Nathan Baggaley behind bars over drug-mailing incident

Former Olympic athlete Nathan Baggaley has been remanded in custody over drugs and assault charges. Photo AFP Photo / Mladen Antonov

Former Olympic athlete Nathan Baggaley has been remanded in custody over drugs and assault charges. Photo AFP Photo / Mladen Antonov

Former Olympic kayaker Nathan Baggaley has been denied bail after facing Byron Bay Local Court yesterday charged with mailing prescription drugs to a prison inmate.

He has also been charged with assaulting police and attempting to escape custody.

Police allege than on August 7 last year, a letter addressed to an inmate at the Mid North Coast Correctional Centre Aldavilla was intercepted by corrections officers.

They say the envelope contained quantities of the prescription drug Buprenorphine, which is typically used to help people withdraw from heroin addiction.

Following investigations and analysis of the drug, the 39-year-old was arrested at Tweed Heads Police Station on Wednesday and was remanded in custody to appear before Byron Bay Local Court yesterday (Thursday 9 April 2015).

Baggaley, who was on bail pending a court case on separate drugs charges scheduled for July had bail formally revoked.

He will appear in court again on this matter in June.

Local media is also reporting that Baggaley was intercepted at Bluesfest on Good Friday, where he was charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and escaping police custody.

2 responses to “Nathan Baggaley behind bars over drug-mailing incident”

  1. JimBB says:

    OMG, that’s pretty tough. Jailed for trying to help someone overcome their addiction to drugs. Will I be fined for stopping on a highway if I pull over to help someone who’s been in a car crash now?!

  2. Mark Owen says:

    A very sad story of a local boy who made good and bad. A ‘three times’ world-champion kayaker and twice Olympic Silver Medalist, Baggaley continued his quest for metal by nailing the “Iron Metal” and served four years of a nine year, maximum security sentence. Behind prison bars or out of jail, he was a versatile Minor Leaguer able to play a variety of positions. Known for his Cocaine Curve, Ecstasy runs, and Amphetamine hits, he recently ‘fouled out’ while running the infamous “Coal to Newcastle’ play. Nathan’s currently in the penalty box awaiting the judge’s decision.

    When interviewed recently and queried about the “Detox Tablet End Run” he replied “I didn’t think the other guys (referring to league referees and judges) would want our team to clean up their game, so I kinda took the ball and called a play they wouldn’t be expecting…”

    At this time, the league’s Legal Counsel are still trying to sort Baggaley’s motivation for attempting to bring the team down from the season’s high point.

    The league President commented “We look forward to Baggaley’s return, although we believe he’ll be wearing either an orange uniform or perhaps stripes, his days in street clothes are over…”

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