deeply disturbing, not to mention completely illegal. Some of these cases appear to amount to wilful killing, a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions and a war crime,” said Magdalena Mughrabi.”

    “While some protesters have attempted to approach the fence, threw stones in the direction of Israeli soldiers or burnt tyres, social media videos, as well as eyewitness testimonies gathered by Amnesty International, Palestinian and Israeli human rights groups, show that Israeli soldiers shot unarmed protesters, bystanders, journalists and medical staff approximately 150-400m from the fence, where they did not pose any threat.

    In a petition requesting that the Israeli Supreme Court order the Israeli army to stop using live ammunition to disperse protests, human rights groups Adalah and Al Mezan provided evidence of 12 videos published on social media showing unarmed protesters, including women and children, being shot by the Israeli army. In some cases, people were shot while waving the Palestinian flag or running away from the fence.

    Video footage widely circulated on social media shows Abd Al-Fattah Abd Al-Nabi, aged 19, being shot on 30 March as he was running away from the fence while holding a tyre, with his back turned to Israeli soldiers. He was shot in the back of the head and died. On Friday 20 April, 14-year-old Mohammad Ayyoub was also killed by a gunshot wound to the back of the head.”

    Here’s an Israeli NGO on this topic: https://www.btselem.org/firearms/20200130_shoot_and_abandon_in_gaza_155_amputees_and_27_paralyzed_in_two_years_of_protests

    I encourage you to read their website on many topics.

    There’s your proof, please do tell me what else you require proof for.



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