Vandals blamed for missing signs that led to fines

Despite signs like this being missing along parts of Seven Mile Beach Road Byron Shire Council is issuing $248 fines to beachgoers who park their cars on the side of the road.

Despite signs like this being missing along parts of Seven Mile Beach Road, Byron Shire Council is issuing $248 fines to beachgoers who park their cars on the side of the road.

Chris Dobney

A number of beachgoers who have parked along Seven Mile Beach Road last week told Echonetdaily they copped $248 fines despite their parking spots not being signposted.

Byron Shire Council has blamed vandals for stealing the No Stopping signposts and says that all of Seven Mile Beach Road is a no stopping zone.

But one Byron resident has described a council officer’s action in fining him on an unsigned section of road as ‘an act of war’.

‘Literally the entire line of cars on the western side of the road at both Brays and Whites car park all had $240 fines. There were many confused beachgoers milling around chatting over the very unexpected scenario,’ Upper Wilsons Creek resident Christian Bray said.

‘People have been parking safely and happily around the Broken Head back beaches for decades. This is like an act of war by the council against the local people. Illegally fining people…. and $240! Who can afford that?’ he added.

Mr Bray said the situation was particularly bad at Whites Beach, where the designated parking area had room for only six cars.

But Byron Shire Council is not backing down and has warned that people parking along either side of Seven Mile Beach road will continue to be hit with heavy fines.

Council’s acting sustainable environment manager Chris Larkin said the majority of Seven Mile Beach Road is signposted with No Stopping signs, however ‘on occasion vandals have removed some signs’.

‘Seven Mile Beach Road is very narrow and at the best of times, two cars can just pass,’ he said.

‘Council had received complaints from local residents about the obstruction of Seven Mile Beach Road due to illegal parking congestion,’ he added.

Where cars are parked creating an obstruction on the road, Council has been issuing fines for obstruction, which is $106.

The fine for parking in a no stopping area is $248.

‘Parking on Seven Mile Beach Road outside of the dedicated car parks is a safety issue and people visiting are urged to use the car parks. Alternative parking is provided at the entrance to the Broken Head Nature Reserve at Broken Head by the National Parks and Wildlife Service,’ Mr Larkin said.


10 responses to “Vandals blamed for missing signs that led to fines”

  1. jamie says:

    what a load of BS. Byron shire have to be kidding them selves , this would have to be the lamest excuse since ” my dog ate my home work ”
    take them to court , if they can blame vandals then theoretically you can blame vandals parked your car there .

  2. Jennifer says:

    People are upset, obviously
    But writing comments in the Echo and complaining isn’t going to change anything
    We all got totally fed up with the council long ago
    So nothing is going to change there – they don’t care
    I am just sorry that we had months and months of forewarning and no direct resistance or opposition was organised
    Now the system is in place it’s going to be a tougher battle

    The only thing that will work is organised, committed, direct action, in a way that actually affects the council. Leverage is required. Complaining doesn’t have any leverage
    One proven method is if everyone refuses to pay for parking, isn’t afraid to receive a fine, and then
    EVERYONE – it will only work if it’s EVERYONE – all chooses to go to court with their fine
    I don’t need to spell it out any further as the implications are obvious

  3. Alison Drover says:

    It all very well for people to complain about fines and the cost of them however Council is doing the right thing and should be applauded. It is outrageous that anybody should fail to see the reason for issuing fines and having the restrictions especially on a dead end road with one access point.

    The parking along the road presents
    a major problem for emergency access when people park illegally and cars cannot pass by.

    Also cars are parked haphazardly along the road with children and other people getting out and cars speeding past.. a recipe for disaster.

    Fire and emergency vehicles have struggled to get past and raise this as a serous ongoing issue.I had an asthma attack and needed to get out of the reserve and spent 20 minutes trying to turn around.

    Where else in the world would you expect to have people parking like this in such a major tourist destination.

    If anything there needs to be more restrictions and penalties until people start respecting the environment and other people.

    On New Years Eve people decided to bring a sound system and have a party at KIngs Beach leaving it in a complete state along with toilet paper, rubbish and other debris.

    Recently we witnessed a couple going into the bush with a fire extinguisher when asked why they said they were lighting a fire we were told for a photo shoot !

    People get upset but it is because they are not thinking about the impact on anything other than themselves.

    There is a huge overload in places like Broken Head and therefore there needs to be regulation like it or not

  4. Ian cohen says:

    I agree we need control but not on Council.
    Parking is dangerous driving reckless
    I support fining of idiots parking in no standing zones. It’s a dead end road only one way out what if fire,falling off a cliff, shark attack or drowning occurred pray for a helicopter?

    Are these Parkers the ones dumping rubbish shitting in the bush,( I caught one guy illegally camped but with his motor running of his van having a shit before taking off to broken where there are toilets. When challenged he claimed he liked to shit in the bush). Seems girls can’t have a pee without toilet paper everywhere.
    Then there is dumping drink bottles these sensitive darlings even manage to bring Macca containers from Ballina or Tweed to beautify the Reserve
    Broken is under threat and selfishness is driving the destruction
    I say all power to the Council,Nat Parks and police

  5. Rachel says:

    I direct you to the resources of the not for profit community groups ”aussie speeding fines” supporting people for over 10 years with practical tools and skills to protect their rights from erosiion by frivolous parking & traffic fines. Their list of successful glowing testamonials is many pages long.

    Also the ”Court’ Cases” and “Fines” tab of the not for profit community resource has all the information needed to protect your rights from the imposition of frivolous parking fines

    if you contact the attorney general, as many have, you can receive a letter, as many have, that states in writing that local councils are not recognised in the commonwealth constitution as a third tier of government, and as such are merely a corporation with an ABN. It is illegal for corporations to issue fines to raise revenue

  6. Cherie says:

    This is such rubbish. Where is one to park? On the Broken Head Road & make a marathon out of it. Now there’s a revenue raising opportunity for U. Why are we being forced off our streets, no time for coffee, meters , now forget the beach. Of course, get a swimming pool & leave the beaches to half a dozen ppl. This really is becoming tedious, unattractive & untenable.

  7. Dou Gluke says:

    Poor persecuted motorists. Nasty old Byron Shire Council. Funny how this problem occurs in peak holiday period. Now that 1 in 3 drivers are in an SUV they assume they have a right to go anywhere unhindered, shit anywhere and damage our fragile beaches. If we locals do protest then we are labelled nimbies. We are keeping our environment beautiful and sustainable for our ever threatened wild life. Byron Bay was a paradise we treasured but not to those selfish people in their holiday lets and AirBnBs. “Let’s party and stuff the neighbours.” There is a process for bringing in parking restrictions. Council becomes aware of problems in a certain location, like 7 Mile Beach. Perhaps from local users of the road. A traffic engineer from Council will visit the site to inspect. The matter will come before the Traffic Committee. A proposal for action will be advertised in a local paper; we all know where. There is ample opportunity to object. Isn’t that what we are famous for? Then the signs go up.
    At peak times I try to stay off the road for a couple of weeks. Avoid the maddening crowd and possible demerit points. We live here, share our beautiful environment but please don’t shit on us.

  8. max igan says:

    Byron Council is out of control. Their penny pinching money grabbing tactics are an insult and are destroying the town and everything that makes it good.

    • John says:

      Max, Byron Council is not out of control. It is the hordes of ignorant and selfish people who descend on our environment, many of which are extremely fragile, that are out of control. Byron Council do everything in your power to save paradise Byron before it is too late.

  9. Kirk Scarborough says:

    I Grew up in Byron and have lived there for the last 30 years.I have recently bought out at Goonengerry and now avoid Byron like the plague,,What a shame a pack of greedy blow in mongrels are able to ruin everything for everyone else, from walking your dog to getting out of your car the bay will shut you down every time.Give me the rolling hills and secluded swimming holes any day. oh yes and mullum woolworths rocks ,,I get a park first time every time,, Happy days start with getting the hell out of Byron.

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