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Byron Bay SLSC

Saturday 21.2.2015 PATROL NO 18:  10am – 4pm

Kelli Stevens PC, Michael Stevens APC (D), Alex Byrne (D), Ziggi Jacks, Luke Mewing, Andrew Crawley, Jed Morrison, Roggrio Gaglianone,Jhonny Valladares Gonzales, Nic Hornery, Dean Templeman,Lachlan Holmes, Riley Buckley.

Sunday 22.2.2015 PATROL NO 5:  9am – 4pm

Simon Balcon  PC (D), Troy Eady  APC (D), Mark Oakley, Bill Marshall, Kelli Balcon, Darcie Balcon, Neah Eady, Maria Riascos-Jaramillo, Clare/Ian Hembrow,  Lily Harrison,  Zoe Hughes,  Charlie Eady, Isaac Nash,  Ben Lally, Michael Drury, Robert Millar, John Hosie, Vanessa/Tod Trainer



Brunswick Heads Women

February 10

Denise Batson, Chris Lawrance 20 def Rosa Kinnear, Joy Kearney 8. Margaret Darby, Lyn Proudlock 17 def Julie Sanderson, Dawn Hay 13. Sherril Pearce, Jenny Meinel, Blossom, Bev Rose 21 def Bev Gawned, Kerry Dexter, Jenny Lofts, Judy Wright 6.  Top Chick: Bev Rpse. Winners D Batson, C Lawrance. Raffle winner: J Wright.

February 3 Gail Smith (vis), Denise Batson, Joy Kearney 20 def Bev Gawned, Jenny Lofts, Dawn Hay 8. Jenny Meinel, Bev Rose 12 def Sherril Pearce, Blossom 11.Rosa Kinnear, Kerry Dexter, Darilyn Guest 18 draw Phyllis Cameron, Margaret Darby, Fay Parkes 18. Winners: G Smith, D Batson, J Kearney. Raffle winner: D Guest.  Kingscliff Men

January 27

Bev Gawned, Darilyn Guest 12 draw Jenny Meinel, Blossom 12. Sherril Pearce, Rosa KInnear, Jenny Lofts 20 def Phyllis Cameron, Dawn Holland, Kerry Dexter 14. Margaret Darby, Bev Rose 19 def Dawn Hay, Joy Kearney 10. Winners: S Pearce, R Kinnear, J Lofts. Raffle Winner: K Dexter.

January 20

Jenny Lofts, Bev Rose 26 def Bev Gawned, Blossom 13.  Sherril Pearce, Jenny Meinel, Faye Parkes 17 def Margaret Darby, Kerry Dexter, Darilyn Guest 13. Rosa Kinnear, Lyn Proudlock 17 def Di Lobb, Joy Kearney 15. Winners: J Lofts, B Rose. Raffle won by: B Gawned.

*** All new players & visitors welcome. Until the end of daylight saving we bowl Tuesday mornings. Names in before 9am bowls commence 9.30am.

Mullumbimby Ex-Services Men

7/2/15 Saturday sponsored by Con Theodossiou Electrical

Mixed Social

C Bissett S Doherty G Porter 23 d S (I guess I was talking) Thomas G Swain J Nolan 19

DJ Scott I Holden S Hogan 25 d R Graham M Nicholls J McKay 19

R Rombouts B Harriot L Henry 20 d G Abbott I Dall M Holton 16

R (swinging) Wainwright M Burke J Canabou 24 d Swinger Rosie A McKenzie T Hart 15

Semi Finals Triples Championship

P Johnson G McKenzie N Lee (Jackpot winners) 18 d E Boyter H McIlwain P Thompson 16

R Fenwick Deadly Dettman T Fenwick 21 d B Rose A Bartlett M Hogan 20

It should be a great game to watch as skips Nifty Nev Lee and Red Fenwick marshal their players to take the Triples crown.

Fours Championship commences 21nd February

11/2/15 Wednesday Social sponsored by Peter Edwards Plumbing

R Breckenbridge M Nicholls A Bartlett 23 d J Bathie H McIlwain V Burkhart 20

B(even richer) Ball R Rays J Canabou 22 (comp winners) d B Neate G Naoum G Porter 20

M Burke (swinging lead) D Ottery J Nolan 20 d Burky J Scott M Thorne 10

Coopers Twilight Corporate Bowls rolls off 27th February with some great athletes limbering up in preparation for megaperformance.


31/1/15 Saturday sponsored by Bridglands Furniture & Electrical

Triples Championship Round 1

B Rose A Bartlett XXXX Hogan (rink sponsor winners) 33 d Mick Johnston Muz Johnston J McKay 17

P Thompson E Boyter A Lumsden 27 d A McKenzie S Doherty S Hogan 16

R Fenwick S Dettman T Fenwick 21 d G Porter M Esau L Henry 19

P Johnson G McKenzie N Lee 26 d M Nicholls M Burke J Canabou 18

Mixed Social

S Thomas R Wainwright M Holton 20 d A Snow I Dall I Holden 18

R Rombouts I Pettendy T Hart 28 d D Gower G Swain J Nolan 23

4/2/15 Wednesday sponsored by Mullumbimby Engineering

B Neate E Boyter H McIlwain 24 doubled B Ball G Naoum L Henry 12

M Nicholls A Bartlett 21 with J Bathie swing lead (rink sponsor winners) d R Breckenridge J Nolan 18

P Brassington R Rays G Porter 21 d R Rombouts M Flesser J Canabou 14

B Harriott G Swain d I Dall M Burke 16

Try your hand at bowls 8/2/15 Sunday Mudcrabs mufti ($10 bowls and BBQ) and end of February start to the Autumn Twilight Corporate bowls. Make sure your team is entered quickly


24/1/15 Saturday Mixed Social Sponsored by Mullumbimby Reliable Removals

R Rabouts T Hart M Holton 19 d G Abbot A McKenzie S Hogan 15

S Thomas G McKenzie 19 d N Lee I Dall 15

G Naoum A Snow B Rose 28 d Hankie Dancer Wainwright E Boyter A Bartlett 12

J Canabou M Esau 21 Driver Nicholls M Hogan 14

28/1/15 Wednesday Social Sponsored by Graeme Marsden Concrete and Plaster

B Ball H McIlwain Mushroom Henry (c/w) 22 d J Bathie J Canabou M Flesser 20

R Rays J Blocka 28 severely nudged M Nicholls J McKay 12

J Scott A Bartlett B Rose 24 d B Neate R Breckenbridge D Ottery 18


17/1/15 Saturday Mixed Social

E (on fire)Boyter T Fenwick M Holton 29 d M Nicholls B Rose M Hogan 17

D Gower N Lee J Canabou (c/w Darren Jones Welding rink) 23 I Pettenby J Nolan T Hart 20

S Thomas I Dall L Henry 29 d R Wainwright R Rombouts I Holden 12

21/1/15 Wednesday Social

R Rays M Nicholls L Henry 23 d B Ball D Ottery T Johnston 19

R Breckenbridge H McIlwain 21 d M Flesser J Nolan 15

E Boyter T Fenwick (c/w Mullumbimby Brake & Exhaust rink) 20 d A Bartlett J Canabou 13


January 10

0/1/15 Saturday Mixed Social

M Nicholls B Nolan (c/w Phill Johnson & Son Builders and Carpenters rink) 25 d E Boyter A Bartlett 19

G Graham M Esau G Porter 25 d G Aitken N Aitken T Hart 9

R Rombouts T Fenwick I Holden 23 d S Thomas I Dall J Canabou 15

Poppy Naoum R Hurst G Swain 25 R Wainwright N Lee L Henry 17

11/1/15 Mudcrabs Mufti

With drifting showers early on the day all players participated in a great social variation of the game. The result was voted by all to be WONDERFUL fun. Remember all are welcome on the 2nd Sunday of the month – $10 bowls and BBQ

14/1/15 Wednesday Social

B Ball A Bartlett 22 d R Breckenbridge R McKenzie 20

M Nicholls M Johnston T Johnston 22 (Jackpot winners) d M Johnston R Rays J Nolan 12

G Blackwell J Canabou L Henry 18 d M Flesser H McIlwain J McKay 16

*** Friday Twilight Corporate Bowls entries are now being accepted in preparation for end of February start. Limited rinks so don’t delay getting your team of Champions organised and booked in. All entry money goes back into prizes!

Mullumbimby Ex-Services Women

Tuesday February 10 – Social : E.Leclere, S.Brown, B.Croft (Rink W) def. R.Mills, C.Thorne(Visitor) G.Henry : R.Wainwright, J.Beaumont, J.Kidman def. D.Gower, J.Lee, B.Reglin: Raffles : B.Croft, J.Lee.

Ocean Shores Men

Tuesday February 3 – Social : I.Pettendy, J.Lee, H.Robb (Rink W) def. I.Pettendy, B.Reglin, G.Henry : S.Brown, J.Kidman def. D.Gower, B.Croft : Raffles – J.Beaumont, J.Lee.

Ocean Shores Women

Friday February 13  Winners right on the Secret Score was the team of P. Sullivan, G. Johnston, B. Sprengel;  teams not far away from the magic number were T. Campbell, M. Hosie, M. Flesser;  D. Dzwaan, J. Williams, L. McGowran;  J. Busch, N. Gartner, JM Quirke.

Wednesday february 6 Social:  The winners on highest margin were P. Sullivan, M. Hosie, G. Johnston.   Others to excel were T. Campbell, M. McConville;  T. Warr, J.M. Quirke.

Only just trailing were J. Payne, N. Gartner;  J. Busch, L. McGowran;  L. Wright, M. Flesser, B. Sprengel.

Friday January 30  Warm weather kept numbers down.  Those who accepted the challenge played triples with the winners on ends being K. Gallard, N. Gartner, L. McGowran who def L. Wright, M. Hosie, G. Johnston;  not far behind on ends was the team of P. Sullivan, M. Flesser, M. McConville who def T. Warr, J. Busch, B. Sprengel.

Tuesday January  27 – Social : I.Pettendy, R.Wainwright G.Henry (Rink W) def. I.Pettendy, S.Brown, J.Kidman: E.Leclere, B.Reglin, H.Robb def. R.Mills, J.Lee B.Croft : Raffle – I.Pettendy.  General Meeting on 10th February at 1.00pm after bowls, all members welcome to attend, Spinners please.

Friday January 16 F. Crowder, J. Howell, def, M Hosie, G. Johnston. M Flesser, J Williams def M Flesser (swinger), J. Busch.

Winners on the day: M Flesser, J Williams.

*** Quarterly meeting Friday 20 at 8.30 am

Tweed Byron District Bowling Association


Open Triples Winners – Trevor Hills (S), Greg Barrack, Ken Banks.


T.B.D.B.A. Championship Triples in all grades have now been completed.  Results from the semis (skips only) are as follows;

Open Triples – J. Turner (Cabarita) def. S. Knight (Condong) and T. Hills (Kingscliff) def. P. Bennett (Pottsville). Reserve Grade –  J. Clarke (Cabarita) def. K. Taylor (Kingscliff) and D. Delgado (Cabarita) def. G. Swain (Bangalow).  Finals Results are – Open Triples won by Ken Banks, Greg Barrack, Trevor Hills (S) (Kingscliff). Reserve Grade won by “Woody” Woodward, Bob Gormley and Damien Delgado (S) (Cabarita) with the Seniors being won by Jim Gibson, Bob Reaburn and Gil Steinhardt (S) (Kingscliff).  Congratulations to all winners together with all contestants who entered this competition.

Preliminary rounds produced a very high standard of bowls from all contestants with most games going down to the wire. Semis and finals will be conducted Sunday 8 February. Quarter final, skips only, results from 2 February are as follows.  Open triples – S. Knight (Condong) def. P. McDonald (Brunswick Heads); J. Turner (Cabarita) def.        D. Crow (Cabarita); T. Hills (Kingscliff) def. G. Rendell (Brunswick Heads) on forfeit; P. Bennett (Pottsville) def. C. Sheppard (Cabarita).

Reserve Grade – K. Taylor (Kingscliff) def. T. Hart (Bangalow); J. Clarke (Cabarita) def. J. Leijen (Cabarita); G. Swain (Bangalow) def.  W. Chisholm (Condong); K. Woodward (Cabarita) def. A. Barbacetto (Cabarita).  Seniors – B. Steinhardt (Kingscliff) def. R. Reid (Byron Bay); M. Howarde (Cabarita) def. P. Murphy (Kingscliff).

Presentation Day

The most prestigious trophy awarded each year, based on success at Club, District, Zone and State level, would have to be the “Player if the Year” award. With bowlers collecting points for their various accomplishments during the 2014 season, this year Ocean Shores’ Troy Makin came out on top with the highest score.  Congratulations to Troy on a wonderfully successful year on the greens.


District Championships for 2014 were – Open Singles – Ian Taylor, Kingscliff; Senior Singles – Greg Barrack, Kingscliff; Reserve Singles – Damien Delgado, Cabarita. Open Pairs – Ian Taylor, Michael Turner, Kingscliff; Senior Pairs – Greg Barrack, Trevor Hills, Kingscliff; Reserve Pairs – Jeffrey Nolan, Ian Holden, Bangalow. Open Triples – Danny Taylor, Graeme Condie, Troy Makin, Ocean Shores; Senior Triples – Mark Howarde, Barry Sheppard, Mick Morgan, Cabarita; Reserve Triples – Denis Turnbull, Don Proudlock, David Croft, Brunswick Heads. Open Fours – Kerry Roberts, Greg Parker, Danny Taylor, Troy Makin, Ocean Shores;  Senior Fours – Alan Bennett, Robert Nathan, Ray Chandler, Ken Coyte, Pottsville; Reserve Fours – Barry Henry, Jim Leijen, Barry White, Ken Woodward, Cabarita.  Champion of Club Champions were ~~ Singles – Troy Makin, Ocean Shores;  Pairs – Phillip Clarke, Troy Makin, Ocean Shores; Triples – Denis Turnbull, Matthew Masula, Garry Rendell, Brunswick Heads; Fours – Ross Julius, Vic Lewis, Trevor Hills, Peter Murphy, Kingscliff.

*** District Championship Fours are scheduled to commence 22 February with the Opens to be conducted at Condong, Reserve Grade at Pottsville and the Seniors at Mullumbimby.


Ocean Shores Men

Self Select Triples Feb 9: 1st: Kerry Roberts, Brad Hay, Lew ; 2nd: Mal Flesser, John Rittway , Peter Tornaros.

Teven Men

February 14

Teven Golf Club Men’s Division held a 9 holes Stableford competition on Saturday morning 14 February with a 6.30am shotgun start.   The results were:  Winner: Terry Prendergast (24 pts).  Runner up: Robert Tillman (22 pts) – on a countback.  Ball run down:  Ian Coochiroff (22 pts);  Bill Kennedy  (21 pts);  Greg Unwin (21 pts);  Graham Mains (19 pts);  Roger Myles (19 pts).  NTPs:  4th:  Terry Prendergast;  8th:  Terry Prendergast.  Putting:  Greg Unwin and Ian Coochiroff (12 putts each).   Next comp: Sat 21 February – 9 holes 2-man Ambrose competition followed by a BBQ breakfast.   Note:   6.15am start for a 6.30am shotgun tee off.

February 2

Teven Golf Club Men’s Division held an 18 holes Stroke competition for the Monthly Medal on Saturday morning 7 February with a 6.30am shotgun start.  The results were:  Winner: Bill Wayte (Net 50).  Runner up: Graham Mains (Net 51).  Ball run down:  Peter Harden (Net 52), Robert Tillman (Net 53), Roger Myles (Net 55), Bill Kennedy (Net 55), Greg Unwin (net 56) – on a countback from Robert Jones.  NTPs:  4th:  Robert Tillman;  8th:  Robert Tillman; 14th:  Ian Coochiroff.  Putting:  Garry Bourke (26 putts).

January 31

Teven Golf Club Men’s Division held a “4-clubs only” 9 holes Stableford competition on Saturday morning 31 January with a 6.30am shotgun start.   The results were:  Winner: Peter Blackwood (21 pts) – on a 3 way countback.  Runner up: Robert Tillman (21 pts).  Ball run down:  John Harbisher (21 pts), Bill Kennedy (20 pts), Bill Wayte (20 pts), Rex Nixon (19 pts), Ian Coochiroff (18 pts),  Greg Fowler (18 pts).  NTPs:  4th:  Garry Bourke;  8th:  Barry Kiddle.  Putting:  Ian McDuff (11 putts).

January 24 Teven Golf Club Men’s Division held a 9 holes Stableford competition on Saturday morning 24 January with a 6.30am shotgun start.  The results were:  Winner: Bill Wayte (20 pts) – on a countback.  Runner up: Roger Myles (20 pts).  Ball run down:  Peter Harden (19 pts), Bill Kennedy (19 pts), Terry Prendergast (19 pts).  NTPs:  4th:  no result;  8th:  Garry Bourke.  Putting:  Roger Myles (11 putts).

January 24

Teven Golf Club Men’s Division held a 9 holes Stableford competition on Saturday morning 24 January with a 6.30am shotgun start.  The results were:  Winner: Bill Wayte (20 pts) – on a countback.  Runner up: Roger Myles (20 pts).  Ball run down:  Peter Harden (19 pts), Bill Kennedy (19 pts), Terry Prendergast (19 pts).  NTPs:  4th:  no result;  8th:  Garry Bourke.  Putting:  Roger Myles (11 putts).


All Girls Surfriders Club Lennox Head


Photo Jane Collins


Our All girls sign on day on the 8th of February was  a huge success, with lots of new members joining and the ocean turning on absolutely beautiful conditions for a wave either before or after signing on.

We would like to welcome all our new members to the club and of course welcome back  all of the  previous years girls ready for another year of fun. It was also good to see some of our founding members coming down and getting amongst the waves and meeting a few of the new girls.

Our first club round is on the 22nd of February at Lennox beach, we meet just to the right of the Lennox Pub and sign on is at 6.45am.

If you are still interested in joining the club and have not yet done so, you can download a membership form from our website at, fill it out and bring it to the first club round, please note you must be paid up to compete in the first club round.

If you have any queries about what division you should be in, or just any general enquiries at all please contact our Presidents, Georgia on 0421 640 034, or Bernice on 0413 814 708 and they will gladly answer any questions you have.

Photo – morning sign on before one of  our monthly club competitions.



February 5

The singles handicap competition was won by Mark Smith.  Second was Susie Forster (+2) on a count-back from Matt Ostello and Peter McKenzie fourth.  The doubles competion final was won by Mark Smith & Sunny Gibb 3-1 from Susie Forster & Matt Ostello.

January 29

The singles handicap competition was won by John Harrison on a countback from Mark Smith, third was Chris Strybos. The doubles handicap competion final was won 3-2 by Mark Smith & Susie Forster (+1) from Matt Ostello & John Harrison.

January 22

The singles competition round-robin was won on a count-back by Nathan Stack from Peter McKenzie and Mark Smith third.  The doubles competition was won by Nathan Stack & Sunny Gibb from Matt Ostello & Mark Smith.  A new competition developed on the night: “threesomes”, saw team Susie Forster+Mark Smith+Nathan Stack defeat Matt Ostello+Chris Strybos+Sunny Gibb 15-11, 20-22 and 15-7.

January 15

The singles handicap competition was won by Mark Smith, second was Chris Strybos and third Nathan Stack. The doubles handicap competion final was won by Mark Smith & Matt Ostelo 3-0 from Susie Forster & David Frogatt (+4).

*** All welcome, play is at the Mullumbimby Tennis Clubhouse, Byron Street Mullumbimby, Thursday evening 6.30pm start. Enquiries phone Mark 0409 473 517 or Chris 6684 1468.



Monday 16th February, 2015

4.30pm: Court 1- Thunder vs Bulls Court 2 – Spurs vs Lakers 5.15pm: Court 1- Clippers vs Warriors Court 2 – Firebirds vs Wildcats 6.00pm: Court 1 – Celtics vs Mighty Mustangs Court 2: Pacers vs Bolts 6.45pm Court 1 – Super Sonics vs Breakers Court 2 –Devils vs Toon Squad  7.30pm Court 1- Dinner Time vs Hornets Court 2 – Blaze vs Atomic Dynamites

Referees: 4.30pm Madison, Zoe, Jacob H, Alissa Mc 5.15pm Madison, Kiara, Tuscany, Sam R, (L) 6.00pm Kiara, Lachlan, Jacob L, Phil 6.45pm Phil, Sam R, Mick W, Cheryl 7.30pm Phil, Jacob L, Lachlan, Tim A

Tuesday 17thFebruary, Little Stormers and Storm Troopers 4:30pm to 5:45pm Social: 6.00pm Court 1: Social

Wednesday 18th February 6:00pm court 1: Titans vs Gamblers Court 2: Women’s Comp 7.00pm Court 1: Wanderers vs The Roman Sandles Court 2: Gain Train Vs Flying Dutchmen         8.00pm Court 1: Warriors vs Nads

Referees: 6:00pm Phil, Katie 7.00pm Len, Phil, Katie 8pm Len, Phil

 *** For more information go to or Phone Tanya 0410 777 572


Brunswick Heads

Wednesday 18/2/15

Round 5 – Perry Homes Comp

Byron Bay Trophies v Brunswick Heads Pharmacy – R King v Y Gottlieb, A Li v W Ferrier, P Hill v G King, P Grut v J Hodkins, O Hamama v B Doran

Cape Byron Medical Centre v The Loungeroom – C Littlewood v P Jones, T Candy v C Walsh, J Nicolson v K Schafer, J Gribble v C Louwen, F King v P Begg

Inky Business v The Potato Works – N Moon v G Davis, M Virtue v T Dryden, R Cameron v W Knight, G Carter v C Booth, C Naughton v Cathy Louwen


Monday 23/2/15

Round 5 – Byron Health Foods Comp

Division 1 – 4.30pm N Moon v T Kropp, B Trivett v M Curran; 5pm C Littlewood v P Jones

Division 2 – 4.30pm R King v L Tomasella, S Dickson v Y Gottlieb; 5.30pm L Powell v G Davis

Division 3 – 4.30pm A LI v C Walsh, J Gribble v M Cassidy; 7pm T Candy v S Koop

Division 4 – 4.30pm C Johnston v I Fenwick; 5pm P Begg v C Naughton, G Carter v J Hodgins, P Grut v R Draper

Division 5 – 4.30pm M Wilson v F King; 5pm B Doran v O Hamama, B Alander v R Hartnett, R Costanzo v C McAllister


Wednesday 25/2/15

Round 6 – Perry Homes Comp

Byron Bay Trophies v Cape Byron Medical Centre – R King v C Littlewood, A Li v T Candy, P Hill v J Nicolson, P Grut v J Gribble, O Hamama v F KIng

Brunswick Heads Pharmacy v Inky Business – Y Gottlieb v N Moon, W Ferrier v M Virtue, G King v R Cameron, J Hodkins v G Carter, B Doran v C Naughton

The Potato Works v The Loungeroom – G Davis v P Jones, T Dryden v C Walsh, W Knight v K Schafer, C Booth v C Louwen, Cathy Louwen v P Begg

*** Phone 6685 1794 to play.


Brunswick Heads

Tuesday 17/2/15

Round 5 – Slice Pizzeria Comp

6pm Cool Beans v Dragons, Titans v Hallmark, Jets v Express. Duty – Franky Hotdogs

7pm Hit & Run v Mangoes, Bluesfest v Hopefuls, J.J.’s v Franky Hotdogs. Mullumfest bye. Duty – Cool Beans


Thursday 19/2/15

Round 5 – Ocean Shores True Value Comp

6pm Exodia v Freddies, Opals v Demis, Just For Fun. Duty – Chalets

7pm Park Street v Chalets, Volleys v Cheers, Fireflys v Chilli Twist. Duty – Demis


Tuesday 24/2/15

Round 6 – Slice Pizzeria Comp

6pm Jets v Franky Hotdogs, Hit & Run v Hallmark, Cool Beans v Mullumfest. Duty – Dragons

7pm J.J.’s v Express, Dragons v Hopefuls, Titans v Mangoes. Bluesfest bye. Duty – Jets




*** Phone 66851794 to play. Beginners welcome


Send Sports Results, News and Draws from across the far north coast – email: onlinesport [at]



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