Lismore animal lovers unite against greyhound industry

Northern rivers animal lovers will take part in a nationwide protest on Sunday in a bid to shut down the controversial greyhound racing industry.

The Lismore Greyhound Racing track will be the local site of the ‘National Day of Action to Shut Down the Greyhound Industry’ from 9.30am, organised by members of the Animal Justice Party (AJP).

Anna Ludvik, AJP candidate for this year’s federal electionsaid the greyhound  racing industry has been in melt-down since the recent Four Corners expose of live baiting and animal cruelty.

Criminal charges have been laid in several states and  investigations are continuing.

‘This is an industry that has lost its social licence to operate,’ Ms Ludvik said.

‘No amount of spin will fix the problem of ongoing amimal cruelty- it is time for this industry to be shut down.

‘The NSW government has just held a special inquiry into greyhound racing.

‘The Inquiry heard evidence of  the appalling wastage of greyhounds, including the killing of thousands of pups deemed unsuitable for racing as well as those that are injured or too slow on the track.

‘Evidence given at the inquiry includes widespread failure to provide appropriate veterinary care, food or excercise, with dogs confined to small cages for days on end without social interaction or exercise,’ she said.

The inquiry’s finding are due in late March (see

The day of action social media site is at:

2 responses to “Lismore animal lovers unite against greyhound industry”

  1. Joe Monks says:

    Whilst I applaud the sentiment behind these demonstrations the reality is that whilst the gambling industry has our politicians collective ear there is no chance greyhound racing will be shut down.

    The dogs love to run so rather than depriving them of what they do best why not press for the more realistic outcome of increased monitoring, tighter record keeping and controls on birth rates.

    Shutting down the industry will only result in mass killings and abandonment.

    • Jeff White says:

      Greyhounds that do not run around an oval track so that humans can make money off them are not “deprived” of anything except the continued risk of death, injury, heat stroke, drug doping, mistreatment, and abandonment. It’s impossible to monitor all racing greyhounds and their owners; and as long as there is money to be made off the dogs, dog welfare will always take a back seat. Mass killings and abandonment are the current status quo; the only way to end it is to end greyhound racing. Let’s use that “increased monitoring” and “tighter record keeping” to make sure that mass killings and abandonments – and shipping dogs to death camps in China – are not allowed to take place without severe criminal penalties.

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