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July 18, 2024
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Ready for the meta-crisis?

The attempted assassination of Donald Trump has caused shock waves, but it’s sadly not surprising this would happen, with so much hate and vitriol being expressed in the US presidential race.

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Macquarie Marshes under threat from mining

If it hasn't been hard enough protecting the Macquarie Marshes from drought because of the upstream cotton growers now farmers are faced with a new threat to this environmentally significant, Ramsar-listed area.

Swimmer’s smart-watch sends distress alert 

A local swimmer who got caught in a rip and rough seas at Tallows Beach has survived the ordeal by using his smartwatch to call triple zero.

Exploring the history of women in music

Following an overwhelming response from audiences and critics alike, Lady Sings The Blues is back with ‘Volume 2’, promising an even more exhilarating journey through the history of music as shaped by legendary women.

Celebrating NAIDOC Week in Byron Bay

Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements NAIDOC Week is an opportunity to recognise the contributions Indigenous Australians make to our country and society.

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: The Grandpa Wars

It’s impossible to look at American politics right now without thinking WTF? In the blue corner there is the faltering, forgetful, and possibly demented Biden and in the red corner we have a vitriolic, revengeful, pussy-grabbing sociopathic, now-convicted felon who is Trump.

Mullum’s Wimbledon tennis day, July 28

Mullumbimby Tennis Club are having their annual Wimbledon Day on Sunday, July 28, commencing from 10.30am. Organisers say, ‘The community...

Stories about "Canberra":

Can Peter Dutton win the next election?

For a guy who looks like a Bond villain and has only one, deeply divisive policy, Peter Dutton has been riding high in certain opinion polls lately. Does the collective wisdom that he is unelectable need to be revisited?

Who is our next GG?

Sam Mostyn has been announced by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese as Australia's next governor-general. So what sort of woman is she, and why has her appointment sent the right wing media into a tizz?

Raging against renewables in Canberra

Parliament returned to Canberra last week to be greeted by the Rally Against Reckless Renewables on the front lawn; a protest against net zero policies, wind turbines, the United Nations, COVID vaccinations, China and chemtrails, amongst other things.

Without a legacy to stand on?

In what's been a busy week in Australian federal politics, ScoMo finally announced he would be leaving the parliamentary building, just as Albo undid one of his predecessor's signature policies (or land mines) by reworking the Stage 3 tax cuts, creating hysteria among Liberals and the mainstream media, and some relief for those Australians earning less than $200,000 a year.

Big parties freezing out the independents?

Electoral reform sounds boring, which is probably why the government hoped to squeeze a substantial change to the way Australian politics works in amongst some positive-sounding modifications late last year, without too many people noticing. After independents raised the alarm, this legislation was delayed, and is now likely to be presented in the new year.

Pat Dodson hangs up his hat

As a torrid year in Australian politics draws to a close, it's a good time to look back at the life and career of the man known as the father of reconciliation, who recently announced he's permanently departing the federal arena.

Hope for whistleblowers?

It's been a strange time recently for whistleblowers, and those who value their contribution to Australian society.

Teals show their strength

In a week when the major parties raced to the bottom in reaction to the High Court's decision on indefinite detention, the teals in Canberra showed another way of doing politics, on issues including lobbying, forests and truth in political advertising.

Trailblazers honoured with prestigious prizes for tech and engineering

Ten trailblazers from diverse fields were honoured with prestigious prizes for tech and engineering at the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering’s annual national awards last night.

What about whistleblowers?

Professor Peter Greste and Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen made a strong case for protecting truth tellers in their joint appearance at the National Press Club last week.

Support Tweed’s rough sleepers in Tweed Heads and join the Community Sleepout

Vinnies and Fred’s Place are asking for the residents of the Tweed Shire to come together for a night and experience what it is like to be homeless.

Cr Dicker calls on Ballina Council to look at future options for Wollongbar pods 

Visiting the Wollongbar pod village over the weekend, after residents were given notice to leave the pods by November, Cr Kiri Dicker said: ‘It’s total waste of taxpayers’ money to tear it down when the shortage of housing is so severe’.

Maintenance work Blackwall Drive, Wardell

Maintenance work is being carried out on Blackwall Drive, Wardell starting Monday 22 July.

Byron’s foreshore future – a closer look

Plans for Byron Bay’s foreshore are on exhibition until July 31 – Council staff propose options and a ten-year vision for the much-used space, including the removal, or partial removal of the carpark around the pool and Fishheads restaurant.